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Fitness & Health, FoodStart the New Year With A Cleanse

I’ve been really obsessed with juicing and cleanses lately, especially around the holidays when the fattening food was all over the place.  Since I was heading back to NJ for the holidays, I decided to do a cleanse for my first three days there, hoping to get at least a little detoxified while I was away from Los Angeles.  Since so many people had raved about the BluePrintCleanse, I decided this time I would try it out and hopefully reset my body a little.  READ MORE

Fitness & HealthCooler Cleanse

Longtime readers of TDO will know that I’m certainly no stranger to cleanses. I really enjoy drinking fresh juices (much to the dismay of my boyfriend every time I whip out a green juice for him to ‘try’) but I haven’t done one in a long time. Years ago when cleanses first became popular, I’d try them one after another in hopes of dropping weight. We all know that’s not what cleanses are meant for- but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that’s not what I was hoping for. During the past year, however, I’ve developed a much healthier relationship with food and fitness and can happily say that I no longer feel like I even want to lose weight. But I still jumped at the chance to try the Cooler Cleanse because with the right intentions, I find that a cleanse can actually be very beneficial. I feel lighter and more energetic after a cleanse and I enjoy drinking fresh rather than processed juices. And after the cleanse is over, I always feel very motivated to continue eating fresh, whole foods. READ MORE

Fashion, Fitness & Health, ShoesHigh Velocity

When it comes to my shoe collection, I take things very seriously. I have heels and flats of every shape, size and designer;  open toed, close toed, pumps, platforms, wedges- you name it, I have it!  However, when it comes to sneakers my shoe wardrobe is sorely lacking.   I took a survey this morning and could only find a couple pairs of raggedly sneakers that I couldn’t even figure out the origins of.  Needless to say, I definitely don’t feel cool when going to the gym and would never even consider wearing them on the streets.

So I was super excited to learn about (and score a pair of ) the new Velocity 773 Collection from New Balance- a new line of fashion forward sneakers that I could wear to see my personal trainer or my best friend for brunch.  I love the sleek look and lightweight feel.  It’s a lifestyle shoe through and through- so not recommended for heavy athletics- but this stylish pair certainly packs a good amount of technology from New Balance.  The inspiration for the 773 is the New Balance 607, a high performance shoe used by sprinters and hurdlers, and uses a lot of the same design concepts as the original.  My favorite color combo in the 773 Velocity Collection is the classic silver and pink – a look that would match well with skinny jeans, leggings or a denim mini in the summer. Cute!!

The Velocity 773 is avaliable on for $64.99.


Eco & Organic, Fitness & Health, Food, Los AngelesRitual Cleanse

So, after all those holiday cookies and hangovers, CLEANSE and DETOX appear to be the buzz words of the month. (And judging by the fact that two local Borders stores were sold out of Dr. Alex Junger’s “Clean” book, I think all of L.A. has jumped on the bandwagon.) Prompted by my curious husband (who despite feeling sluggish after the new year was suspicious of the detox trend), I enlisted us in a cleansing experiment: 5 days of raw-food-eating and 2 days of Lori C. Kenyon and Marra O. St. Clair’s Ritual Cleanse — an Irvine, Calif.-based juice cleansing program designed to “reset” the body.

Now, I know, some people do “Beyonce’s maple syrup diet” for well over a week, and many follow Dr. Junger’s advice (endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow) for at least three weeks, but honestly, feeling faint, weak, mucus-y and stuck with a headache is not my idea of a good time … no matter how skinny, light or euphoric I’m supposed to feel. One week of abstaining from all the things I love about food — caffeine, all meat, refined sugar, dairy, alcohol, soy, wheat, gluten — was about all I could stomach. That’s why I chose this route. With raw food, we got to eat a bunch of vegetables and feel full; and with Ritual Cleanse, we didn’t have to prepare meals (vegetables are time-consuming!) and worry whether we did so correctly.

