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showI usually eschew hair oils because my hair tends to produce enough on its own, especially in the summer! However, I was so taken by the stunning bottle that SHOW Beauty Pure Treatment Oil comes in that I couldn’t resist trying it, and I have to admit that I love what the lightweight treatment does for my hair. Since I’ve been growing my hair, the ends have been dry and more brittle, especially with the summer sun beating down. While the oil increases the elasticity of hair, it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy as I was expecting. The argan oil-based formula allows me to condition and strengthen my hair while making styling so much easier. The SHOW beauty line was designed by Tamara Ecclestone, a British model and TV personality to fill a void in luxury hair care. She worked with fragrance leader Givaudan to create the delicate notes of rose water and rosewood with creamy caramel and almond butter, blending in vanilla and patchouli. I find the fragrance light and pleasing, and not overwhelming.

The whole experience of SHOW Treatment Oil is a touch of luxury for all the senses. The opulent bottle has found its way to the center of my countertop (replacing the Hermes body cream!) and adds a feminine elegance to my bathroom.  When I’ve had time for a pampering shower and want to give my hair some extra conditioning and shine, I apply the Treatment Oil to wet hair, and it literally goes on like strings of liquid gold. It’s delivered with a dropper so I had to learn to control it without making a mess, but I love that it’s not a spray. The dropper allows more precision when aiming just for the ends of my hair, which is where the need for the linoleic acid and jojoba oil is greatest. My hair feels softer and renewed as I comb through it easily, and blow-drying allows the shine to come through. Next on my list is to try it as an intensive treatment by applying to dry hair and wrapping in a warm towel ten minutes before washing.



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