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Fashion, HairHair Scrunchie 2.0

Like any good New Yorker, I’m aware that scrunchies, like fanny packs or athletic sneakers in midtown, are supposed to be an unspoken sartorial dividing line between tourist and chic, local resident. But following Olympic fever, I almost (note the almost) wanted to dust off my vintage scrunchie. Look at Gabby Douglas and the Golden Girls. Doesn’t their enthusiasm and joy extend H2T as Tyra Banks would say, from their be-scrunchied heads to their fantastically pointed toes? Seeing them in their gold medal joy reminded me of a more innocent time when my most important daily decision was matching  an item from my scrunchie tree to my Limited Too leggings.

Looking past twenty years from now, will I see my simple, black hair elastics as a nostalgic relic of my 20s? Probably not. But I might see TwistBands that way. TwistBands are like hair scrunchies 2.0, an upgraded version of the no-dent, non-hair-damaging hair accessory that everyone loved. Made of a simple, half-inch wide elastic that comfortable cinches your ponytail (and your wrist, equally important) and doesn’t stretch out. And yes, you can match them to your outfits, as they’re currently available in tie-dye, metallic, primary colors, and some design-your-own (they do custom sayings, a fun idea for bachelorette party favors.) But I predict, it won’t be long before like their 1.0 predecessors, they become widely available in beautiful varieties and prints (calling Marimekko and Missoni) and an equal reflector of your personality and style. You can buy them here, where they retail for $2.50 for one, or as a set of 6 for $10.

Hair, Spas & SalonsRedken Chromatics

“Who are you?”

This simple question, asked at the beginning of my hair appointment with David Stanko, the Michelangelo of haircolorists at Cutler Salon, threw me for a loop. Who was I? Depending on the day, I’m many things. Some days, I’m the adventurous girl who gave up a career in corporate America to pursue her dreams of being a writer (this coincides with my occasional desire to cut off all my hair and get a cute, Gwyneth-style lob or long bob.)  Some days, I’m the anxious girl who stresses about her future and potential for success (and who clings to her long hair like a security blanket.) I can’t remember exactly what I ended up saying to Stanko’s question. But thanks to Stanko and Redken Chromatics, I know that the one thing I’m not is the girl with ombre, overprocessed, straw-dry hair.

The color world has been buzzing about the newest tool in the colorist’s bag of tricks: Redken Chromatics, a new line that fortifies, strengthens, and delivers bright, shiny color. I headed to Cutler Salon to try it formyself. After talking with me and taking a look at my hair, Stanko disavowed me of a misguided notion for ombre hair and decided that “who I was” was a girl with a glossy sheen of sable, cappuccino, and latte tones, whose hair would have “an artful movement and beautifully catch the light, whether it be in bars or outdoors.” READ MORE

HairBest of British: Molton Brown Plum-kadu Glossing Haircare Set

As the Olympics come to a close in London, we’ll also be wrapping up our Best of British series – thought we couldn’t really sign off without telling you guys about the most luxurious haircare ever, the new Plum-kadu shampoo and conditioner set from Molton Brown. It’s not just that the soft-touch bottle is so amazing to hold and the vibrant color lights up any bathroom, the stuff inside is pretty great too.  Plum Kadu, from the Australian rainforest, detoxifies hair made dull from city pollution or just too many trips to the pool, while Moringa Seed Extract helps nourish, moisturize and soften hair. The shampoo and conditioner also contain light reflectors to help hair look glossier and healthier immediately after use. And, of course, true to Molton Brown nature, the shampoo smells amazing, blended with scents of cardamom, waterfruits and sandalwood. As far as luxurious shower experiences go, this set pretty much takes the gold.

Beauty, HairRedken Smooth Lock

Every summer (and ok, every other season too) it seems like I’m fighting frizz. Sure I’ve loaded my hair with all kinds of oils and potions that promise to tame frizz but the effects of those products always seem to be short lived and always requires some extra effort to apply.  I was looking for something that could help me get my frizzy locks under control without too much extra work on my part. Oh, and did I mention my hair was also kind of fried from too much heat styling? I needed some help for that too. Enter Redken’s new Smooth Lock in-salon service and at-home regimen- the treatment that has changed my hair’s life for the smoother, softer, healthier and better. READ MORE

Beauty, Eco & Organic, Hair, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsLong Live Summer: VoCe Surf Mist

VoCe Surf Mist
It’s summer, and I haven’t hit the beach as much as I would like to, but I HAVE been living vicariously with VoCe Surf Mist — courtesy of VoCe haircare creator Kaz Amor, a partner at Warren-Tricomi salon in Los Angeles.

The discovery: I recently visited the salon for a much-needed complimentary haircut and styling session with Angela. (Go there. She is fabulous.) In one hour, my hair was transformed via a wash with VoCe Lift It volumizing shampoo and conditioner, a healthy trim and a blow-out. Before drying, Angela applied a generous amount VoCe Surf Mist, of one of her and Kaz’s favorite products. Made with vanilla rice and wheat, it gave my hair instant fresh-from-the-beach texture and a light, sultry scent. Since then, I’ve been using it daily for wonderfully “raw,” bouncy layers. READ MORE

Hair, New York, Spas & SalonsOld Fashioned Marilyn, Straight Up

No color, no cuts, just blow-outs. Now why didn’t I think of the Drybar concept? I’m filing this under “Things I Wish I had Invented,” taking its place alongside post-its, designer jeans, and Rent the Runway.  For $40 and about an hour, you get to watch a movie and drink, as a stylist washes your hair and helps you choose from a menu of blow-out looks.

