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bradfordbook1It’s never too early to expose the younger set to the world of art, especially since imaginations run wild and creativity abounds in fresh minds. An introduction easily made at home is with the bright and colorful book SIX, which is no ordinary counting board book. The author Katherine Bradford is an accomplished New York artist who is known for her portrayal of ships and water, which I find luminous and whimsical. Her work is displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Portland Museum.

bradfordbook2I had a wonderful afternoon flipping through beautiful illustrations with my daughter. The book a great jumping-off point for making up stories together, dreaming about where the boats were going, what characters are on the ships, and how swimming in the ocean feels. Paintings are water-themed and they brought back memories of my own childhood and trips to the beach. The book is part of the Mini Museum Series, so not only does it enrich your child’s life, but it supports arts education in schools. 5% of all profits are donated to the LilySarahGrace Fund, a non-profit that provides grants to struggling public schools to support child-centered learning and creativity in the classroom.

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