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Books, Gift GuidesLast Minute Book Gifts for Your Francophile Friend


There’s always seems to be at least one Francophile amongst a group of friends; if you haven’t found a gift for them (or their kiddos) yet, we’ve rounded up a great list of books you can pick up last-minute on Amazon (thanks Prime!) or at your local book store.

  • Parisian Chic – Written by style icon, Ines de la Fressange, this book is all about the how to dress like a Parisian women…all of the secrets of their effortless glamour, accompanied by chic illustrations!
  • Les Oeufs Verts au Jambon – A classic Dr. Suess Book in French! If she’s a chic maman, this book will spark her little bebe’s French skills! (Also, books are always a great gift since moms are reading all the time to their little ones!)
  • My Trip to Paris Doodle Postcards – Grown-up coloring books are all the rage right now, so this is perfect for anyone really! These postcards are made to be colored in with colored pencil or crayons; then you can mail out to friends and family. (Also a great gift for someone who has been or is planning to go!)
  • Parisienne French – If your Francophile friend is finally going to France this year (after years of dreaming and saving), then get her this book. It’s a go-to guide for local slang and phrases (including a quick how-to on pronunciations), which will come in handy – as she sips espresso at sidewalk cafes, wanders through amazing museums, shops her way through the city, and eats her weight in croissants.

Books, Mom & KidsBook Review: When Lyla Got Lost


It’s hard to think about my little girl growing up sometimes, and realizing that loving her so much also makes me want to protect her as much as possible. Now that she’s becoming more independent, I absolutely want her to know what to do if she ever finds herself separated from us. The new book launching today, When Lyla Got Lost (and Found) is a perfect way to introduce precautionary measure to a child without scaring them. The book is simple enough for a 3-year-old to understand, but the message is pertinent for older children as well. The watercolor illustrations are endearing and cute- and they certainly engaged my munchkin. Moms can all relate to that split second where something shiny or bouncy takes the attention of a little one, and suddenly they are out of sight! Lyla’s experience provides peace of mind for both parents and children, so a happy (and relieved) reunion can take place.


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Books, Gift GuidesTable that Book!

Looking for a last minute gift? I don’t know about you, but I love to receive a good coffee table book. It’s not something that I often splurge on, and it’s always a great addition to any home. Here’s a couple of books that would be beautiful on anyone’s coffee table!


Blow Me a Kiss by Alice Harris – Provocative and sensual, this book celebrates and explores the iconic “red lip” by featuring notable art and photographs – including those of celebrities. Boys, perhaps this makes a great gift for a new girlfriend?


National Geographic’s World’s Best Cities by Annie Fitzsimmons – This visually stunning book is a tribute to the cosmopolitan destinations. Ideal for the jet-setter in your life, the book reveals gorgeous photos and vital stats, best local foods, oddities and more on chic cities around the globe.

BooksParisienne French

parisienne frenchThe first thing I packed for my trip to Paris is possibly the chicest little book I own: Parisienne French. It’s a girl’s guide to conversing in French, complete with phrases, conversations, and neighborhood tips. This definitely does not fall in the textbook genre, but rather a fun and witty insiders’ guide to getting around Paris, perfect even for someone who’s been there multiple times. Ever since I finished (and forgot) most of my grade school French, I’ve wanted to relearn it but in a useful way. I’d love to actually know what vernacular is used to, say, chat with the bartender. Although it’s possible to get around Paris knowing very little French, it’s more fun to venture off the beaten path to the cozy bistros and little boutiques, where the real treasures are found. For those situations, Parisienne French comes into play with tips on how to talk to Parisians and blend in a little with some charm. Parisienne French is authored by Rhianna Jones, a Chicago-native with a degree in French Literature who adores all things French. She spent time living in Paris and working in the fashion industry, and shares her intimate knowledge of the vogue city of lights with her readers.  READ MORE

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Traveling with the whole family doesn’t mean sticking to Disney and eating at McDonald’s! For the chic and adventurous set, having the little ones in tow opens up a whole new world of discovery. While researching for upcoming voyages, I’m always searching for a balance of fun, luxury, culinary adventure, and cultural knowledge. The hardest thing is knowing who to trust for well-curated recommendations–until now. The new Little Luxe City Guides are a godsend of valuable gems of information, and draw from the expertise of the original Luxe City Guides which have been popular with jetsetters for years. Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bali are the exotic destinations in the Little Luxe family, and provide a trusted source of concise information, easily tucked into a carry-on bag! The accordion style guides are protected by a plastic cover and can function as a quick reference when abroad, or even a jumping-off point for doing research in preparation. It’s a time-saver shortcut to the best kid-friendly hotels and villas, interesting activities, and even cute kid stores, so you have a savvy insider’s point of view from the start. READ MORE

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BooksRuben Toledo for Penguin

Redefining the idea of books as art are Penguin Deluxe Classics: classic works of literature rebound in French flaps with re-imagined cover designs from artists such as Ruben Toledo, fashion illustrator and husband to a Michelle Obama favorite designer, Isabel Toledo.  The Toledos have been receiving a lot of buzz recently for their recent Target design collaboration of resortwear, which imparts their signature high-fashion gothic design elements.  Check out some more of his trademark design elements with his blend of fanciful, macabre and dreamy covers for some of my favorite books, including Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter and my personal favorite, Wuthering Heights.

The Ruben Toledo Wuthering Heights cover does a fantastic job of conveying the key elements of the story in a single look: the brooding, the tempestuous and impassioned Healthcliff/Cathy romance, and the setting against the dark and stormy English moors, which are a secondary character to the story in and of itself.  I’m also loving the other innovative cover design collaborations that Penguin is doing in honor of its 75th anniversary, such as Penguin Ink, which has some of the world’s best tattoo artists and illustrators creating new covers for classics by David Foster Wallace, Martin Amis, Helen Fielding, and Ian Fleming.

The Ruben Toledo versions are currently sold on Amazon, and reduced from its current list price of $16 to $10.88.  If you know of anyone that is a fan of the gothic-inspired look of Alice in Wonderland and other similar titles, this would make a great gift!

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