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cm9ifp2wcaaf7_mI am about to embark on a long, fantastical weekend in Paris where the lights are always bright and the Haussmannian architecture sweeps me off my feet at bonjour. Packing is of utmost importance to maximize space for some imports coming back (wink wink), and every outfit has to be effortless, chic, but warm! I have a few favorites in the bag ready to go for being a flâneur in my favorite city, and the amazing scent Tenue de Soirée is an essential which embodies the spirit of sophisticated adventure. The newest and most beloved member of the Annick Goutal family is this modern fragrance inspired by the sky at dusk (my favorite time of day) and the promise of a magical night out in Paris. Does it get any more romantic than that?

I love that Tenue de Soirée is so unique that it will be something remembered, never content to blend into the background. The rush of musk gives way to subtle hints of blueberry, nectarine, bergamot are accented by osmanthus, liis, patchouli, woody notes, and vanilla. I would describe it as a strong, confident scent which is avant-garde and beautifully balanced, but it’s truly exceptional, words cannot do it justice! The purple poof that adorns the bottle put a smile on my face right away. It’s whimsical and soft, and a perfect color. It’s currently hanging on my Marc Jacobs crossbody bag, and it makes me happy every time I touch it. The bottle itself is a gorgeous ombré mimicking a perfect parisian sunset and will be so perfect as the lights start twinkling on the cobbled streets of Paris.

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