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With 90 degree weather and hot sun every day, I don’t want a lot of fussy color and makeup running down my face. Fresh, bright and youthful is what’s called for this season with a focus on facial contouring. It’s easy to be intimidated by the concept, but in a few simple steps I’m loving the new “no makeup” (wink, wink) look while making the most of my facial shape. A neutral but dynamic visage goes with any outfit, from summer whites to wedding wear, so you only have to pack one palette to take on travels!

contourContouring is the ubiquitous topic du jour it seems, and I confess I’ve never considered it too seriously until now. The idea behind contouring is to shape, highlight, and bronze in the most flattering way for any shaped face. The concept is so simple yet appealing, so I can’t think of any more excuses for putting it off. I was immediately hooked by Smashbox’s Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio which transforms my face in seconds, and is incredibly easy to use. The set comes with a guide detailing recommended custom application for any face- it covers anything from oval to heart-shaped faces. Lines and shapes are strategically placed under and over cheekbones to highlight, and the lighter color on the forehead and chin. Blending is a cinch since the creamy pencils glide on, and it’s actually pretty fun to draw shapes on my face before smoothing the lines with my fingers.

becca-shimmering-skin-perfector-poured-pearl_2397_1As a perfect complement to the contouring sticks, I apply Becca’s Shimmer Skin Perfector in Opal with two fingers, brushing lightly over my cheekbones for a highlight. When the light hits, the subtle opal sheen gives the illusion of sky-high cheekbones, a la Kate Moss! A touch on the browbones and bridge of the nose will highlight and give even more contour. The shimmer is not a glittery one, but the ultra-fine pearls produce a sophisticated and chic look, reminding me of high-fashion photo shoot material. The transformation is instantaneous and definitely dramatic though only a tiny amount is needed. The creamy component allows the skin perfector to glide on seamlessly, never flaking or caking on well-moisturized skin. It’s also long-lasting, going strong in the summer heat despite the humidity.

beccaAs far as nude palettes go, Becca’s Ombre Nudes Eye Palette gives you all the shades you need to achieve a dramatic look and is so versatile it moves easily from day to night. Simply skew application to either the left side (lighter shades) for a subtle daytime look or right side (darker shades) to achieve a bolder look or smokey eye. The warm palette works with any complexion as the neutral shades create depth and highlight eyes. I appreciate the absence of that “orange-y” undertone which I get in a lot of nude shadows. The matte shades are easy to layer and blend together and are perfectly continuous, so there’s no “in between” shade that’s missing. The added bonus of Green Coffee Oil awaken eyes and smooth lids.

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