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serumI’m totally embracing autumn this year, loving every minute of the crisp air on my skin, snuggling under a blanket, and lots of apple pie! I don’t mind a bit of lingering summer weather here and there, but I do mind the stubborn sprinkling of freckles that a few hours too many in the sun has left on my face, not to mention a couple tan lines I’m still sporting from two months ago. After doing a little digging into the reasons for pigmentation, I found out that a big problem causing dark spots is excess melanin produced in the deeper layers of skin due to chronic inflammation. La Roche-Posay has a unique system to prevent and treat uneven skin tone without ever stepping into a dermatologist’s office. The Intensive Dark Spot Correcting Serum attacks spots which are visible and recurrent as well as those still in development. I apply the serum in the evenings after cleansing so it can work all night long, and have been consistent for almost eight weeks now, which is the suggested time for reducing spots by about 39%. I’ve noticed that it does brighten and even my complexion without irritating my finicky skin. My little freckles are lightening, so I’m hopeful that they’ll stay on that track.

spfWhile the serum does its job, it’s important to keep skin protected from the sun while continuing the work of correcting and preventing visible dark spots. The Daily Dark Spot Correcting Moisturizer does all this while absorbing quickly, and doesn’t feel greasy. UVA and UVB rays are blocked, which are the number one cause of dark spots. Both the serum and moisturizer use Phe-Resorcinol to reduce excess melanin at early stages of production and ferulic acid and gingko to reduce oxidation of melanin pigments. LHA is a signature ingredient which exfoliates the upper layers of the epidermis containing melanin. The regimen is effective and easy to incorporate for a brighter complexion to glow among the layers of autumn foliage!



My genes didn’t bless me with thick, sleek, shiny commercial-worthy hair, so what is one to do? I found a secret weapon so powerful that even my candid hairstylist commented, “You look like you have a full head of hair, even though you don’t actually have that much.” My weapon is KMS California Add Volume Shampoo and Root and Body Lift. I’ve experimented with an embarassing number of volumizing shampoos and conditioners over the years before settling on this due for long term use. Lucky for me, the set is affordable as well as effective. Eucalyptus and cinnamon are main ingredients in both the shampoo and root lift (known for being astringent and providing fullness and body). I leave home more confident with fuller and shinier hair which feels soft and natural, like I was born with it! If I’m in a hurry, I skip the Root and Body Lift but am still pleased with the way my hair holds up throughout the busy day. I can tell the difference right away if on occasion I dabble in other products- they’re either too drying or simply don’t cut it. KMS has found a way to maximise support at the hair root with natural ease. It’s a no-brainer for me!

spfWith Halloween approaching, I feel my cravings for chocolate intensify and my teeth getting a wee bit sensitive! I tell myself I’m going to ramp up my brushing so I don’t have to get bad news from my dentist. A super-helpful service for adults and children is  dentist-designed GoodMouth, which sends fresh toothbrushes at least every three months starting at a mere $4.95 a month. Changing toothbrushes improves oral health and prevents disease (and saves a lot of time and money in the dental chair). Besides keeping the dentist at bay, changing toothbrushes is important to do after you’ve been sick, so you don’t reinfect yourself (who knew that could even happen?). Since buying toothbrushes is not as appealing as exploring beauty products, it’s likely to fall off my to-do list. The service makes my life so much easier, and I never want to compromise my smile! GoodMouth also gives back, and donates two free brushes or the equivalent in dental care to someone in need for every new subscription. Made with no BPAs, GoodMouth brushes are high quality and can be customized to your preferences.

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