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sonicareI never would have guessed that I would ever put a toothbrush in the same category as, say, a luxury car, but that is precisely the analogy I made to my hubby after I tried the elegant Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush. The actual brushing movement feels light years more advanced that my several-generations-old Sonicare, with efficient and smooth vibration which glides over my teeth. The brush works efficiently to rid teeth of staining elements as well as cavity-causing plaque to reveal clean pearly whites. The gentle buzz of the brush is punctuated by subtle beeps every thirty seconds to ensure that I cover all the surfaces adequately, which works well to make sure my impatient nature doesn’t short change my teeth (saving time in the dental chair!). After a use in the normal “clean” mode, my teeth feel like they just made a trip to the hygienist, and my gums are healthy as well.

Let’s talk about design for a minute, because Sonicare, like a luxury car-maker, has thought of everything, right down to the color. I couldn’t resist the sleek black look which comes with two heads with cool neon green and blue bristles. Charging is revolutionized and no longer requires finding the little peg to stand the handle into. Simply put it into the glass cup which can double as a rinse glass! A full charge stays for a full three weeks, so if you’re tight on counter space like I am, the glass only needs to appear every once in a while. The handle has a slick finish and is comfortable to hold, and is streamlined with just one button to control power and mode. The included travel case is smartly designed and looks nifty, with lightweight mesh overlaying a hard cover. The travel charger actually plugs right into the case to charge the handle within! Design is a huge part of this luxury toothbrush, but fortunately it’s matched by great performance on the road, err, teeth!

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