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37810117-STAINED%20GL-a6a50224-This summer has been a diet-a-week for me, as I struggle to balance health and weight with a propensity to celebrate social occasions (aka weekends) with food and drink. It’s so frustrating when my favorite shorts from last summer are waaay too tight, and I feel tired and run down. After a stream of “quick fix” diets, I’m settling nicely into the infamous Whole30 diet which I’m combining with extra workouts sprinkled throughout the week. So far, it’s been great because I don’t have to starve myself, but there is time that goes into planning and shopping for meals. The workouts are tough but much more fun when I have new activewear, and I’ve been really hooked on Yummie by Heather Thomson! The quality and comfort of their line is steps above some other popular brands, and I can trust it to hold up while looking edgy. One thing I hate is accentuating my “fat pads” with unflattering thin or flimsy materials. I’ve never had that problem with Yummie, and the sweat-wicking fabrics keep me comfortable and supported during runs, burpees, and situps.

7a96044d-08a2-4d11-8a15-dc90c5716e51My two can’t-live-without pieces that go together perfectly are the Hillary Tank and Annabelle Shorts. Allow me to gush about the tank for a bit, the material is high quality and feels substantial, but the performance material is moisture wicking and added side vents add interest for the eye and allow for much-needed cooling air flow. I still wear a sports bra with the tank since my workouts are hi-impact, but love the added support of the built-in shelf bra.

Is it me or is it nearly impossible to find a pair of sporty shorts that are flattering but functional? I love capris but not so much in the sweltering summer heat. These were a godsend, and I love that there’s a secure spot for my credit card or cash in the back pocket for safekeeping. The moisture wicking liner is wind and water resistant, and even when I’m working up a sweat, the material doesn’t get clingy. An added bonus with this outfit is that it doesn’t scream gym so I actually went to grab (rice-free) sushi after a workout, and was happy to rock the sporty chic look.

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