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youthserum_mfIt’s not easy finding a serum that is effective and fits your skin’s needs. I started using serums around my 30th birthday, both to help with sun spots and to preserve my skin for years to come. I’ve tried enough serums to fill a beauty counter, and have been really happy with the IS Clinical Youth Serum which has made a difference in my face within a couple weeks of use. My long term goal is to stave off wrinkles and protect from free radical damage, which is all wrapped up with the Youth Serum. The serum sets itself apart from others with its double intentions. For the impatient side of me, I want quick results which are accomplished with intelligent proteins, targeting damaged areas and working on firming and fine lines. For the future, the safe growth factors discourage wrinkling, and the patented Extremozyme® technology works with antioxidants to fight environmental aggressors. The serum is especially good for the winter months as the white willow bark component hydrates and soothes.

I take my time with application, starting with exfoliation and cleansing, then patting and massaging the serum in using gentle circular motions. This allows for better absorption into the deeper layers of skin while encouraging blood flow. I make sure to cover my under-eye area, face, and neck. Although I use this once a day in the evening, it also works well under makeup, providing a smooth and firm canvas. Compared to other serums, it is more thick and concentrated, almost like a gel. The serum absorbs quickly as the skin drinks up the nutrition. I follow shortly with a moisturizer to reap the benefits of the serum while maximizing comfort on the skin. I’ve recently noticed a smoothness and firmness to my skin that had started to ebb away over the years. I’m happy to see it isn’t gone forever, and will preserve as much as I can with IS Clinical.

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