Dining & Nightlife, Fashion, Fitness & Health, Hotels, New York, Spas & SalonsCity Files: New York: November 2010

Bath & Body, Beauty, Bridal, Fitness & Health, Hair, Spas & Salons, TravelSanctuary at Kinetix Spa & Salon, New Orleans

Kinetix Salon and Spa

Recently, I took a ill-timed, direct red-eye flight from Los Angeles to New Orleans for a wild wedding weekend, only to regret not taking a nap before the three-and-a-half-hour trip. (Anyone who was there during Halloween/Voodoo Fest weekend might know that it was practically impossible to check in to your hotel early.) Unfortunately, this was my first time in The Big Easy, and wandering sleep-deprived through the French Quarter at 8 a.m., fueled only by a cup of chicory coffee and a plate of beignets, was — well, not so easy.

Imagine my elation when I literally stumbled upon the charming Kinetix Spa and Salon (formerly Ofadean). On a whim, I asked owner Michael Mikolajewski if there was a “quiet room.” He smiled and gently said the prettiest word I’d heard all morning, “Yes.” I then asked if he could accommodate me and my delirious husband, despite the fact that the salon was bustling with some of what must have been 100 bridal parties in town that weekend. Again he said, “Yes.” (He really had that southern hospitality thing down.)


Dining & Nightlife, Fitness & Health, San Francisco, TravelCity Files: San Francisco & Bay Area: September 2010

A couple months ago my boyfriend, a former resident of San Francisco, took me to some of his favorite places in the city and surrounding areas.  Despite having traveled to SF a few times, I always find new favorite discoveries every time I visit.  This time, it was even better having a (once) local show me the non-touristy spots. READ MORE

Boston, Fitness & HealthPlank Yoga Mat

Care to add a little fun and pizazz to your yoga or pilates practice? Check out Plank, a Boston-based company specializing in fun yet functional yoga mats and accessories. Plank’s yoga mats are not only eco-friendly, made from 90% natural rubber and 10% recycled rubber, but are printed with “whimsical, lighthearted digital images” ensuring you’ll have the most unique yoga mat in class! I was recently gifted with the Plank version of their photo series, with a strategically placed half-eaten muffin pictured in the corner of my mat, symbolizing you don’t have to give up carbs and other indulgences to lead a healthy lifestyle- a motto which I personally live by! The thickness, cushion, and sticky feel is far superior than any mat I have as of late. Plank offers other versions of their yoga mats, as well as additional yoga accessories. As a Bostonian with a passion for a health and fitness, I’m thrilled to be able to support a local company that supports my personal interests which yoga, pilates and a green-friendly lifestyle.

Plank mats retail for $95 and can be found on their website and various yoga and lifestyle stores nationwide.

Fitness & HealthThe Wonder That is Tracy Anderson

Maybe you are like me, and have been hearing for months the buzz about Tracy Anderson, the trainer responsible for Madonna’s sinewy arms and Gwyneth’s incredible legs. I’ve read her coverage on GOOP, I’ve done the videos from when she was featured on Daily Candy, but I haven’t bought a home work out video (yet). Despite the positive media coverage, I’ve been honestly a little skeptical about whether it was ever possible for a non-celebrity to get the red-carpet worthy results that she promises using her methods, since they seem a little renegade and different from others. For example, she’s mentioned before that she doesn’t believe in a few things (“Running–it will give you a bad butt!”) and spinning (purported to give a girl a man’s thighs) that have made me raise an eyebrow of disbelief and almost swear off the treadmill and exercise bikes for life.

This W magazine article, which I found through the Lancome Blog, seems like the best real, non-celebrity endorsement of her services so far. W magazine editor, Jamie Rosen, worked out with the celebrity trainer for 6 weeks, and showcases her experience, the diet, the exercises, and most importantly, the results! As to be expected, when you are working out 6 days a week for 6 weeks at a time and following the ideal healthy diet, you will see results and Jamie did. But the interesting thing is that although Jamie didn’t lose much weight (about 4 lbs), she lost a lot of mass over her whole body (a total of 40 inches, with 4 inches alone just from her hips!)

Jamie Rosen has a similar body type to me (petite and curvy) so the before and after photos/measurements were incredible and particularly inspirational. Since a membership to the Tracy Anderson Studio is about $900 a month, I probably won’t be venturing there on my own anytime soon but the article is an interesting read nonetheless for summer work out motivation. Also check out Tracy’s recommended workout playlist!

Fitness & Health, Food, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: EarthLust Poppy Bottle

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