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Boston, Fitness & HealthPlank Yoga Mat

Care to add a little fun and pizazz to your yoga or pilates practice? Check out Plank, a Boston-based company specializing in fun yet functional yoga mats and accessories. Plank’s yoga mats are not only eco-friendly, made from 90% natural rubber and 10% recycled rubber, but are printed with “whimsical, lighthearted digital images” ensuring you’ll have the most unique yoga mat in class! I was recently gifted with the Plank version of their photo series, with a strategically placed half-eaten muffin pictured in the corner of my mat, symbolizing you don’t have to give up carbs and other indulgences to lead a healthy lifestyle- a motto which I personally live by! The thickness, cushion, and sticky feel is far superior than any mat I have as of late. Plank offers other versions of their yoga mats, as well as additional yoga accessories. As a Bostonian with a passion for a health and fitness, I’m thrilled to be able to support a local company that supports my personal interests which yoga, pilates and a green-friendly lifestyle.

Plank mats retail for $95 and can be found on their website and various yoga and lifestyle stores nationwide.

Boston, Eco & Organic, Fitness & HealthYoga for Runners at OMBE

While I’m a big fan of The Sports Club/LA and the luxuries and amenities that come with such a great (expensive!) gym membership, there’s something to be said for small, independent studios that large chain gyms don’t offer. Continuing my attempt to combine pilates and yoga in my existing exercise routine, I was presented the opportunity to visit OMBE Integrative Health Center in Boston’s Back Bay. OMBE (One-Mind-Body-Earth) offers a full range of integrated services catered towards creating a “better you”, including yoga, pilates, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and massage. Since I’ve also taken a more recent interest in running, I thought it would be fitting to check out OMBE’s Yoga for Runners class! READ MORE

Boston, Fitness & Health, ShoesBalega Running Socks

Sometimes the littlest things in life make me so happy. Things as little as a new pair of socks! After buying a fantastic new pair of running shoes at Marathon Sports,  the salesperson suggested I try out a pair of Balega running socks. Located in South Africa, Balega means “to move with speed” in  Zulu, which seems appropriate for a company that only manufactures running socks! Sure, I’ve always worn athletic socks when running, but I honestly had no idea socks specific to running even existed!

What I initially noticed about my Lady Ventilator‘s was the softness and flexibility of the fabric, yet were able to give my arches the extra support they need. I absolutely hate when my sock “fall down” by the heel, but these have an extra-deep heel that prevents sock slippage. Finally, and the best part, is that my socks weren’t drenched after a seven mile run. Particularly on longer runs, wet socks are no fun, but the “dynamic moisture management” system in combination with the mesh fabric allowed my feet to breath! Honestly, my new Balega’s, in combination with a new pair of Nike Air Max Moto+ (appropriate for my diagnosed wide, flat, and flexible feet) have allowed me to have the most comfortable and longest runs of my life!

New gym clothes, shoes, or even socks are always a great motivator for me to get to the gym and continue living a (semi) healthy lifestyle! If you’re a runner, I urge you to give these socks a try. And if you live in Boston, head to Marathon Sports for all your running needs. These people know feet and will prescribe you with the best sneakers, socks, and running gear to get the best out of your workouts!

Accessories, Boston, FashionJPK Handbags

Move over, Longchamp! JPK Handbags are the cutest, most colorful, and practical handbags to hit store shelves in a while! While I certainly love my Longhamp for its versatility and flexibility, JPK’s are all of the above… and more! My girlfriend Steph recently gifted me with the Bucket Nylon, which I absolutely adore for its bright pink color, gold hardware, and thick leather shoulder strap. Even more, the lining is a funky floral pattern of lavender, blue, and green. With tons of interior pockets, zippers, and snaps, you can easily organize your belongings and separate makeup, money, extra pair of underwear… who knows?

JPK’s handbags come in a wide array of colors, so you’re sure to find a black or brown staple or a color completely unique and extreme to add that extra “pop” to an outfit. Steph purchased my purse at North River Outfitter on Boston’s Charles Street, but they’re also available at Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom!

Beauty, Boston, Hair, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsLuxLash BeautyLab Opens in Boston

Multi-tasking has seemingly become a part of everyday life. While I’m exercising, I’m also listening to my iPod. When I’m “watching TV”, I’m also on my computer. Even while I’m “doing work”, I often streaming Pandora… and have my TV on at the same time! In all seriousness, trying to juggle grad school, an internship, freelance jobs, and my social life can get quite hectic, and I’ve learned that impeccably planning my schedule and maximizing my time is KEY to checking off my to-do list. Many women struggle with balancing their personal and professional lives, but leave it to leave it to Suzanne Cats, founder of (the country’s first eye, lash, and brow beauty spa), to solve our beauty problems and create LuxLash BeautyLab, the destination for multi-tasked beauty services!

