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cleanseA rainy day is perfect for a cleanse since I like to think of the rain as a metaphor for the outflow of toxins and impurities from my body. At the end of it, the reward is a clear sky and a glow! I just tried the 1-day Glow Bio Cleanse, a new generation program designed by New York Times best-selling author and nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. She’s an inspiration on her own, she’s gorgeous and fit, and throws out helpful tips on a daily basis- did you know you’re supposed to eat fruit on an empty stomach? Each organic cleanse begins and ends with the fiber-filled Glowing Green Smoothie, sandwiching in Cold-Pressed Juices enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion. Shots in between juices are powerful benefit-driven boosters which are easy to get down and add a zing of energy (especially the spicy ginger shot!). The purpose of the strict order of consumption is to maximize the nutritional benefits and get your body back to harmony.

The first green smoothie is like eating a fresh, organic salad without a fork. Kimberly recommends chewing instead of chugging in order to get the proper enzymes going to help absorb nutrients, and my teeth are happy to feel a semblance of a crunch! Fiber is such an important part of a cleanse since it moves things along and pushes out toxins and waste which your body naturally separates out. Without fiber (ie. drinking straight juice), toxins are not eliminated from the body and will likely be reabsorbed! I loved ending on the green smoothie too, because I feel remarkably less hungry after it, and my blood sugar levels are leveled so I feel calm but energetic.

The 1-day Glow Bio Cleanse is perfect for those who aren’t hard-core cleansers, because the fiber-filled smoothies keep you fuller and the cleanse isn’t about forcing your body into starvation mode. In fact, I would happily incorporate the delicious and substantial Active Vanilla Shake into my daily routine. The end product is a newly-rebuilt digestive system and a kick-start to a healthier lifestyle. I feel like I don’t need to eat as much post-cleanse so I’m primed for introducing new eating habits, and even my craving for coffee is down. Bring on the summer!




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