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eveEvery year around this time, I am thirsting for a little bit of warmth and sun (the blizzards just don’t do it for me, and my skin takes the brunt of the harsh weather!). The weeks creep by slowly but surely with the promise of spring just around the corner. This bit of foreshadowing prompts me to do some prep in anticipation of brighter days, and my¬†face is just itching for a pick-me-up. I love EVE LOM for its quality and effective innovations, and the Brightening Cream is no exception. The idea behind the cream is to bring radiance to skin while tweaking hyperpigmentation and hydrating. I’ve been using the cream for over four weeks now, and am enjoying my even, brighter skin tone and a smoother complexion. My routine each evening includes cleansing and exfoliation (twice a week), and applying the brightening cream in a circular motion concentrating on upward strokes and covering my neck as well. While I sleep, the cream is hard at work, and I wake up feeling youthful and hydrated!

My sensitive skin really appreciates the silky gentleness of EVE LOM Brightening Cream, even though it is a potent game-changer for complexion. It’s enriched with rose otto oil for hydration, and definitely does not feel weighty or heavy when applied. Dermpep is the powerful brightening agent, and is suitable for all skin types. The cream also has anti-aging properties as it combats oxidative stresses that cause premature aging and dark spots. Another power packed component of the EVE LOM’s White Collection is the Brightening White Mask. I used the mask on a particularly grueling day last week when I could see my stress lines pop out and my complexion was cloudy. I cleansed and pulled out the 100% cotton mask and instantly felt the cool, rejuvenating serum soak into my skin one cell at a time. It’s a great boost for a skincare regimen in addition to the Brightening Cream, and likely produces more dramatic results when used consistently (it comes in packs of 8).

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