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catalina-dovegrey-springsummer-bedshot-783x485I have a soft spot in my heart for oversized bags because I love to have everything with me. You just never know when you’re going to need that extra jacket or tube of suncreen! Huge bags also have the added bonus of making me look small in comparison to it, so they always come off looking chic. I’m obsessed with the Lo & Sons Catalina Tote, the bag that’s always packed and ready to go this summer. It’s made of lightweight but high quality canvas and comes in colors that’ll match any ensemble. Even the shiny zipper pulls are made of durable metal that are easy to grab.

578cffd9ca7aae125844e87646e0ab35The feature I can’t live without on my Catalina is the bottom zipper pocket, which is genius! It fits an extra pair of shoes, toiletries, dirty clothes, and in my case, a combination of all plus diapers. The easy and quick access to the bottom compartment complements the large size of the bag well without compromising the shape or look. A small interior zipped pocket carries a wallet, keys, and phone, and two exterior compartments make it easy to grab water or other essentials. The canvas is prewashed and comes in a loved-and-worn look in the Pine color, and other choices include classics like a sharp navy. I throw on a scarf to add some color and voila, ready for the beach!



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