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Bath & Body, Beauty, SkincareSummer Skin by Caudalie

Here at TDO, we spend a lot of time trying various beauty products. So when a line really manages to stand out from the crowd, it’s something to talk about.

I’ve recently become a convert to Caudalie’s fantastic line of products. I told you all about their Purifying Mask a few weeks ago, but that’s just the beginning. Their VinoPerfect Radiance Serum has done such amazing things to my skin that I’ve actually started sending friends out to buy it. It gives my face a fantastic dose of antioxidants and other goodies that make it happy, and keep it smooth and bright…which, at this point in my life, is really all I’m looking for. Their Contour Cream for Eyes and Lips is fantastic, too. It has that same intense brightening effect that, while it doesn’t eliminate the dark circles, it does make them much less noticeable. And from what my aesthetician tells me, that’s really all we can hope for.

Even their body products are amazing! I haven’t stopped using their Sauvignon Scrub since the day it arrived. It’s so gentle that it’s perfect for daily use, and it’s doing wonders for my parched summer skin. Plus, I love that the fragrance is incredibly light…when it’s hot out, the last thing I want is a strong fragrance that sticks around all day.

If what I’ve seen so far is any indication, I can’t wait to check out the rest of the Caudalie line!

Beauty, HairRehydrating Summer Hair

I generally assume my hair is pretty happy – I condition it, I don’t blow dry daily, I don’t color or perm or straighten or highlight. So, when my hairdresser recently told me my hair was seriously dehydrated, I was in something of a panic. How do you fix something you didn’t even realize was broken?

Turns out, though, that all of those flyaways that were driving me crazy were actually broken strands of hair. Who knew? In desperation, I turned to the experts at Bumble and bumble, who instantly suggested I try their 4-step Dehydration Therapy system. READ MORE

Beauty, Skincare, Spas & SalonsSpa Indulgence Chez Vous

As many of you might know, I’ve recently relocated – a decision that brings many trials, not the least of which is saying goodbye to your favorite spa and esthetician. Not long after we finished the move, my skin was definitely in mourning. Rather than trusting my ultra-sensitive skin to a virtual stranger, I decided to take matters into my own hands. And after weeks of exhaustive research, I’ve moisturized, exfoliated, buffed and polished myself to the extreme, all to bring you this guide to the best of the best in at-home spa treatments.

First things first, a little background. I chatted with Kara Peterson, the national trainer for Clarins Skin Spas, and she let me in on what’s reasonable to expect from an at-home treatment versus a spa service. “You can definitely get deep hydration into your skin, or if you have a more oily complexion, you can get a very fresh, clean feel. You’ll see an immediate radiance and brightness, but more intense results will take more time, or a visit to the spa.”

So basically, expect your skin to be brighter, more balanced and generally happier – but looking for those fine lines to vanish, or rosacea to disappear is setting the bar a little too high. Fair enough. With my expectations sufficiently lowered, I forged on. READ MORE

Accessories, Fashion, InterviewsTDO Interview: Hayden-Harnett

Over the last few years, Hayden+Harnett has become one of the hottest new names in handbag design. They’ve developed an incredibly loyal following, and with good reason – HH bags have that magic blend of hip style and functionality that women are always after. The line has become so popular that HH has recently launched a fabulous ready-to-wear line as well – and that’s just the beginning. In anticipation of the release of their gorgeous fall line, we sat down to chat with founder Toni Hacker to talk about her background, her style, and her skills with a hula hoop.

The Daily Obsession: After reading a little bit about you, I get the feeling that handbag design was sort of an accidental calling for you. Can you tell us a little about how that happened?
Toni Hacker: Definitely an accident, but a very serendipitous and happy one. My formal education is in industrial design with a strong studio arts background in sculpture and metalsmithing. I’d always loved fashion, but had no intention of becoming a fashion designer. My first “real” job was in industrial design, but I didn’t feel super challenged there. I posted my resume online and a fashion accessory company approached me to join them as their design director. I learned so much there about developing accessories in all types of fabrications. This is where my interest in fashion really combined with my product design background and things just started to click. READ MORE

Beauty, SkincareBurn-Proof Beauty

My skin is so fair, it’s practically translucent. I spent all of my teens (and, okay, early 20’s) lusting after those gorgeous golden tans all of my friends would spend their summers perfecting. I’d spend 5 minutes in the sun, end up bright red, peeling, and then back to lily white…with freckles. Fortunately, I’ve finally come to terms with it – and have become something of a connoisseur of sun-protection products.

Body sunscreen is easy enough. I’m happy with most run-of-the-mill drugstore brands. But the face sunscreen is much trickier. Most make my face really unhappy, and don’t end up actually protecting it all that much. My daily moisturizer is SPF 15, but that just doesn’t cut it on serious sun days. I just got a chance to try out Juice Beauty’s SPF 30 Mineral Sheer Moisturizer, and it’s my new standby. To be honest, it’s still a little oilier than I’d like, so this one hasn’t become my daily moisturizer of choice. But, I have yet to find a facial sunscreen above SPF 15 that isn’t oily. This version has the added advantage of not smelling a bit like sunscreen, and was still light enough that a quick dusting of powder left my face perfectly matte for the day. Best of all, I applied it once in the morning, spent all day wandering around beachside, and had barely a trace of red on my face at the end of the day. A little aloe vera gel instead of my normal evening moisturizer, and it was entirely gone by morning. Pretty impressive.

