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MakeupHoliday Glamour from Dior

diorI’m giddy just thinking about the holiday season approaching- cocktail dresses, champagne, and countdowns! To go with couture, I scoured makeup counters near and far to find the most editorial and chic palette. My criteria required that the makeup looks flawless and striking in person and well as in photographs, and I could find no match for the limited edition Dior 5 Couleurs 756 Golden Shock set. Right away, I was impressed with the lush pigmentation of the colors, and the gorgeous color combinations that the makeup experts at Dior turned from fantasy to reality. Most of the time, I find that there is always a color or two in a palette that I know I won’t be using, but I buy it anyway. In this case, the experts at Dior have thoughtfully placed each shade in to maximize potential for perfect depth and blending color to create a dramatic eye.

The light pink base is a delicate sheer sparkle, followed by an intense plum which anchors the palette. I applied the plum in a crescendo to the outer portion of the lid, and then under the eye for cohesion and impact. The upper right warm pink shade can overlap the plum on top, naturally flowing into and accenting the crease. The versatile taupe on the lower right can be worn solo or blended in to create an gradual effect coming towards the inner part of the eye. The definition I achieved with this was striking and so dramatic! Finally, the gold in the center adds that glowing glamour for the holidays, turning the whole eye up a notch. The finished looks is polished, festive, and fashion-forward, I absolutely love it. The palette photographs beautifully and plays to accent the eyes creating a sexy sophistication.


Fitness & Health, Hair, SkincareAutumn Roundup

serumI’m totally embracing autumn this year, loving every minute of the crisp air on my skin, snuggling under a blanket, and lots of apple pie! I don’t mind a bit of lingering summer weather here and there, but I do mind the stubborn sprinkling of freckles that a few hours too many in the sun has left on my face, not to mention a couple tan lines I’m still sporting from two months ago. After doing a little digging into the reasons for pigmentation, I found out that a big problem causing dark spots is excess melanin produced in the deeper layers of skin due to chronic inflammation. La Roche-Posay has a unique system to prevent and treat uneven skin tone without ever stepping into a dermatologist’s office. The Intensive Dark Spot Correcting Serum attacks spots which are visible and recurrent as well as those still in development. I apply the serum in the evenings after cleansing so it can work all night long, and have been consistent for almost eight weeks now, which is the suggested time for reducing spots by about 39%. I’ve noticed that it does brighten and even my complexion without irritating my finicky skin. My little freckles are lightening, so I’m hopeful that they’ll stay on that track.

spfWhile the serum does its job, it’s important to keep skin protected from the sun while continuing the work of correcting and preventing visible dark spots. The Daily Dark Spot Correcting Moisturizer does all this while absorbing quickly, and doesn’t feel greasy. UVA and UVB rays are blocked, which are the number one cause of dark spots. Both the serum and moisturizer use Phe-Resorcinol to reduce excess melanin at early stages of production and ferulic acid and gingko to reduce oxidation of melanin pigments. LHA is a signature ingredient which exfoliates the upper layers of the epidermis containing melanin. The regimen is effective and easy to incorporate for a brighter complexion to glow among the layers of autumn foliage! READ MORE

SkincareKiehl’s Latest Innovations

KIE116-2Kiehl’s is constantly impressing me with the amount of research they put into their products! There’s a reason they’ve been so popular and relevant since 1851, one being that the current head of laboratory is something of a magna cum laude genius. Dr. Geoffrey Genesky puts his doctorate from Cornell to work in finding the latest anti-aging technology. When skin ages, dehydration becomes a problem that even oily skin types have to deal with, because it has to do with an imbalance and lack of water retention in skin. The result of a crazy amount of testing is the new Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate. Taking inspiration from dermatologic procedures such as Juvederm Hydrate, the serum floods the deepest layers of dehydrated skin to restore moisture, resulting in fresh, plump, and youthful skin.

The serum utilizes a potent complex of Plant-based glycerin – a natural moisture magnet, and Shiso Leaf Extract, which binds deep moisture into the skin’s surface layers. The lab results show rapid improvement- think 72 hours – in treated skin’s retention of moisture. In my case, I could really start to see improvement after about a week of regular use. Fine lines start disappearing and that supple feeling of younger skin inches back in. If you’re already a Kiehl’s addict like me and could use a comparison, the Hydro-Plumping Serum retains almost double the hydration of their beloved Ultra Facial Moisturizer and Rose Arctica Cream, which are great options for combining with the serum for other properties.


Mom & KidsTop Baby Obsessions

Belly-Blanket-ChicEver since we found out that we have sweet potato number 2 on the way, I’ve been re-infected with a case of baby fever. This time around, I like to think I’m a bit wiser and choosy in terms of not buying everything that catches my whim. Combining research and personal experience, I’ve put together my must-have list in prep for the new munchkin!


