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Other than a few bad days, we’ve been seriously blessed weather-wise here in Los Angeles lately.  (A fact that I’ve definitely lorded over my east coast friends and family!)  But the summer weather also means that it’s been time to switch over to summer products (crazy, right?).  For the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out three items from the Fekkai Soleil Collection and they’re all fabulous additions to my hair routine.

The collection was inspired by the chic summer hair of St. Barths (and who can argue with that?)  It was created to capture the nourishment of the sun and make your hair healthy and shiny even after your time outdoors, and as someone who is completely anal about sunscreen on my face and body, I love this.

The Pre-Soleil Hair Mist gets spritzed onto your hair before you head outside as step one of the system.  It’s fortified with amino acids and creates a shield on your locks to help prevent your color from fading.  Love this idea.  I actually darken my hair (unlike 95% of women in L.A.) and believe it or not, the color doesn’t last nearly as long as you would think, so I really like knowing that while I’m on a long hike, my (expensive!) color is getting as much protection as everywhere else on my body.

The Apres Soleil Creme goes on your hair after you come in from your day in the sun.  It’s meant to quench and energize hair and it makes it smoother and sleeker once you put it on.  I like to use it after I come back from a hike if I’m not planning on showering for awhile to put my hair up into a ponytail.  It actually makes my sweaty locks look a lot more polished if I’m going anywhere and I love knowing that it’s getting my hair into better shape at the same time.  I’ll definitely be using this one all summer long (and knowing L.A. weather, probably long into next winter).

The third product, the Beach Waves Tousling Spray, is my favorite.  I’m admittedly a little biased because I love the cult classic original version, but this one is every bit as good.  The new version also has light weight conditioners in it so it doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or sticky at all, but it helps to create the most perfect beachy, tousled waves.  Seriously gorgeous.  It’s my favorite way to wear my long hair and I’m always on the lookout for another great beach waves spray, but I think this is the first one I’ve tried that also has conditioners in it.  (How has no one else thought of that before?)  I’ve been using it almost every time I go out – I curl my hair a little, then spritz this on and let it work its magic to help transform my straight hair into supermodel locks.  Love, love, love!

 There’s also a Hair Fragrance Mist in the collection, but I didn’t try that.  (A fact that I’ll have to rectify soon).  But I highly recommend the three products I did try, especially the Beach Waves Tousling Spray.  It’s a new staple in my weekend routine – make it one in yours too!

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