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peyote_nl-banner71516-everything3-v1_dsc9738-1-3I’m excited to introduce a life-changer to the heroes out there, moms and dads who do it all. Just yesterday I was chatting with a friend and described my experience of being a parent, and compared it to driving a car when you don’t know how everything in the car works, and you also don’t know where you’re headed. If this resonates with you or anyone you love, Nurture Life will be a welcome addition to the family. A much-needed service at least in my household, Nurture Life delivers healthy, tasty, organic food tailored to picky tastebuds. It replaces worry with peace of mind and gives you more time in the day to actually enjoy your kids instead of slaving in the kitchen. I don’t have to stress over planning meals, grocery shopping, and meal prepping and am free to play, teach, and love my kids with more patience (parents need every ounce!).

screen_shot_2016-08-26_at_5-04-21_pmNurture Life custom makes meals for every age group according to what little teeth can handle, and what their palates will take to. I must admit, I tried every meal and loved every flavorful bite and along with my kids, gobbled it up! The Spinach Stuffed Gnocchi with Vegetable Bolognese was so full of soft textures and bright flavors, I hardly noticed that vegetables were present. Score one for the kids getting their nutrition for the day. My four-year-old loved the Albacore Tuna Salad, making her own little “sandwiches” by opening the soft pita was a fun treat for her, and when I turned around, the organic grapes are carrots disappeared! My favorite was the Braised Beef & Vegetable Stew, hearty and delicious without being overly salty. The beef was tenderly braised (a feat I’ve only accomplished by hovering over the stove for hours at a time), and again, veggies were a welcome addition even in the mouths of babes. All meals are packaged with recyclable materials (down to the plastic foil on top!) and arrive fresh and ready to heat and eat. I’ve tried other meal services before, and they either required too much prep time and/or didn’t include organic ingredients. Nurture Life is the perfect fit in every way, and is one of the things I’m thankful for this holiday season.

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