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For our dedicated readers (hey there and thank you!), you’ve been reading our blog since we started out young professionals and each of us has grown in different directions. For some of us, that includes being a mama! For new mamas-to-be, getting dressed suddenly can seem daunting and challenging.  We want to style true to our style, but also have to accommodate a growing bump.

We’ve always loved denim and even more so, the versatility of it – perfect for pregnancy! We asked Destination Maternity‘s Style Director, Olivia Capone Meyers, to give us some tips and insight on what first-time moms should be looking for in that perfect pair of jeans! See our Q&A below, as well as some of our top picks: 

TDO: Figuring out your maternity jean size can be daunting! As an overall guideline, should you buy your pre-pregnancy size? Or should you try on various sizes, as different brands have different cuts?
Olivia Capone Meyers: When beginning your maternity jean search, I recommend starting with your pre-pregnancy size. Destination Maternity carries a wide selection of denim for expecting moms with many styles featuring our patented Secret Fit Belly®, designed specifically to grow with you and tailored to fit both before and after baby. We also carry denim from popular designer brands including AG Jeans, DL1961, Genetic Denim, Paige and J Brand, to ensure that you can still wear the brands you know and love!

TDO: If you’re just starting to show and shopping for jeans for the first time, is it best to try on jeans (and other pregnancy clothes, in general) with a “faux” belly bump?
OCM: The faux bumps, available in all Destination Maternity fitting rooms, are a great way to try on clothes and see how they will accommodate your growing belly. Try one on and you’ll see just how versatile maternity pieces can be!


TDO: What type of waistband would you recommend? An over the belly waist (like the Secret Fit Belly), side panel, etc.?
OCM: We carry all waistbands— under belly, side panel and the Secret Fit Belly. I recommend trying them on to see what you’re most comfortable in as it truly is a personal preference.

TDO: How much stretch should there be when purchasing maternity jeans?
OCM: When trying on a pair of maternity jeans, make sure they fit comfortably, especially in the rise. To test for stretch, a great trick is to try and fit your hand at your hip down the side of the leg and see if you can push your hand slightly away. If you have a bit of give, then you have some room to grow.

TDO: Where should the fit be tightest and where should you look for comfort?
OCM: Comfort is essential when investing in a great maternity jean! Our Secret Fit Belly panel, affixed to many of our denim styles from skinny to boyfriend, is made with a breathable stretchy fabric that covers the belly, allowing you to feel comfortable on top while still getting the curve-hugging fit you love on the bottom.


TDO: Which style is most flattering during pregnancy? (Skinny, bootcut, etc.?)
OCM: Much like pre-pregnancy style, you want to wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful! I don’t think there is one style or fit that works for everyone as every woman’s style and body shape is different. I suggest wearing what you love! Also, don’t be afraid to try new silhouettes as you may find that a different style jean or top may actually flatter your shape when it didn’t prior. Pre-pregnancy, I never wore body-conscious styles but they were a favorite of mine when I was expecting!

TDO: If you’re petite, should you only shop for petite or ankle length jeans? Or should you consider getting alterations?
OCM: If you’re typically a petite shopper, Motherhood Maternity, which is available at Destination Maternity, has a great selection. If you happen to find a pair that you love but the length isn’t perfect, tailoring is a good option because let’s face it, a great pair of jeans pregnant or not is hard to find!


TDO: Most women just think of maternity jeans to get through the actual pregnancy, but many of us won’t fit into our pre-pregnancy jeans right away? Any tips on wearing maternity jeans post-natal?
OCM: I don’t think many expecting women realize that they will need to rely on their maternity jeans for some time after baby is born. The Secret Fit Belly panel expands with your belly during pregnancy but it also contracts, which means soft, smoothing support to help you during those post-partum months and less stressing over what to wear!

TDO: Any other tips or advice?
OCM: It’s so important to feel good during pregnancy and a good part of that is what you are wearing. I know many women limit themselves when they are looking, for instance, only trying on specific brands or styles. From my own experience and working with so many pregnant clients, you definitely should have an open mind. If you don’t know where to start, check out our blog where I share tips for dressing during each trimester or visit one of our stores to meet with one of our expert associates.

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