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HairGoody Two Spins

4d09c8d7b6350d7f3c8dbf23fffdeeda61e0b03fOne of my new year’s beauty resolutions is to start actually bringing my real life more closely to my Pinterest life. That means, that Funfetti cake bar? Bringing it to my Superbowl party. That DIY trick for using old candle glasses to hold all my makeup brushes? Already done and in my bathroom cabinet. Those long bobs and Karlie Kuts keep enviously pinning? Bringing them to my hairstylist appointment tomorrow. And those 53 pins of ‘Fancy Occasion Hair‘? Well…getting there. But I’ll be one step closer using these Goody Spin Pins, the magic hairstyling tool that renders bobby pins and elastics completely unnecessary. The two spins are identical corkscrew pins that you twist in opposite directions to invisibly hold an updo in place. The secret in its secure placement is twisting each pin at opposite poles–you’ll want to twist one pin from the top of an updo and another coming from the bottom. And then, presto! Instant magic secureness of a chic chignon. In this case, there are no strings, Pinocchio, it really is just that easy. To make it look even more effortless, the pins can in a variety of colors, so they blend in with brunette or blonde hair.

Beauty, HairMulti Duty Beauty

Just finding a good double duty beauty product is hard enough, so imagine how excited I was when I was introduced to a quintuple (yes I did have to double check that word actually exists) duty product? I’m talking of course about Rahua’s classic conditioner, which I learned yesterday mid-blow out at Ion Salon, also works out of the shower as a leave in treatment, medium-hold styling agent, frizz controller, and shine and smoothing cream. The product is also recently reformulated to be gluten free for all you sensitive gals out there and lives true to Rahua’s lofty brand mission to “save the Amazon.” The founder of the brand, stylist Fabian Lliguin, has dedicated much of his life to humanitarian efforts in the Amazon region of his native Ecaudor and Rahua collaborates with local Amazonian tribeswomen to source ingredients, helping to create a sustainable business for the inhabitants. READ MORE

Beauty, HairGo Streeking

When it comes to hair style, I’ve always been closer to Kate Middleton than Katy Perry on the scandal scale. Apart from my mom’s ‘Dance Mom’ fixation with forcing me to endure summer perms, a tangle with side bangs and an inadvised, Spring Break-like fling with orange highlights, my hair’s been nothing shocking. But guys, I caught my hair streeking the other day. Let me explain. Upon my last visit to Cutler, I told David Stanko that I wanted to shake things up. “I want color! Something cool and fun…like purple streaks! I don’t work in Corporate America anymore so my hair doesn’t have to look like it belongs in a boardroom or a useless conference call!”

Stanko happily indulged me and we drafted a plan to bleach a few locks in the base layer, so that highlights would peep through whenever I ardently tossed my hair or put my hair up. I was excited. (And then slightly grossed out when I saw how my bleached hair initially resembled sickly, stringy, Ursuala-like wizened sea aliens.) Stanko applied some Manic Panic Purple to them and once blow dried, looked like grapeade pops of delight. But sadly, because my initial hair color is so dark, the purple faded after a few washes.

But then I went streeking. Streekers are a hair mascara with a doe tip applicator that you can use to paint eight shades of royal blue, ultra purple, bright pink, and yellow directly onto your hair. The color payoff is so good that it is an exact match to the bottle. I’ve been using these to touch up the remaining purple to my hair. It washes out easily, doesn’t flake, and dries to a non-sticky finish. The lighter the hair, the more vibrant the color. A bottle retails for $11.95. Commence the hair whipping.

Accessories, Fashion, Hair, JewelryDon’t Miss the Mane Message

The old elastic hair tie on the wrist isn’t just boring, it’s uncomfortable and unsightly — especially when it leaves a crease behind. Fortunately, Mane Message founder Olivia Hayward has done something about that. Her line of “bohemian chic” soft elastic hair accessories double as simple, comfortable and attractive bracelets in almost every shade imaginable. READ MORE

HairT3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer

Busy , busy, busy. I mean, tell me who is NOT busy these days. Last week I read some blog about a gal who felt guilty she couldn’t spend more than 40 minutes on her hair in the mornings. 40 minutes??? I have about 4 minutes to spend on my hair (the other 36, I’d rather take in bed, thank you very much). Luckily for us busier folks, T3 (which I like to call the hair brand that just keeps on giving) recently released the new Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer also known as the smartest and possibly fastest dryer we’ve ever used. Remember when the T3 dryers of years past were already our favorite things in the world? The Featherweight Luxe 2i now promises to do even more. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true.

First of all, the dryer is actually really light and the handle is ergonomically designed so it prevents my arms from getting fatigued as I (attempt to) style my hair.  Second of all, it dries hair insanely quickly — especially if I towel dry my hair first and then let it air dry a bit as I go about doing other things in my morning routine. But the best part is that the technology is also proven to reduce frizz, increase body and volume, increase shine, and even increase style retention so I can significantly cut down having to use additional products or techniques. T3’s SoftAire Technology used in this dryer generates a greater volume of air that hits hair at the ideal speed and temperature for optimal drying. The wide cone shape also allows you to dry larger sections of hair at a time. Like all T3 products, the dryer uses Tourmaline as the main ingredient to cancel static, reduce frizz, and enhance shine. Now I just apply Living Proof Prime Style Extender, turn my head upside down, dry with my new T3, brush and I have luscious hair in minutes that lasts all day long.

