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HairGoody Two Spins

4d09c8d7b6350d7f3c8dbf23fffdeeda61e0b03fOne of my new year’s beauty resolutions is to start actually bringing my real life more closely to my Pinterest life. That means, that Funfetti cake bar? Bringing it to my Superbowl party. That DIY trick for using old candle glasses to hold all my makeup brushes? Already done and in my bathroom cabinet. Those long bobs and Karlie Kuts keep enviously pinning? Bringing them to my hairstylist appointment tomorrow. And those 53 pins of ‘Fancy Occasion Hair‘? Well…getting there. But I’ll be one step closer using these Goody Spin Pins, the magic hairstyling tool that renders bobby pins and elastics completely unnecessary. The two spins are identical corkscrew pins that you twist in opposite directions to invisibly hold an updo in place. The secret in its secure placement is twisting each pin at opposite poles–you’ll want to twist one pin from the top of an updo and another coming from the bottom. And then, presto! Instant magic secureness of a chic chignon. In this case, there are no strings, Pinocchio, it really is just that easy. To make it look even more effortless, the pins can in a variety of colors, so they blend in with brunette or blonde hair.

Bath & Body, Beauty, SkincareVenus and Olay Razor

814FQALU8sL._SL1500_The word “girl crush” has become massively overused, but I can’t think of a better word to describe Chrissy Teigen, foodie, laugh-out-loud hilarious, beautiful model, and bulldog-lover. Her Twitter is a daily joyful read for me and her relationship with John Legend is the stuff cuteness is made out of. Most importantly–I trust her picks, whether they be for the best ramen in Japan (yea, she’s cool like that), a stellar recipe for eggs in ham cups (changed my breakfast game forever), life changing Google searches (Google “Tom Brady water slide” and you’ll see what I mean), and now: my new favorite razor. Leave it to this culinary school talent to discover a smooth razor that also smells like Creme Brulee: the Olay Gillette Venus razor.  With 5 blades surrounded by two solid conditioning Olay moisturizing bars that negate the need for shaving cream, this is the kind of razor your significant other is going to want to steal. The Olay bars work in tandem with the water from your shower to moisturize your skin for a close shave. And the flexible head that you can bend to-and-from, is just right for getting into every nook and cranny. So crush on with Chrissy and the Olay Gillette Venus razor.

Accessories, ShoppingThe Ultimate Opaque Matte Tight

BGI07R4_mxWe don’t use the word ‘ultimate’ here lightly at TDO, since the TDO seal of approval is hard to come by. Our testing process is languorous.  We test products. We ask our friends for their opinions. We concur about the results. We test them for multiple days, in different situations. Sometimes, in an effort to create a control, we test products on only half our face (which is why I’ve come to prefer my left side as my “best” side.) But after only two wears, I’m ready and quick to bestow it upon Comando’s Opaque Matte Tights. They are the tights of my dreams–tights that aren’t actually tight. Much like their famed silky underwear, these tights feel like next to nothing, with a unique knit blend, which I can only describe using adjectives that sound oxymoron-ish. Words like light, dense, thick, comfortable, and a perfect black.  These tights are as opaque as Anna Wintour’s eyes during a fashion show–impenetrable and revealing nothing, not a single line beneath clothes. And the best part? These tights are completely elastic-free, with a dig-free, wide banded waistband. So you can feel comfortable going completely commando this winter.


Beauty, MakeupJouer Moisturizing Tint

ConstrainImageSome people say their greatest fear is looking matte. My greatest fear is looking non-matte in pictures (along with an unusual fear of birds. Specifically, birds in NYC, who like the honey badger, just don’t care.) And in this age of high-flash iPhone/Instagram photography, I’ve come to find that skin foundation formulas with SPF or radiance, while beautiful in person, are my greatest fear realized. Looking over Facebook pictures from last night, I’m like, who is that Casper-face from last night? And then I realize, with horror, that it is me. It took me a while to realize that, no, I wasn’t suffering from a case of wrong foundation color, but that in the ultimate of first class problems, my skin was too radiant and reflecting too much high photography light, something I never thought possible. So when preparing for a night out, I reach for Jouer’s Matte Moisturizing Tint. A similar formula to their cult favorite, the Luminizing Moisturizing Tint, this has all the benefits of the original while making you look camera-ready. In person: your skin looks flawless, but most importantly, touchable and unmask-like. In photos: your skin still looks flawless, poreless, and most importantly, positively reflects light so that it you look natural and presentable on-camera. You look like you, but better, with this smooth formula that lies somewhere between a foundation and a traditional tinted moisturizer. Add a dab of highlighter around your cheekbones and temples and you’ll be ready for your close-up.

