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Fashion, FragranceStella McCartney L.I.L.Y.


I first fell in love with Stella McCartney when she launched her inaugural collection for Adidas. I remember looking through the collection photos thinking I’d never seen workout wear like that before — sleek, strong and geometrical, but also sweet and girly with its light pinks and dusty roses. I longed for a body to pull the clothes off, to be a Stella McCartney girl — equal parts strong and feminine. READ MORE

Beauty, FragranceA Première Fragrance

Gucci has a new fragrance out – Première – and it’s really interesting.  I’m usually more a fan of the clean scents (as I’m sure you all know since I’m constantly gushing about, well, the CLEAN brand…) but I can’t get enough of Première since I sniffed it a few weeks ago.  It was inspired by the stunning gowns from the Gucci Première couture collection show at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, and the scent was made to celebrate the star in every woman. (Kind of a great idea, if you think about it…)

It’s an interesting fragrance with what kind of first struck me as a random collection of notes – Bergamot, Orange Blossom, White Flower, Musk, Leather and Wood – but when you smell them all together, they really just… work.  I usually only like florals when they’re tempered by more masculine notes, so having the White Flower and Orange Blossom merge with the Musk and Wood notes really makes this one stand out for me.  It’s definitely a very sophisticated scent – I haven’t been wearing it to work because on me, it’s a little heavy for the daytime, but it works perfectly on me at night.  I like the gold bottle as well – it looks great nestled amongst all my other bottles on my dresser.  Now if I could just get myself one of their couture gowns to pair it with…

Celebrities, FragranceBrad Pitt Waxes Poetic to Chanel No. 5

Eye candy alert! Look who just made his online debut as the first male spokesmodel for Chanel No. 5  (at 12:01 a.m. Monday Paris time, of course). Hear what he has to say to the iconic women’s fragrance at

Beauty, Fragrance, Los Angeles, New YorkCoco Noir is the new Black

Like Gabrielle Chanel, sometimes I’m in the mood to wear black head to toe; but other times, I just want to evoke the feeling of black without looking like I’m going to a funeral. Enter Coco Noir, the latest women’s fragrance to emerge from the house of Chanel. An LBD of fragrances, it is all at once mysterious, intense, seductive and luxurious — as if Chanel No. 5 and Coco Mademoiselle joined forces. READ MORE

Bath & Body, FragranceKiehl’s Introduces New Aromatic Blends Fragrance Collection

If you’re searching for a unique new fragrance for summer, you’re in luck.  One of our all time favorite brands Kiehl’s just rolled out four new fragrances for its new Aromatic Blends collection– and it’s available exclusively online right now before a July 10 nation wide store rollout!

While you may not automatically think of perfume, when you hear Kiehl’s, fragrance has actually played a big part in the brand’s heritage.  The original apothecary opened with a number of fragrance oil blends and one of the brand’s iconic products is the best selling Musk Eau de Toilette. With the new Aromatic Blends collection, Kiehl’s takes the brand into a new fragrance frontier while simultaneously paying homage to the many scents that have always characterized the brand’s products.  For the launch, I was invited to the Kiehl’s office where we learned from the brand’s Vice President of Education that this is just the beginning for Kiehl’s and to expect many more new fragrances to be launched in the coming years. READ MORE

Bath & Body, Beauty, FragranceEternal Summer

For someone who doesn’t really like the beach, I have a crazy love for beachy fragrances.  I can’t get enough of them, especially once summer rolls around and they’re even more perfect for every day wear.  At the moment, one of my favorites is Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer.  It’s a really light, feminine fragrance, but it’s fragrant enough to wear it during the day or at night – it doesn’t fade away immediately like some lighter scents.  I love the fact that it’s a fruity-floral – I’m not a fan of straight florals, but when you mix them with fruity scents, I almost always love them.  It has notes of Japanese Pear, White Peony and Comforting Musks, so it has a warm undertone that blends nicely with the pear notes.  It’s very fresh and clean and reminds me a lot of the smell of the ocean breeze during the summer.  Delightful!

