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Denim & Jeans, FashionSleek in Rich & Skinny

I’m totally jean obsessed (thankfully I live in Los Angeles, where you can wear jeans practically anywhere) so whenever I find a new pair that I love, I can’t wait to tell people about them.  My new favorite jeans are Rich & Skinny’s Sleek cut.  It’s a straight leg jean, so it pairs really well with heels (which I’m almost always wearing).  I love my boot and wide leg cut styles, but they do tend to hide cute shoes – and what’s the fun in that?  The Sleek jeans are made of a lighter weight denim, so they’re soft and comfortable, almost like wearing leggings.  (Although they do tend to run small for their size, so you’ll definitely want to try them on before ordering to make sure you’re getting the fit that you want).

The pair I’m wearing are in the Rinse wash, an ultra dark (almost black) denim that’s easy to dress down for the day and up at night.  They have the distinctive Rich & Skinny “R” on the back pocket and a funky purple silk inside waistband.  The Sleek cut is available in several different washes and the price varies per wash.  To view styles or find a store near you that carries Rich & Skinny, visit

Denim & Jeans, Fashion7 For All Mankind’s Gwenevere Pant

On a recent trip to New York City, my two-month search for versatile, tailored black pants finally came to an end with my purchase of  7 For All Mankind’s Gwenevere pant.

While these pants aren’t cheap (about $185),  their versatility and yogapant-like feel is sure to decrease their “cost per wear”seeing I’ll be living in these pants! For the winter months, they’re great tucked into riding boots, while in the fall and spring, they’ll pair perfectly with my Tory Burch flats! Comfort, fashion, and versatility; the perfect combination!

Find them at or wherever Sevens are sold.

Denim & Jeans, FashionBlack Orchid Jeans

It’s that time again to update my denim wardrobe and my new favorite brand is Black Orchid, creator of my new favorite skinny basic jean.  Yes, I still love my J Brand and my 7 Jeans, but wow, slipping into a pair of Black Orchid jeans is like throwing on my favorite pair of leggings or sweatpants; it’s just that comfortable.

Fortunately for everyone else around me, Black Orchid jeans also look better than my beloved schlumpy sweatpants that I wear to the gym.  The stretchy fit gently embraces my curves, doesn’t cause muffin top, and so it’s no surprise with this forgiving fit that recent mother, Jessica Alba has been wearing these jeans all over town.  The cut of the jean also sharply tapers at the knee, so you get a nice slimming effect in the thigh.

Most excitingly, I don’t have to alter or tailor my Black Orchid jeans!  As a petite girl, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me not to spent the requisite $20 at my local tailor to go through the whole re-attaching the original hem process and to actually be able to walk out of the house in an unaltered jeans.

You can find Black Orchid jeans at Saks where they retail for about $114+ dollars.  Black Orchid also offers their jeans in a number of finishes in addition to their basics like the paint splattered Black Jewel.

Denim & Jeans, FashionGive the Gift of Grane Jeans

Being a college student makes wearing denim everyday a definite possibility ( or in my case reality). With an array of available styles and trends out there, a solid jean collection can be tailored to fit every occasion. Naturally my affection for a good pair of blue jeans has led me all over the board when it comes to shopping. Of course, as a student, my favorite find is a pair of good looking yet affordable jeans. This holiday season I am absolutely hooked on Grane Jeans. This brand offers a range of styles and cuts for every denim wearer at shockingly, and I mean shockingly, affordable prices. Lately I have been pairing Grane denim leggings with longer cardigans and Frye boots for a cute and casual winter look, perfect for class, or lunch with the gals. The best part about Grane jeans is that you can afford to stock up without affording yourself a trip down bank overdraft charge lane!

With Christmas right around the corner and a ton of girls back home to shop for, I am thinking Grane jeans would be a hit with my friends while leaving my wallet some room to shop for Mom and Dad, too. Available at Macy’s and Belk’s, Grane Jeans make an easy gift for any denim lover out there looking to increase her collection!

Celebrities, Denim & Jeans, Fashion, ShoppingZ is for zip up those curves


As a petite individual with what we like to call “a figure,” I have long maintained that skinny jeans only look good on skinny bodies. But (finally!), it appears you don’t have to be Lindsay Lohan or Angelina Jolie look good in skinny jeans — not if you have a pair of Zana Dis or Z Co.s.

Featured in Lucky and Allure (and on curvy gals like Jessica Simpson), Zana Di Jeansand Z Co. Jeans have made the “impossible” possible: Little women with curves can now wear skintight skinny jeans with confidence (and for less than $45 apiece). I’m so into them, I now have several pairs — from classic black to daring neon purple (keepin’ the trend alive for Spring 2010!) Best of all, I’ve had to alter exactly none to fit. (Hm, I guess miracles do happen.) Slide your hips into a pair at your local Macy’s junior section and say “zip zip hurray”!

Find Zana Di Jeans, $38, and Z Co. Jeans, $44, online at and

P.S. Here’s a handy size chart:

26 = 1; 27 = 3; 28 = 5; 29 = 7; 30 = 9; 31 = 11; and 32 = 13.

Beauty, Denim & Jeans, Fashion, Insider's Obsessions, Makeup, TravelInsider’s Obsessions: Robin Black

Robin Black made a name for herself as a key makeup artist on the runway for Diane von Furstenberg and Damian Hurst for Levi’s. Having worked with celebs such as Chloe Sevigny, Jessica Alba, and Kristen Bell, Black is best known for her “classic with an edge” style and minimalist beauty philosophy. Now, she’s heading up the new beauty studio, Face at Warren-Tricomi LA, offering a wide range of services including makeup, brows, lashes as well as outcall/mobile services. Let’s find out what she’s loving this month! READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, FashionSkinny Denim for Every Girl


Skinny denim really comes out of our closets when it starts to get chilly — from tucking into boots or pairing with flats. We had various editors – of different heights and body types – test out a handful of denim brands and styles. Here’s what they had to say: READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, FashionAnything But Blank Thoughts

I discovered this new wallet-friendly brand of skinny jean while browsing the annual end of Summer Saks Fifth Avenue Sale, and pleasantly surprised upon trying them on to find that it fit my dual fit criteria of both forgiving stretch and flattering fit.

Before I go on to extol the virtues of Blank Denim, let me first explain that it’s rare for me to find a jean brand I truly like, let alone a skinny jean, thanks to my 5’3 frame and generously hippy figure.  Jeans that often fit me in the hips gape at the waist and are loose enough in the thigh.  In addition, I have muscular calves, so I need to find skinny jeans that aren’t too “skinny” and ones that aren’t too long, so that they don’t lose their shape when altered.

Blank Denim does a good job of balancing stretch and fit, for maximum comfort and style.  The easy stretch of the denim fabric makes the jeans feel akin to leggings, and the fit is tight enough to hug your curves, but not so tight as to actually look like leggings. As a sizing tip, you should go down one or two sizes when picking out your jeans as the stretch is very flexible.

The back pocket fit also looks great with a simple rock and roll-esque row of studs across the back and no other visible ostentatious stitching.   Blank Denim also has the key to good flattering back pockets with ones that are not set too far out, but are set just perfectly in the middle.

Best of all, Blank Denim is offered in a variety of colors every season.  While I got my pair at a very shopper’s high price of $32, they normally retail for within the $60-70 region depending on what type you get, which is less than half of what I traditionally spend per pair.  This means I can stock up for the upcoming Fall by picking out fun colors.

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