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Bath & Body, Beauty, Obsessions, SkincareObsession of the Moment: Mor Cosmetics To Paris with Love Set

Bath & Body, BeautyAtopalm: Winter Skin Savior

I don’t know about you but when my skin starts getting dry, tight, and itchy (aka winter time), I crave a no-frills, no-fragrance, serious moisturizer. All those fancy body souffles and designer lotions stop doing it for me when I find that they just don’t provide enough hydration during these colder months. And on top of that, often the fragrance starts to irritate my already sensitive skin. So the other day, I cleared out my vanity and dug deep into my beauty closet until I came across the body lotion sporting the most no-nonsense packaging I could find and decided to give it a try. Yes, I totally judged a product by its cover, but luckily the Atopalm Lotion that I found was exactly what I needed.

Atopalm’s Moisturizing Body Lotion is formulated with the company’s patented Mutli Lamellar Emulsion technology which mimics the structure of your skin’s own lipids to help restore the barrier system that locks in moisture. In addition to helping heal the skin, the product also includes traditional moisturizing agents such as grape seed oil and hyaluronic acid along with antioxidants and Allantoin for extra soothing. The lotion is light to medium in weight and absorbs very quickly without leaving any greasiness. Best of all, it provides immediate and long lasting relief, leaving me feeling nourished and comfortable in my own skin. High recommended for the colder months! $30 at Target.


Bath & Body, Beauty, HairGet Blousey

I love my lady scents, meaning florals and musk appeal to my olfactory senses too. But sometimes in the shower, I’m in the mood for spice, as opposed to sugar and everything nice. In times like this, I reach for Lush’s Blousey Shampoo.

Yes, the shampoo does contain some of the more traditional “sweet” elements like bananas, cocoa and capuacu butter. But what really distinguishes it, is the spiciness added by cloves and star anise, which gives the scent kick and dimension. It smells like a banana bread, baked and amped up by your cool aunt who travels the world and brought back spices from her last trip to Turkey. Because of the addition of solid elements like banana, the texture of the shampoo feels slightly more like a hair mask or frankly, like cake batter. But this just makes it easier to wash and completely coat your hair from root to tip. The bananas are so emollient that it makes your hair look glossy, bouncy, and alive. Because the shampoo is so moisturizing, it is recommended specifically for color-treated hair, but I suggest it even to my friends with non-dyed hair because it’s just that good.

Bath & Body, Beauty, MakeupCelebrate the Holidays With Laura Mercier

I’ve been obsessed with Laura Mercier’s Crème Brûlée scent for years now.  Many, many years.  (I’m aging myself here!)  I try and stock up whenever possible, but I’ve also been meaning to branch out into more of her other scents because I love Crème Brûlée so much, I couldn’t imagine that I wouldn’t love the others equally as much.  And I was right. READ MORE

Bath & Body, Beauty, SkincareEditor’s Vanity: July 2012

Bath & Body, Beauty, TechWorth the Hype

Standing in contrast to things not worth the hype (prom, 50 Shades of Gray, the comfort of Christian Louboutin shoes, actually seeing the Mona Lisa in person), is the Clarisonic Mia. I’m sure you’ve read the hype: it’s been endorsed by multiple beauty magazines and blogs, Oprah’s last “Favorite Things” giveaways, and even “Page Six” mention/pill popper/beauty editor Cat Marnell recommended it in one of her last XOJane columns (check out her review if you haven’t, it’s seriously funny.)

The Clarisonic has become such an intrinsic part of my nighttime routine that I’m not sure how I lived without it. It’s one, the best exfoliating tool ever used, two, a cleansing gift for lazy people, and three, has a brush head that’s soft like bunnies.  Like an electric toothbrush for your face, Clarisonic is a self-vibrating brush that oscillates at over 300 movements per second as you move over your face in automated increments of time. The brush gently beeps every 10-15 seconds to alert you to switch brush focus from your forehead to your cheeks, chin, and nose so that the entire cleansing process takes about a minute. Responding to demands from people who wanted a specific acne cleansing system, Clarisonic released a special brush head, with softer and slightly tapered bristles, to deeper clean pores and sweep out dirt.

