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21532620Being on a budget does not mean your beauty regimen must suffer! I happen to love quite a few products that are effective and work just as well as the “investment” lines. One of my faves that has saved me a trip to the spa is the PediSpa Gentle Exfoliating Foot Mask ($9.99 for a pair), a foot exfoliate plus treatment filled in a pair of wearable and disposable foot masks for your feet. Key ingredients like chamomile and natural botanical fruit extracts help control callus build-up for visibly smooth feet within two weeks. A few days after application, dead skin will actually slough off on its own, sans pumice or a file of any sort! The first time I tried it, I actually forgot that I had done the treatment and a couple days later, was pleased to notice some dead skin rolling off (painlessly, I might add).

A tip on application- I would recommend treating this like a home-spa ritual- lie down, and do a mask at the same time, and relax. I tried to move around and clean up while wearing the masks, and felt a little sloshy and slippery. There was no noticeable discomfort, only some mild tingling while the formula did its job. I ended up encouraging my baby soft heels to reveal themselves by exfoliating a bit after I noticed the sloughing, which required much less force than without the treatment.

14779179The product that wins the prize for being completely out of the box is Nivea’s In-Shower Body Lotion ($5.99), which works well with dry skin and is incredibly convenient. The concept of applying lotion in the shower seems strange at first, but it makes sense on many levels. Moisture is best captured when skin is actually wet, as any dermatologist will tell you. Applying lotion while still in the shower allows it glide on quickly and effortlessly and also locks in moisture when skin at its peak state of hydration. The only thing is, it cannot be applied to the bottom of feet as it would be way too slippery in the shower. Otherwise, I’ve found that the lotion feels great both in the shower and after with no stickiness, and takes less time to do since it glides on quickly and rinses off. I don’t have to worry about racing the clock once I towel off in order to lock in moisture! The light scent of the Cocoa Butter formula is the one I gravitate to, as the natural butter soothes and nourishes as it moisturizes. Kudos to Nivea for introducing a great concept and executing it beautifully.

2295735The First Aid Beauty Cleanser ($20) is a must-have pick of mine for its gentle cleansing abilities, leaving skin feeling fresh and refreshed, doing well on removing light makeup and other impurities from pores. The whipped formula goes on comfortably and rinses away efficiently without leaving a residue. It works on all skin types, even sensitive. I tend to be oily in the summer and dry in the winter, but use the cleanser through every season. FAB cleanser’s fort├ęs include a botanical antioxidant blend that blocks aging free radicals, and is pH-balanced to maintain the natural acidity of the skin, combating redness. My skin is calmer and less fussy when I use this, which gives me more time to devote towards finding the next perfect lipcolor…

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