My other sunscreen peeve is the dreaded scalp burn. Short of wearing a big, floppy hat (a defense I invoke regularly), there just aren’t that many options – it’s not like I’m going to apply Coppertone to my locks. Finally, though, I’ve come across a solution. Tela Hair Care has just come out with a hair styling cream with SPF 18, and it’s perfection. It protects without greasing everything up. In fact, I just use it instead of a shine serum after I’ve done my hair, and it works like a charm.

You can find Juice Beauty online at, and the Tela Guardian Hair Styling Cream is available here.

Home, San FranciscoLocal Love: Rose & Radish

One of the things I really love about San Francisco is that it’s the ultimate gift-giver’s destination. There are so many amazing stores here, filled with treasures I’ve never seen anywhere else – it’s one of the retail highlights (and best-kept secrets) of this lovely city.

A case in point is the lovely Rose & Radish. The shop brings together the owner’s two passions: flowers and art. Which, if you think about it, isn’t as odd a mix as it might seem at first. The results certainly, are anything but. They create some of the most gorgeous flower arrangements you’ll ever see, and they combine it with an art gallery space and a shop to create a space that’s truly extraordinary. Fortunately for those of you outside the Bay Area, they also have a wonderful website.

Rose & Radish just opened a new exhibit called Fête, designed to celebrate summer and the festivities that go along with this time of year. It’s also a preview of their upcoming online registry – something I would have died for back in my wedding planning days.

The owner of Rose & Radish has a really amazing eye for all things unique, beautiful, or just plain fun, and the shop is stocked to the rafters with pieces I’d love to own or give. READ MORE

Gift Guides, Mom & KidsRock-a-Bye Baby

A few years ago, I experienced the Summer of Endless Weddings. Every weekend was spent at a reception, every Friday afternoon I’d trudge diligently to Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma or Macy’s to retrieve a registry and pick up that perfect (or at least, specifically requested) gift.

So it shouldn’t have surprised me nearly as much as it did when this summer turned into the Summer of Endless Baby Showers. Even though baby registries are pretty common these days, I find myself more tempted to stray from the registry when it’s for a baby than when it’s for a wedding. There are just so many fun and fabulous gifts out there for the little ones — it’s hard to stick to practical choices when I can get something really decadent and irresponsible instead.

Hands-down, my favorite gift for these events is a classic book from my childhood. I love to gift Where the Wild Things Are, Goodnight Moon, or, more recently, Little Pea or Little Hoot, both illustrated by Jen Corace – whom I absolutely adore. I pair that with one of my favorite stuffed monsters from Ugly Dolls, and it’s a perfect low-cost gift that’s still so thoughtful and unique. READ MORE

FashionClassic Cashmere

Sometimes I start to feel like I spend all my time trying to come up with hip, on-trend pieces to wear and to share with our lovely readers. But the truth is that those trendy pieces, while the styles are often hit-or-miss, are a dime a dozen. It’s the classic, timeless wardrobe staples that I’m always hunting for – those luxe basics I’ll turn to time and again, either as layering pieces or just as a safe bet on those days when I just can’t summon the energy or the inspiration to be trendy.

This gorgeous cashmere and silk tee from Martin + Osa is a top candidate for my personal “luxe classics” wardrobe. The v-neck is flattering, but not revealing. The elbow-length sleeve makes this perfect year-round. The fabric is thick enough to be worn alone, but still perfect for layering. And the styling will transition from workweek standard to chic weekender seamlessly.

My favorite colors are the luna grey and the raisin purple – I love the idea of mixing in slightly unexpected hues where you’d normally use black or white, and these two are ideal options for that trick. Whatever your choice, pick up one (or several) at Martin + Osa for $88 each.

Accessories, JewelryOrganic Opulence

When the warm weather hits, most of my jewelry gets a seasonal hiatus. If I’m hot and miserable, the last thing I want is a heavy, chunky beaded necklace weighing me down. So it’s rare for me to see a piece of jewelry that I really want around my neck mid-summer.

Imagine my surprise then, when I stumbled across this gorgeous, organic necklace from designer Melanie Auld, and started thinking of all of the ways it could dress up the most casual summer garb. Even a tank top and shorts would suddenly be ultra-chic with this gorgeous necklace topping it off. The length is perfect (30″) to keep things relaxed and cool, and the hardwood teardrop pendant paired with just a glimmer of gold gives off the perfect summer vibe.

Pick it up at Melanie’s website for $210. Something tells me it’ll be the only necklace in my accessory rotation this summer.

Bath & Body, BeautyFabulous Fizz

I’m a long-devoted fan of elizabethW. I love their modern take on classic scents like Rose and Magnolia, and I can’t get enough of their unique blends, like Leaves and Sweet Tea (amazing!). The only thing possibly better than the scents at elizabethW is the quality of the product – their body lotion keeps my skin amazingly soft, and there is honestly nothing like a bath with their bath oil.

So, when elizabethW let me know they were adding bath fizzes to their line, I couldn’t wait to try them out. True to form, they’re as fantastic as everything else the company has to offer. Each tablet creates the ultimate relaxation bath – no effort required. The scents are just the right strength to relax without overwhelming, the fizz provides that fabulous tingle to help you relax, and you’re left with a silky, moisturizing tub full of goodness. I guess it’s true what they say – good things do come in small packages.

The bath fizzes are also a great way to try out several of elizabethW’s scents without committing. At $8 for two tablets, you can sample as many scents as you love – and trust me, you’ll love them all. Or, do what I did, and split a handful of packs with a friend – you’ll each get to find your favorite scent, and the investment’s practically nonexistent. Check out the entire line at elizabethW‘s website, and pick up an assortment to save or to share. Either way, they’re the perfect end to your next horrible day.

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