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AccessoriesLa Luna

Every season, all of the TDO girls wait with bated breath for the releases from a few choice designers – the ones who never fail to inspire “oohs” and “aahs” from each and every one of us.

Treesje is definitely high on that list for us. Their designs maintain that fragile balance between trendy and timeless, and there are always a handful of fantastic details that really make their handbags special.

Their Luna collection, debuting this month, is the latest example. We’re gaga for that gorgeous dusty metallic finish and the slouchy, timeless shape. And, as always, Treesje has our practical side in mind, too. The Luna comes in a large hobo, small hobo, and even a clutch, so it’s sure to inspire handbag lust in just about every bag collector, no matter your style of choice.

Check out all of the lovely options at Treesje by visiting their website, but head over quickly – the collection just released, and some colors are already gone! If your fave is missing, give Blue Bee a try. And if you’re after the Luna clutch, it hasn’t made it to Treesje’s site yet, but you can find it at Revolve Clothing.

FashionThe Ultimate Summer Party Frock

For those of you that are still looking for that perfect summer event dress, this gorgeous silk version by Yoana Baraschi is the ultimate do-it-all to get you through all of your weddings, showers, and warm-weather fetes with effortless style. My favorite thing about this dress is that it really is designed to be flattering on absolutely everyone. From the forgiving cut, to the tasteful scoop neckline (with all of that lovely detail that keeps your eye moving northward), and even that gorgeous grey/lavender color, you just can’t go wrong with this beauty.

Add a gorgeous shoe (either a metallic heeled sandal or a jewel-tone flat), a fantastic clutch, and you’re set for any event this summer sends your way. Have fun!

AccessoriesNo Substitute for Turnlocks

This clutch is giving me fond memories of a certain oh-so-beautiful Marc Jacobs zip clutch I briefly owned. It was the most stunning emerald green color, and I adored it so…and babied it. Consequently, I was seriously wallet-paranoid, which is an annoying person to be. So, I sold it – but I still miss it every day. This Marc by Marc Jacobs version would make me much less nervous, at half the price, and I think it has nearly all the style of the original. Probably not the same fabulous suede and satin linings, though…

Beauty, Jewelry, Shopping, SkincareI Only Have Eyes For You

As some of you may have noticed, I seem to be on a perpetual quest for the perfect eye cream. No matter how many times my aesthetician tells me that under-eye circles are genetic, I’m convinced I can beat them. And, no matter how many fantastic facial products I try, the truth is that those itty-bitty lines around my eyes aren’t in my imagination.

So, when SkinCeuticals sent over their eye cream for me to try, I was thrilled to have yet another potential miracle on my hands. After all, my favorite, highly-selective cosmetic store carries it, and my doctor actually started selling it. What better endorsement could I ask for?

True to its word, the SkinCeuticals eye cream has done more for the trifecta of eye sins (puffiness, lines, and dark circles) than any other product I’ve tried. Rather than relying on light deflectors and caffeine to make you think it’s doing more than it actually is, SkinCeuticals just pumps their product full of ingredients designed to help your skin actually repair itself. As always, though, the proof is in the product testing. Those itty-bitty lines? Maybe not vanished, but I definitely feel they’re less noticeable. My morning under-eye puffiness has improved, too. And those dark circles? Well, they’re still there…but I’m not ready to admit that my aesthetician is right just yet.

Pick up a bottle at, and give it a shot for yourself. Let us know how you like it!

Beauty, MakeupBenefit’s Latest and Greatest

I recently got the chance to check out a few of the newest products over at Benefit, one of my all-time favorite cosmetic companies. I love the kitschy marketing and the fabulously girly packaging…and I love that all of that houses really fantastic products, designed for younger lifestyles.

The oh-so-famous You Rebel tinted moisturizer was finally released in a light shade, perfect for my ultra-pale skin. It’s the first tinted moisturizer that I’ve really felt was moisturizing enough to use without a day cream underneath – how liberating! This summer, I’ll pair it with a little Benetint or Tarte Cheek Stain, and have that natural glow look perfected.

I also tried out their new Erase Paste, an industrial strength concealer designed to hide even your most stubborn problem spots. True to its word, this concealer covers up just about anything you’d want to hide. Even their lightest shade was a bit dark for me, but if you have any pigment whatsoever, you shouldn’t have a problem. The included spatula-shaped applicator is a nice feature, as it keeps you from having to dip your fingers in repeatedly, causing all sorts of yucky contamination.

