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Boston, Fitness & Health, ShoesBalega Running Socks

Sometimes the littlest things in life make me so happy. Things as little as a new pair of socks! After buying a fantastic new pair of running shoes at Marathon Sports,  the salesperson suggested I try out a pair of Balega running socks. Located in South Africa, Balega means “to move with speed” in  Zulu, which seems appropriate for a company that only manufactures running socks! Sure, I’ve always worn athletic socks when running, but I honestly had no idea socks specific to running even existed!

What I initially noticed about my Lady Ventilator‘s was the softness and flexibility of the fabric, yet were able to give my arches the extra support they need. I absolutely hate when my sock “fall down” by the heel, but these have an extra-deep heel that prevents sock slippage. Finally, and the best part, is that my socks weren’t drenched after a seven mile run. Particularly on longer runs, wet socks are no fun, but the “dynamic moisture management” system in combination with the mesh fabric allowed my feet to breath! Honestly, my new Balega’s, in combination with a new pair of Nike Air Max Moto+ (appropriate for my diagnosed wide, flat, and flexible feet) have allowed me to have the most comfortable and longest runs of my life!

New gym clothes, shoes, or even socks are always a great motivator for me to get to the gym and continue living a (semi) healthy lifestyle! If you’re a runner, I urge you to give these socks a try. And if you live in Boston, head to Marathon Sports for all your running needs. These people know feet and will prescribe you with the best sneakers, socks, and running gear to get the best out of your workouts!

Accessories, Boston, FashionJPK Handbags

Move over, Longchamp! JPK Handbags are the cutest, most colorful, and practical handbags to hit store shelves in a while! While I certainly love my Longhamp for its versatility and flexibility, JPK’s are all of the above… and more! My girlfriend Steph recently gifted me with the Bucket Nylon, which I absolutely adore for its bright pink color, gold hardware, and thick leather shoulder strap. Even more, the lining is a funky floral pattern of lavender, blue, and green. With tons of interior pockets, zippers, and snaps, you can easily organize your belongings and separate makeup, money, extra pair of underwear… who knows?

JPK’s handbags come in a wide array of colors, so you’re sure to find a black or brown staple or a color completely unique and extreme to add that extra “pop” to an outfit. Steph purchased my purse at North River Outfitter on Boston’s Charles Street, but they’re also available at Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom!

Accessories, ShoesTorino Boots by Sorel

In my mind, “fashionable snow boots” are a huge oxymoron. How can anyone look even remotely fashionable while trudging through snow and sub-zero temps? Well, you can flip through Vogue and see the latest ad campaign by Sorel, which pairs city scenes, night-out clothing, and snow boots to create the hottest new trend in winter boots. As an ex-Ugg loyalist, I’ve found the best solution to my snow-boot woes: Torino Boots by Sorel.

After the first blizzard of the season here in Boston, I can say for certain that my Sorel’s were one of the best purchases I’ve made this season. At $95, not only are the boots reasonably priced and super cute, but kept my feet toasty and cozy while trudging through snowbanks and slippery sidewalks (they’re completely waterproof with full fleece lining). While they are shorter variety of snowboots, one can easily layer funky knit legwarmers over their pants or leggings for additional warmth.

Forget about pain; comfort is beauty! If you’re in need of a pair of boots to keep you dry and warm through the Winter months, check out Sorel! Available at and

Bath & Body, Beauty, FragranceLimited Edition Secret Garden Scents

Seasonal scented body sprays, creams, and washes seem to be one of those hit-or-miss beauty products. While some can smell of sweet sugar cookies, heavenly gingerbread, or fresh-out-of-the-oven pumpkin pie, the fragrances themselves can prove dismal compared to their delicious descriptions. If you are a fan of sweet seasonal scents at bargain prices that actually do live up to their description, check out Victoria’s Secret’s latest line of limited edition Secret Garden scents: Gilded Ginger Creme, Merry Vanilla Twirl, and Sparkling Sugared Pear.

At their special price of 3/$24, 5/$30, or 8/$35, you can stock up without any buyers remorse! I’ve always loved sweet scents for daytime casual wear, so my favorite of the three turned out to be Merry Vanilla Twirl, the sweetest of the bunch. The crème brulée sweetness is nicely balanced by vanilla and fruity (starfruit, technically) undertones, so even though it sweet and delicious smelling, I don’t smell like a tub of frosting! If you’re a fan of seasonal scents and like refreshing citrus scents, you’ll love Sparkling Sugared Pear, a nice seasonal alternative. The Gilded Ginger is intensified with a musky smell and is definitely the most “grown up” smelling, but fun and flirty at the same time.