Between manicures, pedicures, hair care, spray tanning, and eyelash and brow care, us women spend a lot of time taking care of ourselves. LuxLash BeautyLab can help you with that, by taking beauty treatments that would normally take eight hours to complete and condensing them into three. Your foils set while your manicure, pedicure, and eyelash extensions are being applied. Additional services include body glow treatments, custom facials, and hand massages. READ MORE

Boston, Dining & Nightlife, HotelsBrunch at the Langham

I have to admit- the best thing about my job is always being “in the know” about new and cool things.  This is an especially wonderful perk when traveling because I can skip the whole Citysearch/TripAdvisor process- which, anyone who has been tasked with finding a restaurant for dinner knows- is an uncertain and tedious process. So last week when I went up to Boston, I already knew before even boarding the bus where the most lavish brunch in the city would be- and that was at the Langham Hotel.

On Sunday, I met up with 2 of my local friends at Café Fleuri, located right above the Bar at Bond.  We were greeted by a live jazz band and a vast, vast spread of gourmet goodies.  If “egg white omelet, no butter” or “lox on a bagel with tomato slices” is not your idea of a good time on Sunday mornings,  you’re in for a really special treat at the Langham. Stations throughout the Café features seafood, a raw bar (!!! I love oysters for brunch), salads, traditional breakfast items (can’t lie..didn’t really touch that table), a kid’s corner, dim sum, desserts, and made-to-order burritos, omelets, pancakes and waffles (must see menu below). READ MORE

Boston, Dining & Nightlife, Hotels, New York, TravelCupcake Tea at the Ritz

Holiday Cupcake Tea pouring

There must be few things in life more luxurious and refined than an afternoon at the Ritz.  Even as a young girl, I dreamed of one day waltzing into the elegant hotels (adorned with mink muffs and pearl strands, perhaps right after a visit to Tiffany’s) for tea for two.  As I grew older and busier, the idea of taking afternoon tea became even more special but always remains on my radar of must-do things.

Last weekend when I was in Boston with my best friend, we made a reservation for cupcake tea at the Ritz in Boston Common. Served in the hotel’s grand Gallery space,  afternoon tea at the Boston Ritz was the  decidedly more charming, whimsical  cousin to its formal English counterpart.  READ MORE

Boston, ShoppingTed Baker’s Boston Arrival

Occupying the former Gap space on the corner of Newbury and Exeter is Ted Baker, one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the United Kingdom. Ted Baker has recently begun international expansion, with Boston being the 11th city in the United States! Ted Baker sells a variety of items, including men and women’s clothing, accessories, and even small gifts.

I’d never heard of Ted Baker until I learned of the store opening, but after a little research, it seems they have quite a following. While out-and-about today, I stopped in and perused the store. The clothes are fun, trendy, and clearly European, without being over-the-top. In a strange way, Ted Baker’s style and pricepoint reminds me of a cross between Zara and Cynthia Rowley, respectively. Two dresses immediately caught my eye: the Eoke and Namao. If my closet wasn’t overflowing with cocktail dresses, or bank account seriously diminished by purchasing said dresses, I would have surely indulged!

Boston gals- if you’re in the market for something unique with a slight European flair and not completely budget blowing, head over to Ted Baker at 201 Newbury St.

Boston, Food, New YorkIt’s Summer! Bring on the Beija!

A few weeks ago, I hosted a Summer BBQ with 10 of my closest friends in Boston. The BBQ was potluck style, and I was incredibly impressed with the array of delicious appetizers and desserts everyone prepared! While we’ve all begun experimenting with cooking, baking, and grilling, none of us were experienced with making cocktails. That is, with the exception of my friend Kevin Beardsley. Kevin just so happens to be the CEO of a new, fabulous spirit brand, was kind enough to provide the majority of alcohol for the BBQ and give us all a crash course on making Beija cachaça cocktails! READ MORE

Boston, FoodBoston’s Froyo Battle: Berryline Wins!

It’s an unfortunate reality that Boston lags way behind other major cities comes to dining trends. There was the cupcake trend, meticulously crafted cocktail trend (Milk and Honey, Teardrop Lounge, and Boston’s Drink), and now the tart yogurt trend. You know, Pinkberry, Red Mango, and all those trendy froyo destinations which pride themselves on famous customers, trendy interiors, and tart treats topped with fresh fruits, nuts, granola, and mochi.

Last summer, I discovered Berryline, which at the time was the Boston areas only tart yogurt establishment. Berryline is the brainchild of two longtime friends who recognized the need for a yogurt shop in Boston. Located on Arrow Street in Harvard Square, Berryline serves up two or three flavors of tart yogurt, as well as all the fixings you’d ever want. Since last summer, at least four other establishments offering tart yogurt have opened in Boston, and I’ve obviously made it my mission to try every single one of them. However, when all is said and done, Berryline is king; allow me to break it down for you: READ MORE

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