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Beauty, MakeupSummer With Stila

How is Stila’s fall collection already making an appearance online?!  I just finished playing around with some pieces from the summer collection!  Time is going by too fast this year and someone needs to put a stop to it!  I haven’t even been to an official beach party yet and it’s already almost August.  Unacceptable!

Stila’s new Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara is the perfect summer choice for a mascara because it’ll last through humidity and sweat, which I’m loving because of the uber hot days we’ve had in Los Angeles in the past month or so.  I can honestly say that I haven’t looked very put together at all when I’m running around outside, but my mascara’s looked great!  I like the applicator a lot – it’s a 3-D triangular brush that has three rows of combing bristles that are meant to lift, lengthen, and define all of your lashes.  READ MORE

Beauty, NailsColor Yourself Unique

You know, the thing I really, really love about Deborah Lippman‘s polishes, even more than the great formula, is how unique the shades are.  I almost never pick up a bottle of her polish without thinking it and it always gets me super excited to see her new collections when they come out.  The new summer shades are no exception.  I haven’t gotten my hands on a ton of them yet and I’m planning a trip to my nearest Nordstrom soon to remedy to that, but in the meantime, here are the fabulous new shades I have had a chance to play around with.

  • Ray of Light – This is my absolute favorite shade I’ve tried in the past few months and since I’ve turned into somewhat of a nail polish collector this past couple of years, that’s really saying something.  It’s described as a 3D holographic electric indigo, but that doesn’t really do it justice.  It’s this amazing deep blue with glitter pieces in it that seem to change from gold to copper depending on what light I’m looking at them in.  It’s so, so pretty.  I actually squealed a little when I took it out of the box and saw it for the first time, it’s that gorgeous.
  • Mermaid’s Dream – Another shade that fascinates me because I have nothing else that even comes close to it in my polish collection.  It’s an ethereal seafoam shimmer that also has pieces of glitter in it to make it even more sparkly.  It’s such a pretty green (and I’m not normally a person who loves greens).  I also love that it’s both shimmery AND glittery.  Why have one when you can have both, right?

I also tried out the new Nails of Steel Magnetic Wave Design set.  Love this one!  It comes with two polishes and a magnet for making the waves (which I’ve gotten a lot better at doing, if I can just pat myself on the back a little here).  The shades in this set are Physical Attraction (a hazelnut wave) and Big Red Machine (a sherry wave).  They’re both much more subtle than Ray of Light and Mermaid’s Dream, but they’re equally pretty in their own way.  I especially love the shimmery neutral of Physical Attraction – it looks good both alone and with the use of the magnet to add a design to it.  You can check out all Deborah’s new shades and order some for yourself here.

Beauty, NailsSummer Neons

I’m normally more of a dark shade on my nails kinda person, although I do like playing around with fun colors on my toes a lot of the time, just because I think they’re easier to pull off.  But as we head into the hot summer months, I inevitably get the itch to wear funkier shades on my fingers too.  It just feels right to be sporting them when you’re running around in shorts and sandals.  That’s why China Glaze‘s new Summer Neons collection is so perfect.  It’s twelve shades of brights, perfect for when you know you want to go bold, but aren’t sure exactly which shade to choose.  Honestly, there isn’t a loser in the bunch (although of course I have some favorites!)  Here are the ones I’ll be using in heavy rotation this summer:

  • Love’s a Beach – This bright pink shimmer is just so fun and girly.  I love it on both my fingers and toes.
  • Splish Splash – A light blue shimmer that just screams “summer” to me.
  • Surfin’ for Boys – A neon coral shimmer, this one was my favorite at first glance and will definitely be my next pedicure shade.
  • Beach Cruise-r – A bright purple/violet shimmer that satisfies my new purple obsession.  So pretty!

I could probably go on and on about all of the other shades too, but then you wouldn’t want to go out and see them for yourself and you’d miss out on a great collection.  (I’m just thinking of you here!)  If you can’t wait another second though, you can check out all of the shades online at

Beauty, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsPerfect Color With Aloxxi

Recently, I looked in the mirror and had that moment of horror that always hits when you realize your roots have gotten out of control.  I’d just been super busy at work and somehow had managed to miss the phase where they grew out a little and instead hadn’t noticed until they’d gone right into Defcon 5 (also known as “Get yourself to a salon IMMEDIATELY).  Luckily, I’d been hearing great things about the new Aloxxi hair color and had gotten an invitation to go try it out at the Román Salon in West Hollywood, so I booked a cut and color and off I went.

The Román Salon is a delightful escape from the hectic world of Los Angeles.  It might be located right in the middle of a busy area, but when you step into the outside courtyard in the back of the salon, you almost feel like you’re out in the country.  It’s adorable and I wish I’d had more time that day to hang out there for awhile, drinking an iced tea and reading a novel.  (Okay, fine, a glass of Pinot Noir and a People Magazine.  I’m very shallow when I’m relaxing!)  Everyone at the salon was super sweet and helpful, making it such an enjoyable experience to be pampered there.  I can’t wait to go back!  READ MORE

Bath & Body, Beauty, FragranceEternal Summer

For someone who doesn’t really like the beach, I have a crazy love for beachy fragrances.  I can’t get enough of them, especially once summer rolls around and they’re even more perfect for every day wear.  At the moment, one of my favorites is Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer.  It’s a really light, feminine fragrance, but it’s fragrant enough to wear it during the day or at night – it doesn’t fade away immediately like some lighter scents.  I love the fact that it’s a fruity-floral – I’m not a fan of straight florals, but when you mix them with fruity scents, I almost always love them.  It has notes of Japanese Pear, White Peony and Comforting Musks, so it has a warm undertone that blends nicely with the pear notes.  It’s very fresh and clean and reminds me a lot of the smell of the ocean breeze during the summer.  Delightful!

