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Perfect_Putty_Large201_grandeI’m a little obsessed with my hubby’s hair- it’s gone through many stages, some admittedly better than others (wanna grab a hat today, honey?). One product that’s made a huge improvement in style and texture is the Perfect Putty from the edgy Fatboy line. It’s just the right consistency for getting the texture for a chic bed-head look. When I first came upon Fatboy Hair Products, I was taken by the story of a Tyson Kennedy, a hairdresser moonlighting as a rock star (does it get any cooler?). A quick flip through Tyson’s own hairstyles through the years is a testament to his versatility and expertise in style and achieving a look. The shampoo and conditioner are also stellar, and smell so manly!

Putty_CU_201_1024x1024The strong-hold formula applies to hair without greasiness or gooeyness, and finishes matte with volume, if desired. The putty can be applied to wet or dry hair, depending on what the goal look is. Wet application yields more of a sleek look, but much more natural than a crispy stiff gel look, and dry goes for the styled-not-styled vibe. Either way, hair maintains a surprising softness. A dime-sized portion goes a long way, so start slowly and add as needed. It’s so fun to play around with that I’ll get my hands dirty and see what I can sculpt, as long as I can keep my “model” still!


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