Last but not least, I tested the new version of Brow Zing. The classic version was an absolute staple in my makeup bag – so I was a little bit upset when I found out they’d messed with perfection. (Okay, so I boycotted the new version for months.) But as it turns out, after a little trial and error, I’m just as pleased with the updated version. While the original only gave you brow wax, the new compact gives you both wax and powder, so that you can keep your brows stationary and fill in any “less than perfect” areas with ease. It is incredibly handy to have everything in one compact, including separate applicator brushes for each, as well as a teeny tiny tweezer, which is every bit as cute as it is functional. Plus, in a pinch, the powder can double as an eyeshadow…always nice to have multitaskers close at hand.

Check out the latest and greatest from Benefit at their website, and enjoy!

AccessoriesA Whimsical Take on Earth Day

Well, it’s still technically “Earth Week,” and we couldn’t resist wrapping up by showing you this gorgeous tote by Whimsy Press. Eco-friendly shopping totes are a dime a dozen these days, and it’s a rare designer, website, or grocery store that doesn’t offer one. So it takes a lot to make us fall in love.

This version by Whimsy Press definitely fits the bill. They’re bright and colorful, and the designs are some of the cutest we’ve seen – we’re not sure which of the three styles to love best. The messages are green without being preachy. They’re larger than most grocery totes out there, so you need to drag fewer along to the store. And this baby is so eco-friendly that not only does it save plastic bags, but it’s actually made from recycled cotton and plastic bottles.

Grab your favorite (or one of each!) at Whimsy Press for $30.

Beauty, SkincareBrighten Your Day With Suki

Once again, Suki’s introduced a product that has won my heart. Just in time for warmer weather, Suki has released a fabulous moisturizer that’s so light and so perfect, you might find yourself skipping your full makeup routine.

Suki’s Complexion Brightening Cream has their signature all-natural list of allergen-free ingredients, while packing a serious punch with high potency vitamin C, antioxidants, and ingredients to stimulate collagen production and heal past sun damage. Naturally though, I’m not interested in the long-term benefits unless I see some serious short-term gain. And, as usual, Suki doesn’t disappoint. The cream goes on light as a feather, but gives my skin this gorgeous glow that makes all of the things we use makeup to cover just sort of fade away. By the time I dab on a little bronzer (try mixing the Complexion Brightening Cream with Suki’s new Tinted Active Moisturizer in Bronze) and some mascara, I have that perfect, naturally flawless look I’m normally coveting in others.

To purchase, head over to Suki’s website, or if you’re a California native, check your friendly neighborhood Whole Foods.

Fragrance, HomeHome with Jasmine & Mint

I’m obsessed with fabulous home scents, and I can always tell when the seasons change because suddenly my taste in scents is dramatically different. In the fall and winter, I crave spice; I love the cinnamon and nutmeg scents you can only get during the holidays.

But when spring rolls around, my nose knows before anything else. With all of the flowers blooming and birds chirping, suddenly, I’m craving fabulous citrus, florals, and clean, crisp mint scents. Jo Malone’s new White Jasmine and Mint candle is just the thing to help me welcome the sunshine. For those of you that are fans of florals, you’ll love the pure, clean jasmine scent. Tempered with the mint, it’s the perfect warm weather combination. It’s my go-to scent for any spring gatherings as well — put this in your living room, and your house will smell like a fabulous Mediterranean garden paradise.

Pick up this delicious combo at Neiman Marcus, and see if it isn’t just the thing to help you ring in the spring season!

Accessories, JewelryNashelle Jewelry

I’m always on the lookout for fabulous new jewelry designers, and I’m excited to introduce one to you today. Nashelle Jewelry is designed by Heather Beeson, and produced by hand in her studio in Bend, Oregon. The line is truly one of the most unique collections I’ve seen in ages. Best of all, nearly all of her pieces can be customized, which is just the thing for a picky perfectionist…like me.

Nashelle’s signature Lucky Charm Necklace ($115) can be customized with two symbols, initials or words that are inspiring or “lucky” to you, and two gemstones of your choice. READ MORE

Beauty, MakeupNatural Nudes

For those of you who aren’t always after the latest makeup trend, Bobbi Brown’s Nude Eye & Lip Palette is sure to become a staple in your cosmetic bag. I recently got a chance to check out Bobbi Brown’s new Nude collection, and once again, it’s love at first sight. Comprised of four fabulously neutral eye shades, and four equally usable lip shades, this is one palette that won’t waste away at the bottom of your drawer. The colors were just the thing for my pale, pale skin, on which many bolder tones look a little, well, ridiculous. Besides, with summer fast approaching, all I’m looking for is that classic, “just rolled out of bed looking fabulous” look, which the Nude palette delivers in spades.

Pick it up at a Bobbi Brown counter or at her website for $60.

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