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guerlain_cover2I’m a perpetual admirer of the House of Guerlain, one of the most storied French cosmetics and perfume houses which remains at the cusp of fashion today.  Guerlain defines the haute-couture of beauty, and with each thoughtfully created collection, my notions of a classic product are redefined with fresh trendsetting ideas. The Color Collection 2016 is truly amazing and luxurious, and I’m excited to share with you my favorite highlights.

G042203It’s such a pleasure to unwrap and discover one of the ever-evolving Terracotta bricks which have an incredible cult following. The Terracotta Pause D’Éte is a limited edition, and my favorite of this summer’s bronzing powders for the face and décolleté. It warms beautifully, and magically produces cheekbones that remind me of Christy Turlington’s glamorous photos. The long-lasting blush/bronzer gives that nuanced glow deepened by a fine sun-kissed hint of gold which does an amazing job of hiding my freckles. The Duo Shades are flexible depending on the look you want to achieve. If I’m going for more of a flush to go with a brighter day outfit, I concentrate my brush in the middle for more of the pink-coral shade (which is a bit more powdery), and for a more sophisticated evening look, the medium-brown tone (the best-selling Terracotta shade 03) mixed with a shimmer of gold is stunning. An element of the swirl is inevitable, and for good reason: the blend is formulated to capitalize on natural skintone. The contouring “3” is perfect for applying the terracotta from forehead scooping in to cheeks to pop cheekbones and down to the chin. The magnetic case is a work of art in itself and is made of sustainably harvested wood. The top is held on by magnets but can be lifted off completely. A light fragrance of orange blossom, vanilla and musk makes for a delicate ending to an impeccable product.

Guerlain_Le_Petite_Robe_Noire_Lipsticks_Nail_Polishes_spring_2016_1The La Petite Robe Noire Lip & Nail Collection marries gorgeous color with seamless delivery, put together in casing to show off the Guerlain signature. The lip and nail collection are the best combination of fresh color and just the right pigmentation balanced with moisture and shine. The Deliciously Shiny Lipstick is exceptionally comfortable to apply and have on for hours. What the elegant package holds is perfection: buildable color allows for a more sheer layer for day wear, gliding on like satin leaving lips gorgeously pigmented but not sticky or heavy. The cocktail of oils ensures moisture is locked in and lips are nourished. Three layers take lips right into evening, to add that pop to the perfect little black dress, as it’s duly named. I love how each shade of the Deliciously Shiny Lipstick is beautifully showcased through the transparent glass. No more frantically popping off caps to look for the perfect shade! The casing also has two Guerlain signatures which create couture detail, one engraved on the body of the black mechanism and the other in shiny silver on the transparent case.
mauveMy two favorites are Mauve Gloves 068 (at left), one of the Easy Chic Shades and Plum-Brella 070, a Trendy Pop Shade. Plum-brella has a hint of purple, but really deepens the natural color of the lip, so it really plays up what you’ve got. I highly recommend either of these for versatility and fun and sophisticated color that will make any look pop. The color is scented with a light fruity floral, a reference to La Petite Robe Noire’s fragrance. I actually panic a little when I can’t find one of these precious tubes, they go everywhere with me now. Anyone trying to steal a kiss will be entranced, so beware the power!
nailThe Petite Robe Noire Nail Lacquer is pretty fabulous for its ultra-shiny finish and long hold. Black Perfecto 007 is mysterious and elegant in a deep purple shade which reveals its depth when hit with sunlight. The lacquer is super shiny due to ultra-luminous pigments coated with a specific resin made to resist flaking and deliver a slick finish. I love the sweet fragrance of red berries and petals, in lieu of the traditionally strong polish smell. Guerlain thinks of everything, even the convenience and ease of a flat brush. It makes all the difference in precise color application!


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