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Denim & Jeans, FashionElectric Blue Shock

This pair of Stilt jeans by AG is a great alternative the traditional dark denim – and is a huge trend for the upcoming season. Long and lean, these jeans have a high back rise and a slim cigarette leg. The electric blue hue is a great shot of color for your wardrobe; the feel is a little retro, but super fun and bold. Wear it with simple items, letting the jeans be the focus of your outfit. Retails for $163 at Azalea Boutique.

Denim & Jeans, FashionCheap Monday

Think that designer denim has to be expensive? Well, Cheap Monday proves you wrong. Swedish designer Orjan Andersson started the brand as a private label denim out of his Stockholm showroom, but in the past year or so, it’s really taken off. The label has a rock n’ roll vibe and keeps their cuts and washes “of the moment.” Try these two washes, “Unwashed” and “Block Overdye” in the “Tight” cut, available for $65 at Azalea Boutique. If you haven’t hopped onto the skinny denim bandwagon, this is a very affordable and chic way to do so.

P.S. Andy from Denimology did a great post about their brand last year; read it here.

Denim & Jeans, FashionHow to: Wear Skinny Denim

This month, we are introducing a brand new section called “How To’s.” These posts will consist of tips/ advice on how to purchase or wear anything – from how to differentiate between a fake or real designer bag to investing in a classic suit. And we’re kicking it off with one of the hottest trends, Skinny Denim. So without further ado…

Unless you are one of those lucky few (depending on who you ask) who has a model-like figure, you’re probably cursing the return of skinny denim. Skinny jeans look fabulous on girls with bodies like models because simply put…they’re skinny. Now for the rest of us with curves…let’s be realistic. It’s not as easy to pull off. (I am by no means advocating unhealthy dieting or anything of that sort. In fact, I think if you take a poll, most men and women prefer the curves. But I digress.) However, the truth is that we all can still wear this look – we just need to know which pair to pick and how to wear them. Here are a few tips that I’ve picked up from my own long, torturing but finished search for the perfect pair of skinny denim:

– Proportion is key. If you’re self-concious about your tummy/ hip/ butt area, pick a pair that are more similar to straight legs than stovepipes. Pair it with a long, cozy chunky knit cardigan or a floaty top belted at the narrowest part of the waist. It’s also a great time to try that sweater dress that’s making a comeback this season. READ MORE

Denim & Jeans, FashionOh Joe!

Joes Jeans Cigarette Leg Dark Stretch Jean might be the perfect jeans for skimmers and more importantly, the jeans to tuck into those oh so perfect pair of boots. Dark and slim, yet not body hugging. By the way, I have to say that I am an avid fan of dark denim. The “strategic fading” trend is not for me. I like to buy jeans and have them fade naturally. Anyway, I happen to loves Joes Jeans (especially the Socialite) because they are a bit heavier in material and are the perfect dark hue. Plus, they seem to fit just right! I think this pair of jeans might be my next purchase. Available at

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