Beauty, Makeup, SkincareTake It All Off

AlbaWelcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing, lovely holiday! I spent most of mine sharing my newest beauty finds with my mom, getting bossed around in the kitchen by my chef-in-training brother, and watching YouTube videos with my dad. Oh yea — and recovering from having a little bit, too good of a time yesterday. Let’s just say that when I returned back to my apartment on what was officially, New Year’s Day, I was not in the place of mind to go through my normal 4-step bedtime skincare routine. Fortunately, I did have enough of my wits about me to grab Alba Botanica Hawaiian 3-in-1 Clean Towlettes. Makeup remover cloths–usually not my thing. My skin just doesn’t feel truly clean unless I’m splashing water on it. But in a pinch, these towlettes make my skin feel as clean as it can, despite not having any water nearby. With an alcohol-free formula, with a faintly sweet pineapple scent, these gentle wipes both remove makeup and contain enzymes to break down oil and grime. With zero post-use sticky residue, these generously-sized towels were gentle enough to remove all of my makeup, while keeping all of my just-applied eyelash extensions intact. And I was able to sleep easy, knowing I hadn’t broken any of my cardinal beauty rules.

Beauty, FashionHappy Holidays!

397231629602629818_z7Ui1xhx_cHappy Holidays from all of us at The Daily Obsession! We’ll be posting on an abbreviated schedule for this week to travel, enjoy time with our families, loved ones, and finally conquer those pending Netflix and book queues. But we wanted to thank you, dear readers, for being with us this year. We’re so grateful that we’ve gotten to know you better, and share our life experiences (and some of our favorite fashion and beauty finds.) But we wouldn’t leave you bored. In case you missed it, here are some of our favorite posts from the year of 2012:

– It’s the 11th hour, but still not too late. Here are our holiday gift guides: For GuysFor Foodies, For the Active Gal, For the Office

– Redheads, listen up! Charli interviews hair legend Marco Pelusi, who talked about his favorite haircolor and the trends to watch for 2013.

– Our first video ever at TDO. Carolyn gets all the tips and tricks from Cover Girl’s ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey, who explains how to get the perfect smoky eye and how to make your beauty looks camera-ready (and looking good in all those holiday pictures.)

– Stacey talks about a Chanel polish that gives her a sense of vertigo, the good kind.

– I talk about my version of The Top Shelf, sharing my beauty philosophy and beauty secrets from my mom (6-step skincare routine, hello.)

– Connie shares about what’s on her Editor’s Vanity, including a bobby pin with a hint of whimsy.

– Seafaring for the holidays? We’re jealous! And Liz has the perfect wrist accessory for your trip.

See you all in 2013!

FashionElizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

AllisonWilliamsI’ve written before about my superhero special power for surviving long plane rides. And one new addition to my dry skin toolbelt is Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, the cult product long revered by makeup artists, beauty editors, and celebrities. A welcome contrast to my beloved gel formula moisturizers, the hydration for the Eight Hour Cream comes in balm form with an ingredient list of Vitamin E, lanolin, and salicylic acid.  With its thick paste, vaguely-Vaseline-y texture (56.8% petrolatum,) and slightly medicinal scent, at first, I didn’t really get the hype. At then I applied it to an oven burn I got earlier in the week. I dotted it on my eyelids for an all-natural makeup day. And I dabbed it in my lips prior to a outside run and I finally “got it.”

Eight Hour Cream is one of those mystical products that is appears to be able to do everything: condition, add shine, and hydrate. My burn healed faster, my eyelids had that “backstage makeup” freshness, and my lips were completely unaffected by the winter winds. Legend has it that Elizabeth herself, used it to rub down her thoroughbred horses. Since it does err on the paste side, it is best used as a preventative measure and sealing in moisture, rather than adding. I suggest using it in those forgotten areas that get easily neglected (cuticles, elbows, that tricky place underneath your ankle you always seem to miss when exfoliating) and then slathering it all over your hands and lips once you settle into what passes for an airline seat nowadays. But don’t just take it from me: Allison Williams of Girls is also a fan, picking some up last week at the Elizabeth Arden pop-up shop.

