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valentines day gift jewelryI recently read that technology might be killing the jewelry industry, specifically the brick-and-mortar fine jewelry establishments. This was somewhat depressing because I live in the core of the Los Angeles jewelry district, but I won’t take you down that road. Instead, I want to focus on the closing paragraph of the article, where a friend of the writer’s elected NOT to buy his graphic designer girlfriend diamond earrings as a gift because she couldn’t “use the earrings to make her artwork.”

What!? Who doesn’t want diamond earrings?!?

I write this post because on behalf of all the people out there who are tired of buying “junk jewelry” only to watch it fall apart one season later, we want better bling! Fine jewelry is a totally underrated gift that should be given more often for special occasions, especially since it’s probably more accessible now than ever. (Caveat: I’m no high roller, so my idea of fine jewelry is a necklace made of real gold that costs more than $200.)

Now (thanks to technology), there are a ton of unique, artisan fine jewelry designers cropping up all over the Internet. This makes finding gorgeous, well-made earrings, necklaces and rings – like these from Elisabeth Bell and Nik Stone (pictured) – SO easy.

So, the next time you can’t figure out what gift to get your beloved, or even your friends and family, get the jewelry. They’ll love it.

Ranging from $85 to $3500, the above pieces are available at or

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