And afterwards? Your skin gets that gleamy, luminous look, normally achieved only post-facial or post-facial mask. It’s noticeably soft after using it only one time. Since I started using Retin-A, my skin has been clear but somewhat flaky. A few beeps with the Clarisonic, buffs them out so that it becomes an even canvas. Yes, it’s undeniably pricey, but using retail math, the convenient rationalizer for all large ticket prices, it comes out to less than dollar per use. And isn’t that worth the hype?


Bath & Body, BeautySmell Like a Creamsicle

Most popsicles don’t have a scent, since high fructose corn syrup doesn’t emit any olfactory fumes. But the one exception are creamsicles, the dreamiest treat of the ice cream truck bounty.  With its creamy vanilla center and orange coating, its sweet, citrusy, warm scent is one of the best scent memories of summertime.

Borghese’s Cura C Anhydrous Vitamin Scrub perfectly replicates the creamsicle smell, with this Vitamin C-rich, water-free micro-scrub.  As the undisputed leader of body scrubs and masks, their latest is a luxurious, indulgent blend of shea butter, carrot, sunflower oil, and beta-carotene. With every magazine extolling the virtues of exfoliating prior to applying self-tanner, this is the scrub that will get the job done. I like using this after a sand-filled day on the beach, to keep my legs smooth and soft.

Bath & Body, BeautyHow to Cool Off

Yes, it’s hot. Yes, it’s over a hundred degrees. Yes, it feels like the sun might burn a hole through your dress. But let’s mutually agree to put a stop to the weather chatter, eh? Being hot in the summertime is not exactly a revelation.

Let’s move on to what is a revelation: Whoosh, the newest shower jelly from Lush Cosmetics. It’s a delightfully, squishy-textured bath jelly that made out of carrageenan seaweed. You can keep it at room temperature, refrigerate it, or freeze it (my personal favorite) and it remains preternaturally cool, even in the hottest of temps. Scoop out a little of the triple-citrus (lemon, lime, grapefruit) jelly gel and bathe like a Scandinavian. That is, enjoying the circulation-boosting contrast between hot water and cold jelly. When you add water, the jelly becomes a sudsy bubbly mix, bringing out the scent of geranium and rosemary. And yes, it perfectly combats the heat so you can put an end to that banal weather chatter, once and for all.

Bath & Body, FragranceKiehl’s Introduces New Aromatic Blends Fragrance Collection

If you’re searching for a unique new fragrance for summer, you’re in luck.  One of our all time favorite brands Kiehl’s just rolled out four new fragrances for its new Aromatic Blends collection- and it’s available exclusively online right now before a July 10 nation wide store rollout!

While you may not automatically think of perfume, when you hear Kiehl’s, fragrance has actually played a big part in the brand’s heritage.  The original apothecary opened with a number of fragrance oil blends and one of the brand’s iconic products is the best selling Musk Eau de Toilette. With the new Aromatic Blends collection, Kiehl’s takes the brand into a new fragrance frontier while simultaneously paying homage to the many scents that have always characterized the brand’s products.  For the launch, I was invited to the Kiehl’s office where we learned from the brand’s Vice President of Education that this is just the beginning for Kiehl’s and to expect many more new fragrances to be launched in the coming years. READ MORE

Bath & Body, Beauty, FragranceEternal Summer

For someone who doesn’t really like the beach, I have a crazy love for beachy fragrances.  I can’t get enough of them, especially once summer rolls around and they’re even more perfect for every day wear.  At the moment, one of my favorites is Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer.  It’s a really light, feminine fragrance, but it’s fragrant enough to wear it during the day or at night – it doesn’t fade away immediately like some lighter scents.  I love the fact that it’s a fruity-floral – I’m not a fan of straight florals, but when you mix them with fruity scents, I almost always love them.  It has notes of Japanese Pear, White Peony and Comforting Musks, so it has a warm undertone that blends nicely with the pear notes.  It’s very fresh and clean and reminds me a lot of the smell of the ocean breeze during the summer.  Delightful!

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