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diamond%20suspender%20-%20on%20earI’m excited to share my latest obsession, a super edgy and creative jewelry line which has burst in and changed the landscape of the accessories scene. Smith + Mara, which is based out of LA, marries punk rock with fine jewelry. The unique shapes really caught my eye at first, making a statement piece out of every necklace, ring, and bracelet. I was swept away by the ingenuity, beauty, and edginess of the suspender earring in particular. I love how it takes the idea of the earring out of the box, and still maintains the quality and materials for high-end jewelry. The earring is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the delicate size retains femininity while standing out in the crowd. It contours perfectly to a sensual part of the ear that is underrated, in my opinion. I even fell asleep with it on, and didn’t notice until I was pleasantly surprised to look in the mirror the next morning! The diamonds are well- set, so I don’t have to worry about losing one (Mara comes from a line of experienced jewelers). The pouch that delivers the jewelry is perfect for travel, with a hidden magnetic closure and compartments for two pieces. With Smith + Mara jewelry you’ll be in the know, channeling the likes of Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Anna Kendrick and Sophia Bush who are already fans.


The two ladies who started the line are uber fashionable, the type of girl that we all wish we had on speed dial for a night on the town. I was able to catch them for a quick virtual sit-down and find out some insider information…

What inspiration was Smith + Mara born out of?

We were inspired to start Smith + Mara from our mutual love of jewelry. We noticed that there was a lack of anything that was truly unique at the time outside of the normal stud earring. It all began with the original skimmer, which we called the alternative to the stud. At the time there was nothing like it and it took off immediately which then launched the whole ear climber trend.

Who does the esthetic of Smith + Mara appeal to?

The Smith + Mara girl is someone who is casual yet chic, with a unique and understated style.

 What gets your creative juice going?

We are always thinking of the next unique piece. We can come up with something like the spiral for example, and then think about what would complement that really well and then come up with the threader. We really feed off each other’s creative energy and when we get in a room together and talk about what ideas we have, it feels like a natural developmental process. We make a great team in that way!

What sets Smith + Mara apart from other lines?

 Other than our unique designs, we take a lot of pride in catering to our client. We make our pieces very accessible to many people with all of the different price points, gold options, diamond options, etc. Our jewelry allows our customer to be able to customize exactly what they are looking for down to the color, earring side specification for single options, mixing and matching, and more.

c2_8-2260278_largeWhat are your latest obsessions, jewelry or otherwise?

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