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Bones & Feathers Collective is a Los Angeles-based jewelry brand by Natalie Mauro and Cole Morrall. After living in NYC, these two talented designers ventured back west to create a gorgeous urban edgy, yet earthy jewelry line – all made locally in California. Learn a bit more about the designers below! 

TDO: Tell us about Bones & Feathers Collective and how you got started.
Natalie: I was working for a designer who suggested I start an accessories line. I texted Cole asking her if she wanted to start one together and she said, “Yes! We’ll make things out of Bones and Feathers.”​ We decided that would be the name and it took off from there. We started making fresh flowered headpieces – Kate Bosworth wore one to Coachella – and it then evolved into what is now our jewelry line.

TDO: How does your background influence the design process? What are you inspired by?
​Cole: I grew up in Kauai which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I was constantly in nature and it definitely has had a huge impact on my design ​a​es​thetic and what I find appealing. Both of my parents are artists of sorts, so working with my hands was always a big part of my life.

Natalie: I grew up in Michigan where I spent my summers in Northern Michigan ​surrounded by lakes and ​completely absorbed in nature. Now living in California, I think nature ​has always​ been and will continue to be ​a huge influence in all of our designs.

TDO: Who is the Bones & Feathers girl?
The Bones and Feathers girl feels alive in the country and at home in the city. She’s is inspired by music, art, nature and travel. She prefers one of a kind pieces over what’s on trend. She is fearless. She is bold. She is effortlessly chic and wild.​


TDO: What are your favorite pieces in the collection?
​Cole: Fin+Chain Collar and Fau​c​e​ted Collar.

Natalie: I love the Crystal Stacked Ring and the Petite Snake Pendant.

TDO: How would you personally layer pieces from the collection?
​We are big fans of layering choker necklaces with pendants, i.e. layering​ the Open Eye Collar or Snakeskin Collar​ with any of our pendants​ or the Triple Snake Necklace!

TDO: What’s your perfect outfit?
​Cole: I go one of two ways – black high waisted jeans, leather ankle boots, and a sheer vintage shirt. Or a sheer white dress with boots or sandals.

Natalie: High waisted skinny jeans, an Alexander Wang tank or long sleeve, black suede Acne boots, and my Theory leather jacket.

TDO: What are some of your favorite spots when visiting NYC?
We love NYC, but haven’t lived there in years so we’re a bit out of the loop on what’s cool. When ​we’re​ there​, we​ like going to​ The Smile (for dinner or brunch), Dell’anima (amazing pasta), walking through central park to the MET and then pe​r​us​ing the art work, ​the ​Chelsea Flea Market (we’ve found some favorite​s​ there), and Little Branch (for speak easy drinks).

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