Beauty, MakeupLashes are a Girl’s Best Friend

DiamondsDogs, diamonds of colorless clarity, someone who indulges in our craziest moments (recently: “Umm I don’t want to be dramatic or anything but I think my new mirror is a fat mirror and it is ruining my life.”): things that are a girl’s best friend. And an addendum to that list is L’Oreal’s Million Lashes Diamond Mascara, which combines, well, one of the aforementioned things (sorry, but adorable puggle not included with purchase) and brings it up to your lashes. Painting your lashes with this brush is a joy. The wand, which in my opinion, makes/breaks a mascara, is sturdy, bristled little thing, that’s like a fine tooth comb or round brush for your lashes. That is, if your regular, old hairbrush was able to plump up your lashes, provide incredible definition (we’re talking every single lash–even the itty bitty ones) and effortlessly distinguish each one from its neighbor.

My normal mascara routine? A minute, tops. But I once overheard a certain famous girl-about-town who detailed that her makeup routine involves taking 10 minutes to individually paint each lash. Talk about dedication. Now with this mascara, I’m not at the 10 minute mark, yet. But I’m easily getting to the 5 minute mark, because this lovely formula is so buildable that I’m amazed at how my lashes look better with each subsequent coat. As far the diamonds go–they’re there, sparkling and jazzing up the soot black formula, with tiny flecks of silver glitter catching the light. It’s not an overt effect — but you’ll still shine bright like a diamond.


Bath & Body, BeautyKiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk And Honey Body Butter

Sometimes you just don’t want to listen to well-meaning advice. Whether it be from your mom (“don’t date that boy!” “don’t major in English!”), your friends (“don’t date that boy!”) or your dad (“eh dating that boy won’t last anyway so do what you want to do” “you should really be socking away 30% into your 401k for tax purposes,”) sometimes solid advice, for whatever reason, elicits a ‘meh’ reaction. That was kind of the feeling I had about body moisturizers. It’s not that I want to have flaky, lizard skin. It’s more that I thought I was already covering my moisturizing bases, with bath oils, body scrubs, and other moisturizing, soapy products.

Well, it turns out I’d been hitting moisturizing singles and hoping they would make it to doubles or triples. But that has just not cutting it, with this season’s winter, balmy weather (insert appropriate baseball analogy here, as I got nothing.) But Kiehl’s Limited Edition Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter is helping me to achieve that elusive moisturizing homer, with a product that smells so luscious and scrumptious, that I slather it over my body without abandon. Erring on the sweet side, without being sickly, their body butter has the texture of a light, non-sticky frosting that melts and sinks deep into your thirsty pores. The fragrance does that hard-to-pull-off thing of reminding you of a dessert, without actually ever resembling one, so you never get that, “Why do I smell like a cupcake”-post-moisturizer regret. In collaboration with pop artist, Kenny Scharf who designed the Globo Mundo label, Kiehl’s is donating 100% of the net profits to charity RxArt, a non-profit that supports the arts in pediatric hospitals. So, batter up.

Beauty, MakeupTaking the Bronze

Glow, gleam, alive, bright, beaming, lustrous, luminosity — there is a reason why the beauty industry has so many synonyms for, well, “looking good.” Because, “No, I’d like to look lifeless, dull, and unhealthy,” said no one ever. Add all the synonyms I named above with any other ones you can throw from, to describe the effects of CARGO’s HydraBronze. I’m a little frightened by the reckless abandon with which I swipe this on my face (we’re talking, wildly, all over), but it’s so good that just when I think I’ve had enough, I go back. And back, and back. And it just continues to look good, and possibly even better and better throughout the day. It especially looks great in photos, and by that, I mean Instagram, because are there any other photos being taken nowadays? It slyly sculpts cheekbones and contours your face. Most importantly, despite its powder formulation, it dries to a velvety, powder finish that hydrates the skin, in a soft, bronze that chameleon-like, complements every skin tone.

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