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The poetic marriage between a stellar cause and a luxury product seldom takes place as beautifully as it does with The Starling Project. The mission of the project is to provide solar energy to global communities in need. The founder, Sterling McDavid, was inspired by a trip to Vietnam through UNICEF, and discovered the need and value of a renewable source of energy to empower those living without electricity. What we take for granted every day, 1.2 billion people live without, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia. Solar energy is the beginning of the end of air pollution, poor water quality, and opens doors to modern advances.

The candle collection is sleek and sophisticated, and fills a room with a warm scent. I’m partial to the Hyacinth + Bamboo candle, which is a gorgeous soy-based candle, where the black candle matches the cool minimalistic glass exterior. The creation was inspired by flowering Asian bamboo plants and reflects the resilience and bravery of the communities it helps. Each candle burns for about 60 hours and releases essential oils into the air to calm and sooth, creating an clean but exotic scent. Light unifies, and as one candle burns in one part of the world, a solar panel lights a home and provides access to electricity, health, and education in another.

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