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Denim & Jeans, Fashion, Lust List, Mom & KidsBaby’s First Lust List

Whoever said that fashion can’t be innate has never met my baby. As soon as she wakes up and is scooped up from her crib, she insists on being brought to her closet so she can peruse her clothes and accessories, presumably to see if anything new has been left by a fairy overnight. I’ve had my fair share of fun collecting all sorts of cute girly stuff, as I can’t possibly have her fall behind on trends on my account! We wanted to share a few favorites with all fellow budding mini-fashionistas out there!

mirasa t-3

1) Mirasa. I recently stumbled upon Mirasa Design, which I just adore. “Mirasa” is the Hindi word for “heritage,” which is the theme the line is built around. It is inspired by the colors of the Indian landscape and uses traditional-style ari embroidery in its designs. Not only is the line made for the uber-cute contemporary baby, it’s also eco-friendly. For example, the animal-print t-shirt is hand-printed using azo-free dyes, and is 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Each item in the collection has a hand-made element, which makes every piece so special. I’m a sucker for attention to detail, so I was immediately taken with the stitching accents around the sleeves and neckline. As for quality–this durable but soft cotton withstands stretching, washing, scrubbing, you name it! This collection is made to be functional and adorable, and since many pieces are gender neutral, it will last through two, three, four or more kids (not that I’m going there). READ MORE

Celebrities, Denim & Jeans, Fashion, Los AngelesGet Comfortable with Cotton Citizen

If there’s one fall collection I’m super excited to get my hands on right now, it’s Cotton Citizen. (Think James Perse meets American Apparel … but better.) This brand could change the way we look at T-shirts forever.

Made in Los Angeles, Cotton Citizen came about when Adam Vanunu, whose family runs American Dye House (makes sense!), experimented with premium fabrics (think bamboo, organic cotton, jersey and French terry) and unique washes and dyes often associated with denim (think acid wash). The effect was a show-stopping complexity of color. When I first got one of their shirts, an ultra-soft rust-colored number with faded, watercolor-like detail, I wore it almost every day for a week! (I’ve since restrained myself, but still want to wear it every day.) READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, Fashion, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: Levi’s The Legging in Oslo Rinse

Celebrities, Denim & Jeans, Eco & Organic, Fashion, Hair, Los Angeles, Makeup, SkincareKiehl’s, Chloë Sevigny & Michael C. Hall for Clean Water

Chloë Sevigny OnlineLast night, I stopped by Kiehl’s unveiling of its environmental partnership with Golden Globe winners Michael C. Hall (“Dexter”) and Chloë Sevigny (“Big Love”) in support of the Waterkeeper Alliance, an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting water from polluters. As I’m someone who loves to hang out in the ocean and observe marine life off the coast of California, this is an issue that hits close to home, especially with the abundance of waste, plastic bags, oil pollution and nuclear disaster coverage that have unfortunately become part of our lives. But it’s not just the ocean that needs our attention, it’s the rivers, lakes, streams, even groundwater, that affect us and our health on a daily basis.

To show its support, Kiehl’s USA President Chris Salgardo presented the Waterkeeper Alliance with a giant check for $100,000 at Kiehl’s beautiful Santa Monica store while Sevigny, Hall and Santa Monica Baykeeper/Executive Liz Crosson look on smiling. Chloë’s brother, Paul Sevigny, DJ’d the event while guests sipped on cocktails and checked out stacks of Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, featuring limited-edition label art designed by Sevigny and Hall (see Sevigny’s, left). One-hundred percent of the collection’s proceeds go to the Waterkeeper Alliance.


Denim & JeansSo Habitual

It’s been a year or two since I’ve tried Habitual, and while I liked the denim line enough back then, I totally love it now. Well-known for their high quality premium denim and their signature Maltese cross on the back pocket, they have some fantastic classic styles for spring.

If it hasn’t warmed up where you’re located, skinny jeans are probably a must-have since they tuck perfectly into boots. I’m obsessed with the Alice Mid-Skinny in Venus – the ideal skinny leg jean since it doesn’t hug too tightly. I love the softness of the jean (much more than previously), yet the denim has a medium weight for structure and sturdiness. The medium dark wash slims legs, and has become one of my go-to pairs. (Tough to do, since I live in jeans practically!) I’ve been wearing this pair everywhere with ballet flats.

Also, I tried the Amber Straight, which will definitely become a classic since a straight leg should be a staple in every woman’s closet. If you’re not comfortable with the skinnies, the straight leg is a great alternative since it hugs curves but has a looser fit. This style is a dark sleek denim with a bit of whiskering, so it’s perfect for more casual occasions – like brunching with friends or a morning at the farmer’s market. If you haven’t tried Habitual in awhile, like myself, or are in the market for a new pair of jeans, it’s definitely a brand you must try. You’ll love these styles!

Denim & Jeans, ObsessionsID Your Curves with Levi’s

I’ve been a fan of Levi’s for the past few years and always mention their name when friends ask for denim recommendations. They’re an iconic brand with strong and affordable denim options for women. One of their newest lines is the Curve ID, which offers three different fits to meet the needs for three different general body types: Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve. READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, FashionMy Boyfriend’s Back

Rue de...

Well, in denim form, anyway. Thanks to new premium denim line Rue de…, I’ve been lounging in comfort all day in their Boyfriend Jeans in Mademoiselle (a roomy, medium blue pair with faux rips and optional cuffs similar to what the model above is wearing), $187.

With the goal to deliver a “custom, comfortable fit that adjusts to the ups and downs of your day” without sacrificing quality, Rue de… has managed to keep their jeans almost as comfy as sweatpants — but much better looking. (The secret? Great fabric and a patented logo on the waistband that allows for up to two inches of stretch.)

Inspired by European style circa the 18th century — and creator Cindy Yun’s desire to wear comfortable jeans during her many plane trips, the line is named after the streets of Paris (“rue” means “street”). The core focus is on three main fits — skinny, straight and flared bootcut — but there are several shades and styles to choose from, along with limited-edition styles. The jeans are priced from about $105 to $280 and available in Hong Kong and specialty stores in L.A., N.Y.C. and Orange County. Find out where to try them on at their website,, and keep up with this blossoming line’s latest news on Facebook and Twitter!

Denim & Jeans, Fashion, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: DL1961 Jessica Jeans

Denim & Jeans, Fashion, Los Angeles, ShoppingSold on SOLD Design Lab

Hmm, are they jeans or leggings? I can’t decide. They’re too thick to be leggings and too thin to be jeans. All I know is that I’ve worn them almost every day for a week and I’m not going to stop anytime soon. From the founders of L.E.I., SOLD Design Lab‘s super-stretchy, pull-on skinny jeans (the “Spanx of jeans,” I’ve been told) are quite possibly the most comfortable piece of skin-tight denim I’ve ever worn. I tried a black pair of Spring Street Skinny Pull-on Jeans, a style recently seen on Cameron Diaz, and while she’s tall and leggy and I’m short and curvy, the jeans truly did conform to our body types. There’s no zipper, just a button; and pulling them on sometimes reminds me of those maternity jeans with the stretch belly on them. But who cares? They feel and look fantastic, and for $98, I can afford to get them in white too. I might even check them out in perforated leather and corduroy!

Denim & Jeans, FashionObsession of the Moment: PUR Premium Fleece Cigarette Legging

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