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plants-dry-oil-body-mist-cactus_pink-pepper-highAt this point in the never-ending winter with snow in the forecast every week, I fear the groundhog was right and spring is not even teasing us yet! With romantic Valentine’s just past, there’s a lingering sweetness and hankering for all things pink and pretty. I have a couple favorites to share so we can all get through ’til the blooms peek out.

I’m convinced that Ahava’s Dry Oil Body Mist in Cactus + Pink Pepper was created with this time of year in mind, for both beauty and function. Just laying eyes on the beautiful pink frosted bottle on a chilly morning injects some of that elusive blossomy hue into my visual palette for the day. It’s amazing how a little color can warm the soul! A few spritzes of the mist absorbs instantly, leaving a satiny smooth feeling on my parched skin, especially on legs, knees, and arms. I really don’t feel oily or greasy, but still get the benefits of having moisture locked in with the Dead Sea plant oils. The unique light scent is feminine and sweet without being cloying, and is derived from the pink peppercorns of the berries of a South American tree. The cactus component offers its natural antioxidants along with magnesium, amino acids, flavonoids, and vitamin C. Jojoba and Sesame Seed Oils work with Vitamin E and Dunaliella Algae which are effective in smoothing and hydrating while protecting skin from free radical damage.

candleIs there anything more romantic than a flickering candle emanating a warm, gorgeous scent? C.O. Bigelow, my favorite West Village apothecary, has turned out a luxury crafted candle collection capturing scents they’re known and loved for in their personal care lines. I’ve been constantly lighting up my personal fave, the lemon scent. The flickering through the frosted glass casts a warmth through the room, perfect for relaxing and catching up on some reading. The lemon wafts through the air adding a sweet citrus freshness while the high quality blend of waxes ensure even melting. The candles are available in nine signature scents: Freesia, Lemon, Amber, Lavender-Peppermint, Musk, Eucalyptus, Fig, Smoke and Neroli. The long-lasting lead-free wick will burn for 60 hours. Hopefully by then, spring will arrive!


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