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Full, luscious eyebrows are all the rage right now from the runway to instagram. I love Cara Delevigne’s bold brows which define her look and increase her fierceness, if that’s possible. Even if overtweezing or aggressive waxing is a part of your eyebrow history as it is mine, there’s hope in Talika’s Eyebrow Lipsocils Ink. The multi-talented brow application works as a pigmented filler as well as an eyebrow growth serum and regenerating treatment. The tip is perfectly designed for precision with a fine bevel which I use to feather out from my main brow line. It does show up pretty dark, so I suggest conservative experimentation the first couple times. Over the course of about a month, my brows are healthier and fuller, all with just applying a daily dose of filler which I would do anyway!

The Lipocils Ink contains a botanical complex which stimualtes eyebrow growth, making them thicker and fuller, while peptides work to improve skin quality holding the root of each hair. Resulting fuller brows happens very gradually, so you don’t have to worry about bushiness or overgrowth all of a sudden. Consistent use improves the daily look as well as overall growth, which allows for a more natural progression. The Dark Brown shade is definitely dark enough for my black eyebrows, and glides on easily just where I want it with the felt tip. I’m now on month deux, and excited to see where my brows take me next!

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