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nivea-creme-85-oz-250-mlSpring has Sprung! New beginnings and and bright blossoms are my favorite parts of this season. I’m also motivated to fix some things that I’ve let slide all winter (like the scale…) as warmer weather will soon be upon us. My ashy knees and elbows, and extra-dry patches of skin need to emerge, and are in bad need of therapy. When I need something super rich and nutritive, I run to Nivea Crème which is my savior in times of need! As much as I love trying the latest and greatest, the time-tested and classic crème is still one of the most effective and economical formulas available. It amazes me that it has been around for over 100 years, and has a cult-following to boot. The fast-absorbing formula absorbs quickly but has a staying power which keeps moisture bound for long hours. My hands get washed a million times a day and can feel terribly rough until they come in contact with Nivea Crème. I love smoothing just a tad bit of this on overnight, and wake up astounded by the transformation of my rough patches including my heels.

2261632My entire family is hooked on the Nivea’s Essentially Enriched Body Lotion which moisturizes and soothes. The consistency is richer than the average lotion, but it can be used on the entire body as opposed to concentrated areas with the crème. We deal with bouts of eczema at times, and both the lotion and crème do wonders with it, chasing away itchiness and preventing cracked skin. With almond oil, natural sea minerals and Vitamin E, this tried and true formula drastically reduces dryness. My husband will even use it (pickiest one in the fam!) as it is effective without greasiness and doesn’t smell perfume-y. I call these two products our “two true blues” as they are always somewhere in our bathroom, getting good use all year long!

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  1. jenny  |  14 May 2017 at 3:22 PM

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