FragranceSpring Scents with Jo Malone

Spring is in full bloom and we’re totally jumping on board with the floral trend- from dresses to shorts to- naturally, fragrances. Gone are the days of wearing musky or spicy scents that paired better with furs and muffs than strapless dresses and sandals. But when it came down to finding our signature floral fragrance for the season- it took us a little big longer than we thought. After trying loads of perfumes, we ended up thinking all the floral ones ended up smelling- well, the same.

Then we discovered the new London Blooms Collection from Jo Malone London– a threesome of spring floral that smells as far from generic as you could get. The perfumes are based off some familiar notes: Iris, Lilac and Peony but each fragrance has something special and unusual thrown in. The result- three sophisticated floral scents that are completely unique and unexpected. READ MORE

Beauty, FragranceLa Vanila Healthy Deodorant

In an age where pink slime, arsenic, and ammonia abound in our nation’s meat, the last thing I want to do is knowingly put any additional gross chemicals into my body. Recently, I’ve made a concerted effort to use only natural and eco-friendly products, starting with La Vanila’s Healthy Deodorant. It’s a simple but easy step to take in the right direction, as it’s an all natural deodorant that’s aluminum free, allergy tested, dermatologist approved, and formulated without parabens, synthetic dyes, or sulfates. Irrespective of the health benefits, the scents are so beautiful and fresh, you’ll barely want to wear anything else.  I find a pure vanilla scent to be too sweet and cloying on an actual person (although I love the smell in baking), but when cut with the citrus highlights of grapefruit, passionfruit, lavender, or coconut, it’s relegated to instant sophistication and becomes the perfect blend of girlishness and femininity. The formula is dispensed through a roller ball, that quickly dries to a dry, satiny finish. The LaVanila Deodorant retails for $18.

FragranceDolce & Gabbana The One Sport

Yesterday, I was invited to the Dolce & Gabbana showroom for the launch of Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport fragrance for men. Now we don’t usually cover too many men’s topics here on TDO but I wasn’t about to turn down an invitation from Dolce so I headed over to check it out.  The showroom had been transformed into a mini-amphitheater and we were led through a demonstration of all the scents and ingredients that go into making the fragrance.  And then, we were shown the video above featuring model Adam Senn. Twice. On the big screen. And I immediately understood why all these lady editors were in the room. READ MORE

Beauty, FragranceThe Beachy Fragrance You’ve Been Waiting For and It’s Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Aniston is not one of those celebrity fragrances. By that, I mean the kind you suspect you smell when you are crammed on the 6 train, sardine-style, next to someone whose eau is so repellent that you assume she must be wearing Mermaid’s Fatal Kiss or something similarly named from Paris Hilton. Jennifer Aniston is the kind of scent that is so warm, summery, and subtle (a word you rarely hear attached to any celebrity), that people act genuinely surprised when you tell them it’s the Jennifer Aniston perfume (cue similar reactions with Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely and Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B.)

True to Aniston’s image, the fragrance is total beach girl. It’s the perfume equivalent of that trick of being able to hear the ocean through a seashell, except in smell. My favorite thing about it is the strong jasmine top note. Jasmine was a strong scent memory for Aniston, who grew up smelling blooming night jasmine on warm summer evenings in California. Despite not growing up in California (cough, New Jersey), my mom and I had a mini jasmine tree of our own, and I spent two summers trying to make jasmine flower pressed bookmarks a thing (remember when pressing flowers was a blatant girl hobby?), before I finally gave up. The jasmine flowers never stayed pressed or completely came apart, but the essential oils and the scent are the one thing that did linger.

Mixed in with the jasmine are robust notes of amber and sandalwood, which add a touch of musky saltiness to cut through the sweetness of the jasmine.  This is the kind of scent I want wafting through my room on a night so breezily warm you can sleep without the air conditioner on and the windows open (Jennifer, please start working on a scented candle for this–stat!)  The fragrance retails starting at $39 and you can find it here.

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