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carlyNaked Undies. This is the perfect gift for the girl in your life that knows how to unwind and relax in style (or needs that incentive to do so!). The essential loungewear line is unbelievably light and feather-soft, not to mention sexy! The Carly T is my favorite long-sleeve tee for its creative back opening- think two graceful semi-sheer panels overlapping for comfort and ease. This piece fits true to size and is flattering at just the right length without trying too hard. The fabric hugs skin but doesn’t feel constricting in the least, so it’s perfect for traveling, lounging, and rewarding oneself for getting through the holidays! The chic pieces can be machine laundered with care and come in a variety of neutral shades. Naked Undies was founded by two fashionable ladies from LA whose eco-friendly philosophy and charity go beyond the luxurious threads. I love their ideas for giving back, and ten percent of proceeds go directly to the animal rescue organization Banfield Charitable Trust. Naked Undies is a treat for a woman of any age, and makes every day into a spa day whether that’s on the to-do list or not!


La Prairie Eternal Platinum Holiday Set. There is no such thing as a woman who has everything when you consider the ultimate gift, La Prairie’s crown jewel Platinum line put together in a limited-edition set. Known as the Swiss-made mecca of skincare, La Prairie is skin’s most luxurious and gentle treatment known to celebrities and the most discerning of skin aficionados alike. I’ve personally been converted after trying the famed platinum cream- only minutes after application, my skin felt transformed, it was almost like I was feeling the smooth and youthful cheeks of my daughter! Turns out that platinum is not only for jewelry, but has the ability to bond with human skin and contains tremendous anti-aging powers, recharging the skin’s electrical balance and protecting DNA while hydrating at the perfect level despite environmental humidity levels. Included in the set are the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare (1 oz.), Cellular Serum Platinum Rare (1 oz.) to maintain skin’s optimal electrical balance, Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare (0.7 oz.) and Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare (0.5 oz.) to enhance skin’s receptivity to beneficial ingredients and deliver an instant look and feeling of firmness.

josieJosie Maran Intensive Hand Cream. This pretty copper tube is not only a delight for the eyes but releases some much needed pure argan oil onto parched, dry hands. The intensive cream smells heavenly and the rich formula is not so heavy that it can’t be used year-round. The shea butter base is whipped into a light cream which absorbs quickly so there isn’t a greasy feeling after. Macadamia nut oil hydrates and chamomile and green tea naturally calm skin. I love this as a discerning hostess gift, it’s better than bringing wine (or at least in addition to!). I found a pretty crystal glass to stand the tube up in my guest bathroom, and everyone remarks on what a nice touch it is.

moltonMolton Brown Pomegranate & Ginger Hand Wash. I love the relaxing scent that envelopes the room that makes simple handwashing a luxurious event. For me, Molton Brown always signifies exquisite taste (not to mention elegant British sensibility) and the highest quality. This special scent is an updated version of the cult-favorite Rose Granati. The spicy, moisturising hand wash is blended with antioxidant-rich Pomegrante fruit extract and sweet cardamom oil which prevents dry hands. The spicy ginger oil is warm but not overpowering and blends well with the Lily of the Valley and antioxidant pomegranate fruit. If you want a constant sweet reminder of your gift for your lucky recipient, look no further!

furlesseFurlesse. Since great things come in small packages, Furlesse makes a perfect stocking stuffer. This little packet is a miracle worker- it smoothes skin while you sleep to relax wrinkles in a non-scary way! There are no needles, just hypoallergenic self adhesive translucent patches which go on in a cinch and come off just as easily. There are four differently shaped sets which cover the main areas of concern: frown lines, lip lines, eye lines, and forehead lines. I can rest easy knowing my beauty sleep really is just that!


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