Mom & Kids, New YorkBonpoint Sample Sale


One of our favorite sample sales of the year is for Bonpoint, the chic French childrenswear line. It’s a popular one, so get there early and leave the stroller at home. Bon chance!















Mom & KidsStokke Trailz

MAIN-PRODUCT_StokkeTrailz_04Although I’m a city girl at heart and would likely excuse myself from taking the kids camping (but wouldn’t miss Madeline for the world), I can totally appreciate all-terrain gear! The innovative Trailz Stroller from my beloved Stokke brand is at the top of my obsession list. The philosophy behind Stokke strollers is that the seat position is elevated to encourage eye contact and connection between parent and child (such a lovely concept to carry through childhood!). If I’ve learned a thing or two about strollers since they’ve become an extra appendage for me, is that suspension and taking tight corners are indispensable without sacrificing the comfort and safety of my little passenger. At the top of the list for the new Stokke Trailz is superior maneuverability for easy steering, and advanced tire suspension for a smooth ride (and comfy for mom’s hands and arms!), no matter if on rocky land or broken pavement.


Beauty, MakeupDiorskin Star

starDespite my reluctance to fall in love with a foundation, Dior’s latest innovation, the new brightening Diorskin Star collection, left me no choice! My usual complaints of heaviness, a touch too matte or shiny, or a non-natural looking shade, are all distant memories. Diorskin Star steps it up to the next level in terms of picture-perfect illumination, and it’s no wonder that it is a favorite for photo shoots! I’ve had to do a double-take of photos of myself, trying to remember if they have been photoshopped, before I recall that I had on Diorskin Star foundation that day. I definitely feel more of a glow through my newfound flawless skin which has magically gotten younger by a few years. I apply the foundation in the morning and even after running around all day, it’s still going strong when I wash my face at night. I love the higher SPF 30 rating, so I feel completely protected from sun damage.

Diorskin Star was originally inspired by Dior’s own expert makeup artists, and it transforms skin like no other foundation to mimic the glow achieved in photography studios. One of the secrets of Diorskin Star’s unified complexion is its Light Pulsion Complex which erases dullness and color imperfections. Even my red patches are virtually gone with a light application due to color-filter pigments which recreate perfect light. Light-trapping extracts include Immortelle Extract, Paquerette Extract and Licorice Extract which work with hollow silica beads capture to diffuse light minus the shine. I had no trouble matching my finicky skin color, as there is such a wide spectrum with minute tweaks in between each shade. Diorskin Star goes on looking very natural but silky and works best for combination skin.

Beauty, TravelTatcha Jet Set Travel

kitThe waning days of summer are bittersweet, the perfect backdrop for one last hurrah – an island vacation, in my case. As I jetted off to the Caribbean, I was most excited to have the new Tatcha Travel Set to keep me fresh and in tip-top beauty shape to complement a few days of rest and recuperation. The Japanese-inspired line was born from founder Victoria Tsai’s chance encounter with a geisha in Kyoto, whose legendary beauty and timeless porcelain skin is preserved in legend. Tatcha’s products draws from generations of beauty wisdom coupled with scientific research to produce a precious collection indispensable for those seeking the best of all worlds.


Mom & KidsNununu – Live on the Edge

starStreet smart. Avant-garde. Bold. These aren’t usually words I’d use to describe a line for the younger set, but Nununu‘s innovative designs can take on a stroll through the East Village and still stand out as cool. I myself am partial to jumpers in all seasons and day-to-night, and this Long Star Romper is boldly stamped with oversized stars to make a statement. The black print on white is a eye-catching sharp contrast, while the soft 100% cotton and elastic waistband and hem keep it comfortable. Kids are always on the move, and the stars morph into shooting stars as they whiz past! Snap buttons are well-placed and make the romper a practical choice for easy-on and off. Pockets always turn up some surprises at the end of the day (lizard, anyone?), and the slanted placement blend them seamlessly into the design.


Mom & KidsFollowing Featherbottom

featherIt’s always a challenge to find the perfect gift for the new family who already has everything they need, especially because I like to keep it unique and personal. So when a very special newborn arrived this summer, I went on a search for the perfect gift which would be personal and a keepsake. The whimsical story of Felix Featherbottom and his sidekick Pierre du Pond chronicles their adventures flying all over the world, trying to find the letters of the new addition’s name. From an A in Antarctica to a Z in Zimbabwe, Featherbottom takes us on a trip which goes through cities, countries, and regions of the world, inspiring baby to get a passport. The best part is that from newborn to toddler, the book is a favorite because of the remarkable illustrations and colorful letters of the alphabet spelling the child’s name. Even babies enjoy rhymes and rhythm, and the witty one-liners will inevitably coax out that smile. By the time their first birthday comes around, babies already have all the sounds needed to speak their native language! The more they are read aloud to, the better and faster their own speech will come. I’d found that it’s a lot of fun to reference the locations of each letter with its place on a globe, with a starting point of home sweet home.


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