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Celebrities, Denim & Jeans, FashionJET Jeans

I had heard about JET Jeans, but didn’t really pay much attention until reading‘s rave. Then my curiousity was piqued. Skinny jeans that don’t stretch out after four days? That’s pretty amazing. So when I got the opportunity to try them, I totally jumped on it.

JET Jeans is founded by John Eshaya, the former VP, Creative Director and Buyer for Fred Segal – so he had a hand in making it one of the most influential and well-known boutiques in Los Angeles. Anyone who has been to Fred Segal knows that they have a wonderful selection of clothing that are always trendsetting. Naturally, JET Jeans follows this tradition that John set in motion at his former position. READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, Fashion, Insider's ObsessionsInsider’s Obsessions: Paige Adams Gellar

Paige Adams Gellar is what we would call a legend in the world of denim. As most of you know, she is the founder of Paige Premium Denim, legendary brand that women around the world adore. Paige launched the line after being a fit model for many years, realizing that women are shaped differently – and thus, her line aims to “will lift the derriere, lengthen legs and slenderize hips and thighs.” Celebrities such as Gisele Bunchen, Rachel Bilson and Gwenyth Paltrow (among may others), as well as regular women such as ourselves, own pairs. So what is Paige obsessing over this month? Find out by reading below! READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, FashionSlide into Chip & Pepper

As most of you know, finding a great pair of skinny jeans is not easy. There’s got to be an insane combo of things that have to work together – from the stretch of the denim to pocket placement. My newest discovery is the Slider jean by Chip & Pepper, which fits like a dream. I’ve never tried Chip & Pepper denim before so it’s a pleasant surprise to find out how well the fit is.

The Slider jean is a new take of Chip & Pepper’s popular Nik style, which originally was created as ultra-skinny and extra long.  The difference? The Slider has a bit of a retro twist with the eight inch zipper at the ankle, which I quite like actually.  It’s subtle, but still fun.  This five-pocket style is all about creating a slim leg, with a stretch cotton blend that is oh-so-comfy.  This style fits true to size, and only gives a little as you wear them.  I have this style in Alpine, which is a super dark navy finish – the perfect color in my eyes. The jean actually sits at the natural waist, with a slightly higher rise in the back.  I love that because really, who wants to see a plumber’s crack? Seriously, my legs may have never looked better in another pair of skinnies – and hey, the bum isn’t bad either. With flats or with heels, I’ll be wearing these jeans everywhere and I can happily say that Chip & Pepper is definitely a new denim label obsession.

Visit to order (and bonus, they offer free shipping)!

Denim & Jeans, FashionBorrowing Your Boyfriend’s Jeans

I’m well known for my aversion to pants and for my obsession with skirts/ dresses, but even I will be embracing the boyfriend denim trend this spring in full, thanks to new styles that are completely wearable, comfortable and flattering.

First made popular by Katie Holmes, early critics of the look sniped that she looked like she was slumming around in Tom Cruise’s jeans.  Admittedly, at first, I wasn’t a fan of the look either and felt that it did no justice to her body; it made her legs look shapeless and boxy, and when you are lucky enough to be as leggy tall as Mrs. Tom Cruise, you shouldn’t mess around with a style like that. READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, FashionLes Halles Boy Jeans

I’m not one to follow trends – especially not one that I deem to be somewhat sloppy – so I really didn’t get on board with the boy(friend) jean movement initiated by Katie Holmes.  But when a copy of the Les Halles lookbook landed on my (virtual) desktop, I decided to give the style a try since the boy jean actually looked really cute on their model. I put them on, instantly fell in love and have never looked back.

It’s fitting that I like Les Halles because they made the original boy cut back in the seventies – instead of simply jumping on the trend bandwagon. Les Halles’ Boy Jeans have that worn in look and feel from the first time you put them on.  I didn’t have to break them in or do any jean squats. In fact, I tried them on, decided they felt more comfortable than sweats and just wore them for the rest of the day.  The jeans are loose and roomy on the top, but cut closer to the body in the legs, which makes it look incredibly flattering without sacrificing that boyfriend style.  Surprisingly, even though these come with frays and rips, it doesn’t give off that sloppy vibe, instead feeling more like relaxed, all-American chic. I like to roll up the cuffs a little and dress mine up for casual Fridays at the office with a white button down shirt and mary jane heels.