The blow-out “menu” has 11 choices range from the Manhattan (super straight, sleek) to the Mai-Tai (beach waves). And specially, for the month of August, they’ll have a new addition to the menu: the Old-Fashioned, inspired by Marilyn Monroe.

It’s a super-coiffed, 50’s screen siren inspired hairstyle, with smooth, loose curls. In honor of Miss Monroe, Drybar will also be showing her movies so you can sit back and enjoy her greatness in Some Like It Hot and How to Marry a Millionaire via the Forever Marilyn: Blu-ray Collection. What? You’ve never seen her movies before? Then I suggest you you start with this clip.


Beauty, Hair, TechBeachwaves for Dummies

Who’s a dummy? Don’t worry, in an actual case of it’s me, not you, I’m the dummy in this scenario. Despite having read and watched multiple Youtube videos, I’m still woefully inept at creating those lovely mussed beachwaves everyone seems to be able to do. I’ve decided the “golden ratio” for beachwaves is 50% perfect, 50% artfully disheveled. My attempts fall more into the 10% perfect, 90% disheveled range, with slight deviations into the pareto principle range of 20/80.

The Beachwaver, helps me hit that desired 50/50 ratio all the time, by taking the art out of the science equation of perfect beachwaves. The Beachwaver looks like a normal curling iron, but the secret is its rotating center. Divide your hair into sections, and clip in a 1/2 inch section of hair. After indicating via button that you’re curling either the right or left side of your hair, press “Start” and the central barrel rotates up to wrap your clipped hair around the center. Hold for 5 seconds and gently release the clip, pulling down. The effect? One glossy, loose Shirley Temple curl that becomes one long beachwave worthy of Gisele Bundchen when you comb your hands through.

To preserve their staying power, you’ll want to let your curls cool off before running your hands through them to transform them into waves. You can also set the temperature anywhere between 310 to 450F, but I prefer to keep it in the 350 to 400 range.

Now all that perfect admittedly comes at a higher price of $189.50 on QVC, but I’ve spotted occasional coupon codes at 50%. But with over 300 moving parts and 100% perfect beachwaves every time, I’m inclined to believe in the adage that perfection comes at a suitable price.

Beauty, Hair, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsHow to Blow-Dry Like a Pro

Step 1: Gather your supplies.
Step 2: Call Yoshi Hair Studio.
Step 3: Book a one-on-one blow-dry class with celebrity hairstylist and Yoshi Hair Studio founder Yoshi Hagiwara.

Seriously, it’s one of the best things I ever did for myself. For just $150 (the price of about four professional blowouts) “master Yoshi” helped me solve the mystery of how to get salon-like results at home. Here’s how it works: READ MORE

Accessories, Beauty, Fashion, Hair, Insider's Obsessions, Los AngelesInsider’s Obsessions: Tina Dizon

When I first saw that celebrity hair stylist and extension expert Tina Dizon charged up to four figures for hair extensions, my eyes almost fell out of my head. But after meeting her and experiencing her Beverly Hills salon, The Private Room, I quickly got why people go out of their way to see her. Not only is she a former top stylist and lead educator at the legendary Umberto Beverly Hills, she is incredibly fun, stylish and down-to-earth. Those qualities are reflected not only in her staff but also in the salon’s chic black and white interior (Tina has a penchant for interior design). Here are her latest obsessions: READ MORE

Beauty, HairPureology Serious Color Care

Dear TDO,

I’m a have-it-all kind of girl. When I go out, I like to have my kale and my truffle macaroni and cheese. I like learning about Hermes Birkin dimensions as much as I like reading about Warren Buffett. I find David Einhorn and David Beckham equally fascinating. But the problem is, I haven’t been able to have-it-all with my shampoo. Despite a terrible stint with Tony the Tiger highlights, I’m addicted to coloring my hair. But all the shampoos I see are single service, they’re volumnizing, clarifying, hydrating, anti-frizz, pro-shine, OR they’re sulfate-free and meant for color treated hair. How do I get the “and”? Can’t my hair be protected against color fading, brassiness, and look like it could go on to star in a JLo music video? Help me! And no, washing my hair twice with two different separate shampoos is not an acceptable option.



Dear Me. Of course there is a solution! You didn’t think the beauty gods would let you down, right? They talked to the genius people at L’Oreal to found Pureology, serious color care. They can help you have-it-all in all all aspects of your life, including haircare. Each of their seven shampoo lines contain zero sulfates, their exclusive anti-Fade formula, and are dual benefit with volumnizing, hydrating, repair, smoothing, anti-aging, purifying, or protectionist (against extremely lifted hair) actions. They’re like a friends with benefits that actually works without the messy repercussions. I particularly like the Pure Volume line. A little known secret about shampooing is that most people over shampoo their hair. Color treated hair already has a tendency to be drier than untreated hair, so you need at most a pea-sized amount to wash your whole head. A tiny dab of Pure Volume shampoo produces enough lather for my long hair and the formula is gentle enough that I don’t feel guilty washing my hair in consecutive days following gym workouts. If anything, I like to spend more time on conditioner, combing it through the ends, an area that doesn’t benefit from natural moisture. And after towel-drying, my hair has enough bounce, softness, and oomph that I can see all the layers and dimension of my haircut from four months ago. And the color? Still non-brassy. In a consumer shampoo test, 86% of clients agreed that Pureology helped maximize color retention. And if you’re not satisfied? Pureology offers a money back guarantee, within four weeks of purchase.

You’re welcome.


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