For some of the yummiest scents of the year at a reasonable price, strap on your angel wings and fly over to Victoria’s Secret!

FoodSiggi’s Icelandic Style Skyr

Between Thanksgiving feasts, company parties, Christmas cookies, and celebrations with friends, the average American consumes an extra 600 calories every single day between Thanksgiving and New Years! That being said, it’s important to squeeze in as many healthy meals and foods (and workouts!) as possible during this indulgent-filled time, with my personal recommendation of Siggi Icelandic yogurt! READ MORE

Beauty, Boston, Hair, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsLuxLash BeautyLab Opens in Boston

Multi-tasking has seemingly become a part of everyday life. While I’m exercising, I’m also listening to my iPod. When I’m “watching TV”, I’m also on my computer. Even while I’m “doing work”, I often streaming Pandora… and have my TV on at the same time! In all seriousness, trying to juggle grad school, an internship, freelance jobs, and my social life can get quite hectic, and I’ve learned that impeccably planning my schedule and maximizing my time is KEY to checking off my to-do list. Many women struggle with balancing their personal and professional lives, but leave it to leave it to Suzanne Cats, founder of (the country’s first eye, lash, and brow beauty spa), to solve our beauty problems and create LuxLash BeautyLab, the destination for multi-tasked beauty services!

Between manicures, pedicures, hair care, spray tanning, and eyelash and brow care, us women spend a lot of time taking care of ourselves. LuxLash BeautyLab can help you with that, by taking beauty treatments that would normally take eight hours to complete and condensing them into three. Your foils set while your manicure, pedicure, and eyelash extensions are being applied. Additional services include body glow treatments, custom facials, and hand massages. READ MORE

Bath & Body, Beauty, Eco & Organic, Hair, Makeup, SkincareYes To Carrots

Beta carotene and organic fruits and vegetables; sounds healthy, right? While healthy eats and taking our vitamins and minerals are important for our health and well-being, they’re also important to maintain our oh-so-healthy glow, good looks, and outward appearance. Combine these ingredients with dead sea minerals, and you’ve got Yes To Carrots, a natural and affordable line of hair and skin products. READ MORE

Food, San Francisco, TravelSan Francisco Cupcake Crawl

As I’ve mentioned before (and before, and before), I have quite an addiction to cupcakes. In my mind, no vacation is complete without a cupcake crawl, and I always seek out and plan my route before my arrival. My San Francisco vacation was no exception, as I visited four cupcake bakeries; believe it or not, we even missed a few, and I actually learned there IS such a thing as cupcake overload!

Cako Bakery

Our first stop was newly opened Cako Bakery, located in bustling Union Square. Cako’s interior is minimal and teeny-tiny, so we decided to buy our cupcakes and run. Cako’s cupcakes are huge and beautiful, but overpriced at $3.50/cupcake. I sampled the Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake; the peanut butter buttercream topped with crunchy salted peanuts was a delicious combination, but the cake was uninspired and boring. Cako offers many traditional flavors, as well as fun varieties like S’Mores and Andes Mint Chocolate Chip. READ MORE

Books, FashionCloset Confidential

After years of moaning and groaning of “having stylish pieces but not knowing how to put them all together”, fellow Boston blogger Susie gifted me with a copy of Closet Confidential, a humorous yet comprehensive look at fashion for “real women with real bodies and real budgets and a desire to care out their own style”, all based on author Winona Dimeo-Ediger’s “cache based on personal experiences/humiliations”. READ MORE

Beauty, SkincareSuki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

I’ve suffered from chronic dry skin on my face ever since I can remember. No matter what I did and how much I moisturized, I was plagued with flakes around my nose and cheeks. A few weeks ago, I visited Boston’s only five-star spa, the Mandarin Oriental Spa for an aromatherapy facial (life changing, by the way), and while speaking with the aesthetician, she basically told me that moisturizing my skin was doing nothing because I wasn’t exfoliating. I’ve spent all the time moisturizing the flaking, dead skin on my face, and barely any of the moisturizer was actually making moisturizing! READ MORE

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