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green-jar-boxJust in time for festive summer gatherings to kick into gear, I’m perfecting some simple recipes to serve, from girls night to a Saturday picnic at the vineyard. My go-to ingredient to make any simple dish zing is Maille’s limited edition mustard with Rosemary honey, made in the Pyrenées Mountains on the west side of the French Mediterranean coast. The fragrant condiment is such a zesty treat for the tastebuds that I love spreading it on a hearty wheat cracker as a snack. I savor the flavors as they hit, from the sweet Grand Cru honey from bees pollinating rosemary grown in rich soil and of course the Dijon mustard base ferrying these flavors forward. I love the creativity the veteran French house has shown a seemingly simple condiment, and has elevated it in a way that showcases carefully sourced herbs and ingredients.

Pyrenees2bEach ingredient in the mustard has its own story; the busy bees producing honey are sourced from Apidis, a renowned family of beekeepers which cares for over 225 million bees a year! Only the richest soil is selected for the rosemary plants, enabling the bees to forage for the very best quality nectar. This meticulous process results in superior quality mustard. I already have big plans for the beautiful green sandstone jar made in Burgundy once I finish every last drop- it’s a perfect edition to the kitchen countertop to hold pens and other small items. It will be a fond reminder of the sweet taste of France, until my next visit. I love the celebrate summer, and Maille is the perfect gourmet touch to complement goat cheese and toast, smoked duck, a salad with olive oil, or just a cracker!

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