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Elks--Angels-Cuddle-Bear-in-ButtermilkTraveling this summer has been a blast- especially since our little lady loves hotels and planes. It’s amusing to see her zip through a new hotel room, exploring bedding and examining toiletries (could this be passed along genetically?). The one thing that’s always a comfort when away from home is a lovey, and her Elks and Angels Cuddle Bear has racked up more frequent flier miles than any other! Made of Australian sheepskin, the high quality softness is instantly addictive. I love it because it’s flat, light and easy to pack, and the natural properties of the sheepskin regulate body temperature whether it’s cool or hot! It’s also naturally anti-bacterial hypoallergenic, so I don’t have to worry as much about picking up germs.

bearCuddle Bear is perfect for newborns too, as it’s mild enough against new skin because of it’s natural silky smooth texture.  The eyes and nose are inset and sewn in securely so it’s very safe, and Cuddle Bear is also flame-retardant. Since it’s make from 100% sheepskin, I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals even if plump cheeks are pressed on the bear all night. The bear’s face reminds me of a well-loved teddy bear I kept with me through my childhood, as the cute face has an endearing classic look to it.


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