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polishI’ve realized that the only true “me-time” I get on many days is when I take a shower, and my muscles release stored tension from work and family. The soothing sound of water pouring drowns out anyone calling for my attention and I’m in my own little world. Though it may only be for a few precious minutes each day, I have learned to efficiently unwind and also treat myself and my skin to a luxurious ritual, Molton Brown’s Pink Pepper Body Polisher. The new Body Polisher line is superb, with subtle differences in composition and texture for each- like a distinct personality! I love the energizing feeling I get on my skin from the spicy-sweet Pink Pepper, and the smoothness of moisturized skin is palpable even as the polisher rinses off.

One unique aspect that sets the Molton Brown polishers apart from other body scrubs is the higher ratio of cream to exfoliating grains. Refined bamboo particles suspended in the creamy formula exfoliate impurities and dead skin, encouraging turnover and emergence of younger and fresher skin underneath. The pink pepperpods not only smell invigorating, they carry antioxidants to protect and repair damage from external factors. While the shower is steaming, I use a generous amount of the polisher in circular motions to stimulate blood flow and health of the skin. After my shower oasis, I’m feeling my smooth skin all day.

butterJosie Maran’s Be Comforted Body Butter makes for a perfect sweet ending to a luxurious shower. Especially at this time of year, the warm sweet scent of cinnamon and apples fills the air and sets the mood for calm. The easily absorbed cream contains Josie’s signature ingredient- argan oil which is whipped in to work in total body hydration. It’s even more important in cooler weather to lock in moisture following a shower or bath immediately afterwards (direct advice from physicians!). When pores are open and ready to absorb, anti-oxidants are packed in and nourish needy skin, leaving it super soft and supple without greasiness. The effects are cumulative as well; by the end of the first week of use, I could feel and see a difference in my dry skin. When my daily mini-spa ritual draws to a close, I’m recharged and ready for life’s sweet challenges.

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