Beauty, MakeupColor Yourself Pretty

MAKE UP FOR EVER has slowly but surely become one of my favorite brands.  I love the bright colors they come out with and their formulas are always fabulous.  New for summer, the Aqua Shadows continue the trend of making me want every single shade of a product release.

I’m a big fan of shadow sticks because they’re the perfect all-in-one product.  You can use them for liner or for shadow, draw a thick or thin line, and either leave them as is or blend them for a different finish.  The Aqua Shadows come in 12 different shades; I tried a light one (30E, a pearly pink beige) and a dark one (0E, a matte black) and found them both easy to apply and long-lasting.  The matte black shade is perfect for creating a smoky eye – you can use it to line below your bottom lashes and then draw a thick line above your top lashes, blend, and poof – you’re ready to go!  I liked the lighter shade a lot too – it really made my green eyes stand out and was super easy to apply.  At $20 apiece, they’re easy to justify, especially if you’re planning a trip somewhere since they’re so portable.  I might have to pick up some of the brightly colored ones next!

Beauty, MakeupSummer with Chanel

I always forget just how very much I love Chanel until I get my hands on their new products and then I fall in love all over again.  And that’s exactly how I feel about the items I tried from their new summer collection – in love.  READ MORE

Beauty, MakeupShades of Fame

Can you believe it’s already time for summer makeup?  I know it’s May and in theory, I should be not at all surprised that all the summer collections are everywhere, but I still am.  I feel like spring just flew by, plus I’m in NJ at the moment for a wedding and it’s chilly and raining, so summer doesn’t seem to be here at all.  Luckily, I got my hands on two of the new Smashbox summer releases to warm me up and get me excited for the coming season.

The Shades of Fame Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss Set is a collection of five new lipglosses just begging to be worn with a bathing suit.  They definitely live up to the shiny name, which I enjoy in a gloss, and they come in a nice range of colors – everything from hot pink to a bronze to a lighter pink perfect for the daytime.  I really like the hot pink shade.  My two favorite colors this summer are shaping up to be orange/coral and hot pink, so that one will slide nicely into the rotation.

The Shades of Fame Eye Palette & Brush is also new for summer and looks a lot like the Softbox Eye Palette from earlier this year, but with different shades of shadow.  The Softbox palette had more neutral shades in it though – this one has some neutrals in it as well, but it also has a few brighter shades that are fun to play around with and use as accent colors.  (I’m especially digging the olive green and teal shades).  You can create a ton of different looks with the colors included, so it’s nice to take along on a trip.  I also really like the two shades of cream liner that come inside and the Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer that’s included too.  They’re all welcome additions that make it easy to tote around and get a complete eye look with.  Just add mascara and you’re all set to go!

Beauty, MakeupTake a Walk in the Garden

Stila’s palettes are some of my favorites around because they always have a ton of great shades in them and they’re never outrageously priced.  You know how sometimes you see a makeup product on the shelves and get all excited and then see how much it’s going to cost and realize that it’s not coming home with you?  That almost never happens to me with Stila and it makes me like them even more.  I’ve been playing around with their In The Garden Palette for awhile now and I’m loving it as much as the similar In The Light Palette that I bought months ago and have used a ton.  It’s the same style palette, just with different shades, and while the In The Light Palette leaned towards neutral shades, In The Garden has a few neutrals accented with bold shades that give you a bright pop of color when you use them.

Juniper is probably my favorite shade in the palette.  It’s a deep, shimmery forest green and it’s just super pretty.  It’s perfect for a twist on the classic smoky eye using green instead of black or grey.  I also really like the other green shade, Moss, because it’s a lighter olive green with shimmer so it’s more work appropriate.  There’s also a very pretty deep violet-blue called Freesia that I really like because it makes my green eyes pop when I use it.  The great thing about the palette is that you can use the lighter neutral shades to accent the brighter ones or to tone them down if you’d like, so it’s really a great palette to travel with since it gives you so many options.  (I actually have both In The Garden and In The Light with me on a trip at the moment.  I just couldn’t leave them behind!)  Both palettes retail for only $39, which is a great price for ten different shades.  Pick one (or both!) of them up for yourself – you won’t regret it!

Beauty, MakeupBrighten Your Look

It’s crazy to me that we’re already seeing a lot of summer collections in stores because I haven’t even begun to play around with all the fabulous spring collections that I have.  It’s not summer yet, people!

Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Nudes collection is new for spring and it’s one you’re not going to want to zoom past on your way to the hot and lazy days of summer.  First of all, the Sparkle Eye ShadowsOh, the Sparkle Eye Shadows!  As someone who loves playing around with sparkle in my makeup, I adore these.  They’re available in four shades – Ballet, a light pink glitter, Mica, a heather grey sparkle, Silver Moon, a light silver glitter and Sunlight, a golden glitter.  READ MORE

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