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Well hello there, summer! I am so excited for the fun sunny days ahead, filled with beach trips, pool floats, and rooftop libations. My beauty regimen also takes on a vacation vibe, now that I’ve shed a few heavy layers of moisturizers. While I’m not quite on the anti-haul bandwagon, I do streamline products so I end up keeping those that have the biggest impact on my beauty routine. I also count luxury and feeling pampered as a big positive factor, because sometimes during a busy day, it’s all a girl has to indulge for a few moments. My favorite new addition which embodies a summer scent in a foaming glycerin cleansing bar is Malin + Goetz’s lime bar soap. It’s seriously the best-smelling soap ever, and it’s the only way to wake up in the morning, even before coffee.

The foaming five ounce bar is good to the last drop, and doesn’t shrivel up and crack as it’s used. Lime tonic eau de toilette is what gives the soap its refreshing properties. The tangy scent fills the shower and lingers on skin even as the bar works efficiently to gently cleanse and purify.  Despite my skin’s sensitivity to some dyes and perfumes as well as harsh ingredients, the lime bar rinses off without drying or leaving residue. It helps to unclog pores to awaken my tired skin, which is so happy to be let out from under winter layers again. With Memorial Day just around the corner, there’s no better way to prep skin for the summer while infusing it with a touch of lime.

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  1. Alfredker  |  19 September 2017 at 10:50 AM

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