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BeautyNew Year, New Line

Perhaps the best kept beauty secret of 2018 so far is Elcie, a luxurious and comprehensive line of makeup by talented makeup artist Lilit Caradanian. I’m sharing a few of my favorites from the collection which have had the greatest impact on my daily routine and are a delight to use!

My favorite product from the line is the Hydra Enhancer, an alkaline facial mist which elegantly captures the heavenly scent of Jasmine. I love keeping it at my desk as a quick spritz will liven up and restore moisture to my skin, while refreshing my senses. This moisture blast is particularly important to battle the effects of the extremely dry air that indoor heating produces. The Hydra Enhancer is also perfect under makeup and periodically in order to help makeup set and stay put. Antioxidants fight free radicals to slow aging, and anti-bacterial properties keep blemishes at bay. The mist absorbs quickly and feels feather-light. My little secret of this enhancer has also served me well: after an evening including a few cocktails, I spritz generously just before falling into slumber and then immediately after waking to restore moisture and nutrients to skin, and it looks like I got ten hours of sleep!


Beauty, MakeupDior Addict Lip Glow

This new year feels… slightly frigid, but full of hope for longer days, new beginnings, and a fresh outlook. Dior Addict Lip Glow is a sheer, lightly pigmented line which gives lips a healthy fresh sheen and a hint of color. I’m in love with the concept of showing natural beauty by highlighting rather than covering. Protection and nourishment should be at the heart of makeup, as it’s only as good as what’s underneath! I apply a couple coats of the lip glow which glides on like butter. Lips are instantly moisturized and take on a uniform pink tint which looks polished and healthy. Although the lip glow hints at spring, it’s particularly soothing right now with the bitter wind chapping lips like no other. Three finishes are available depending on what look you’re going for: dewy, holographic, and matte. The Holographic finish is new to the line, which has a subtle iridescent finish to enhance lips, and for me it has an optical plumping effect as well.┬áThe new Matte is still very comfortable but with a more velvety look. My favorite┬ácolor is the divine lilac, which shows up as a subtle tone which isn’t too pink on my naturally rosy lips. I really appreciate the long-lasting effects of the glow, as I’m always on the go and don’t have time to reapply every few minutes.


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