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future-response-age-defense-dual-eye-creme-2The deluge of snow we’re slowly digging gave us a great time to rest and recharge, but was also a reminder that especially in the dead of winter, our skin needs around-the-clock protection from the icy winds and sun damage. For the skiiers and snowboarders out there, it’s imperative to use a good sunscreen since a combination of high altitudes and UV rays reflecting off the snow make it a risk for overexposure.  While I’m sticking to dodging snow piles to get around the city, I’ve been extra careful to protect my face, and especially my eye area. I love Amore Pacific’s Future Response Age Defense Dual Eye Creme, which ensures that the uber-delicate eye area is protected 24-hours a day whether out in the sun or recharging for the evening. Celeb favorite (ahem, Emma Roberts) brand Amore Pacific is rooted deep in Korean tradition utilizing the powerful polyphenols from green tea leaves among other antioxidants, and I’ve noticed the efficient bundle of ingredients improving my eye area. Using a tiny bit of the day and night creme every 24 hours, the thin skin under my eyes is looking healthier in just a few weeks with a younger plump to it instead of dark and line-ridden skin.

There are only a few eye cremes on the market utilizing sunscreen at all, and I’m grateful that Amore Pacific provides such a high quality option. The anti-aging system contains a potent blend of Green Tea and Pine Mushroom extracts, and AB-12 Complex™, a fusion of 12 Asian botanicals rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polysaccharides. The SPF covers both UV rays (main factor responsible for skin cancer) and IR rays, which can increase temperature, thereby triggering skin aging. I wasn’t as familiar with IR rays, but they are detrimental to skin around the eyes as they cause collagen and elastin breakdown and accelerate the aging process. The day creme has some reflective properties to keep the area looking fresh, especially under makeup (no caking!). For the evening, the creme regenerates collagen fibers through the activation of an enzyme which accelerates the recycling of amino acid proline, which is essential for the synthesis of collagen. My eyes are quite sensitive, and with some night cremes, I’ll wake up with watery or itchy eyes. Fortunately, this is not the case with Future Response, but I’m still careful not to get it too close to my eyes. Both day and night cremes absorb beautifully and work in sync with each other to promote skin health to the highest level.

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