These jeans do run big, so be sure to order 2 sizes down.  Now that’s never hurt anyone’s confidence.

Denim & Jeans, FashionLofli Jeans

Lofli Premium Denim launched in 2006 and I do not know how I missed them for almost 3 years. But when I saw how effortlessly sexy they looked on some of my favorites such as Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson, I had to get a pair for myself to try. Lofli jeans are really comfortable from the first time you wear them and makes your legs look like they go on for miles. Their philosophy is to design a pair of jeans that fits and makes all body types look long and lean – and a couple of their styles that I’ve tried certainly fits me well.  These jeans are not meant to be dressy, and my favorite way to wear my Streamline Bootcut Jeans is with a casual button down shirt like Jennifer Aniston. It’s funny that Lofli hails from London because I think they are the vanguard of all-American style.

Lofli can be purchased on

Denim & Jeans, Eco & Organic, FashionEco Levi

Levi’s is the quintessential denim brand. It’s been a long while since I’ve picked up a pair, but I’ve been hearing good things about the latest from the line, so I went to the Third Street Promenade store in Santa Monica to try on a few pairs.  I walked away with a pair of jeans, shopping bag and a lighter wallet.

The Low Skinny 531 jean from Levi’s eco line is the pair I bought. Sitting low on the hips and cut slim, this skinny jean is meant to flatter. It comes with three varied inseams (short, medium and long); so no matter your height, you can find a pair that truly fits and avoid a trip to your tailor, solely for alterations. These soft recycled cotton jeans come in numerous washes and colors (I own them in black), and I actually love the weight and texture of them as well. And because they’re only $69.50, you can splurge that pair of you’re coveting!

Order or find your nearest Levi’s boutique at

Celebrities, Denim & Jeans, Fashion, ObsessionsDivine Rights of Denim

Do you remember the time when denim cost less than $100? Ahh, how I long for the days…especially since denim is such an integral part of my wardrobe. Most California gals get my denim love (sorry East Coast-ers, but I’m not sure if you’ll fully understand until you live here). It’s just so practical, comfortable and really, versatile for where I live. Luckily, I have another TDO editor, Stacey (aka productwhore), who not only understands my love for denim, but also shares it. (She might be more obsessed than I am.)

I recently tried Divine Rights of Denim, a new line that just launched this past spring/ summer season – but has already developed a celebrity following that includes Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Jessica Alba. But what’s so special about this denim brand? None of the pants from the line top $100. In fact, they average between $58-$78. READ MORE

Celebrities, Denim & Jeans, Fashion, Los AngelesMiss Me Jeans

Living in Los Angeles, I’d say I wear jeans 90% of the time.  I have my denim staples (I think my True Religion’s in the Bobby cut are going to get worn out soon if I don’t let them take a week off!), but I’m always looking for another line to add to my list of favorites.  Recently, I got introduced to Miss Me denim and I think I’ve found a whole new brand to covet.

Worn by celebrities including Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, and Miley Cyrus, the line is known for its laidback California beach wear.  The jeans come in a variety of different cuts; you can get boot cut, wide leg, skinny, straight leg, and capri style, so there’s a jean for every possible place you want to wear them.  (I’m currently looking for another pair of skinny jeans to tuck all my boots into and can’t wait to try out one of their pairs).  The pair I’m wearing right now is the Reminisce Double Button Wide Leg cut.  READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, FashionRich & Skinny

Los Angeles is like the land of denim. If you live here or even just visit, you’ll find that denim is an integral part of anyone’s wardrobe. It’s totally acceptable in most work environments (or is it just me, since I work in a creative industry?) on most days – and it’s practically a must on the weekends. Thus, I’m always on the lookout for the new, obsession-worthy brands on the rise.

My latest denim discovery is a brand called Rich & Skinny…and no, you don’t have to be rich or skinny to own a pair! Created by industry heavyweights, Michael Glasser (founder of 7 for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity) and Joie Rucker (former owner of Joie), Rich & Skinny is all about great fabrics and great fits. READ MORE

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