Priced at $250 (it comes with a brush also), this dryer is definitely an investment  but it IS the holidays…and maybe it’ll be in Santa’s best interest that you have fabulous hair for the new year.

Beauty, Celebrities, Hair, Interviews, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsTDO Interview: Marco Pelusi

Marco PelusiI trust only a handful of people with my hair. Marco Pelusi, colorist extraordinaire and owner of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio in West Hollywood, Calif., is one of them. His growing roster of celebrity clients (Stacy Keibler, Sophie Winkleman, Carol Alt) have the most amazing color; his salon is so relaxing and down-to-earth; and I’m a die-hard fan of his products.

So, with “holiday hair season” upon us, I thought, who better to ask about getting great hair color? Here are his candid answers to my questions, including how to maintain red hair color and how to avoid disappointment at the salon:

TDO: Marco, the hair color you do always looks amazing. What’s your secret?

MP: Thank you! Years of practice. If you want to get good at something, do it over and over and over again, so you have years of experience to draw upon.

Also, listening is perhaps the most vital component to my job. I must have adequate time for a color consultation; to consider the client’s skin tone, what’s most flattering for her, and her wants and needs. While I’m listening, I’m already formulating the proper color, and then I’m ready to go into my ‘laboratory’ and mix! Also, as I’m mixing, I always keep in mind my personal mantra: to maintain the quality and integrity of the hair while coloring.

TDO: What is the most important or best thing you think a woman should keep in mind about hair color? READ MORE

Bath & Body, Beauty, HairGet Blousey

I love my lady scents, meaning florals and musk appeal to my olfactory senses too. But sometimes in the shower, I’m in the mood for spice, as opposed to sugar and everything nice. In times like this, I reach for Lush’s Blousey Shampoo.

Yes, the shampoo does contain some of the more traditional “sweet” elements like bananas, cocoa and capuacu butter. But what really distinguishes it, is the spiciness added by cloves and star anise, which gives the scent kick and dimension. It smells like a banana bread, baked and amped up by your cool aunt who travels the world and brought back spices from her last trip to Turkey. Because of the addition of solid elements like banana, the texture of the shampoo feels slightly more like a hair mask or frankly, like cake batter. But this just makes it easier to wash and completely coat your hair from root to tip. The bananas are so emollient that it makes your hair look glossy, bouncy, and alive. Because the shampoo is so moisturizing, it is recommended specifically for color-treated hair, but I suggest it even to my friends with non-dyed hair because it’s just that good.

Beauty, HairLiving Proof Prime Style Extender

The thing about hair styling products is that I don’t really like them. Instead of helping me out, most of them actually end up making my hair a stiff or greasy mess. Now I’ll attribute to my inability to use them correctly, but the point is, you need skillz to use most hair products and I just don’t possess them. Oh — and not to mention, I don’t have extra time to be wrangling with pomades and sprays at 8 in the morning.

That’s why I was so delighted to discover Living Proof’s Prime Style Extender, which I’ll just refer to as a non-styling-product, styling product. What the Prime Style Extender does is to protect and extend your hairstyle in one easy step and without the need to fuss with anything else. You apply the product to just washed hair and then go about doing your tresses as usual. Whether you straighten it, blow dry it for volume, or curl it, the Prime Style Extender will hold the style — and they claim, for double the time of other products. Oh, and the best part? It feels like nothing is in your hair and you’ll never have to worry about accidentally putting too much on and getting an head of oily hair. READ MORE

HairThe (Shine) Luxe Stuff

A few weeks ago I went into Arrojo Studio for a much needed haircut. While I was there, I got to try out their newest line of haircare products: Shine Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner. I remember really loving the black orchid inspired scent of the products during the wash (I mean..that’s all you can really judge while someone else is washing your hair) and was lucky enough to take a set home myself to try. Well four weeks and a shiny, full, head of hair later, I can definitely vouch that in addition to smelling great, the stuff also works, totally living up to its luxe name.


Fashion, HairHair Scrunchie 2.0

Like any good New Yorker, I’m aware that scrunchies, like fanny packs or athletic sneakers in midtown, are supposed to be an unspoken sartorial dividing line between tourist and chic, local resident. But following Olympic fever, I almost (note the almost) wanted to dust off my vintage scrunchie. Look at Gabby Douglas and the Golden Girls. Doesn’t their enthusiasm and joy extend H2T as Tyra Banks would say, from their be-scrunchied heads to their fantastically pointed toes? Seeing them in their gold medal joy reminded me of a more innocent time when my most important daily decision was matching  an item from my scrunchie tree to my Limited Too leggings.

Looking past twenty years from now, will I see my simple, black hair elastics as a nostalgic relic of my 20s? Probably not. But I might see TwistBands that way. TwistBands are like hair scrunchies 2.0, an upgraded version of the no-dent, non-hair-damaging hair accessory that everyone loved. Made of a simple, half-inch wide elastic that comfortable cinches your ponytail (and your wrist, equally important) and doesn’t stretch out. And yes, you can match them to your outfits, as they’re currently available in tie-dye, metallic, primary colors, and some design-your-own (they do custom sayings, a fun idea for bachelorette party favors.) But I predict, it won’t be long before like their 1.0 predecessors, they become widely available in beautiful varieties and prints (calling Marimekko and Missoni) and an equal reflector of your personality and style. You can buy them here, where they retail for $2.50 for one, or as a set of 6 for $10.

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