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Beauty, Hair, Los Angeles, Spas & SalonsHow to Blow-Dry Like a Pro

Step 1: Gather your supplies.
Step 2: Call Yoshi Hair Studio.
Step 3: Book a one-on-one blow-dry class with celebrity hairstylist and Yoshi Hair Studio founder Yoshi Hagiwara.

Seriously, it’s one of the best things I ever did for myself. For just $150 (the price of about four professional blowouts) “master Yoshi” helped me solve the mystery of how to get salon-like results at home. Here’s how it works: READ MORE

Accessories, Beauty, Fashion, Hair, Insider's Obsessions, Los AngelesInsider’s Obsessions: Tina Dizon

When I first saw that celebrity hair stylist and extension expert Tina Dizon charged up to four figures for hair extensions, my eyes almost fell out of my head. But after meeting her and experiencing her Beverly Hills salon, The Private Room, I quickly got why people go out of their way to see her. Not only is she a former top stylist and lead educator at the legendary Umberto Beverly Hills, she is incredibly fun, stylish and down-to-earth. Those qualities are reflected not only in her staff but also in the salon’s chic black and white interior (Tina has a penchant for interior design). Here are her latest obsessions: READ MORE

Beauty, HairPureology Serious Color Care

Dear TDO,

I’m a have-it-all kind of girl. When I go out, I like to have my kale and my truffle macaroni and cheese. I like learning about Hermes Birkin dimensions as much as I like reading about Warren Buffett. I find David Einhorn and David Beckham equally fascinating. But the problem is, I haven’t been able to have-it-all with my shampoo. Despite a terrible stint with Tony the Tiger highlights, I’m addicted to coloring my hair. But all the shampoos I see are single service, they’re volumnizing, clarifying, hydrating, anti-frizz, pro-shine, OR they’re sulfate-free and meant for color treated hair. How do I get the “and”? Can’t my hair be protected against color fading, brassiness, and look like it could go on to star in a JLo music video? Help me! And no, washing my hair twice with two different separate shampoos is not an acceptable option.



Dear Me. Of course there is a solution! You didn’t think the beauty gods would let you down, right? They talked to the genius people at L’Oreal to found Pureology, serious color care. They can help you have-it-all in all all aspects of your life, including haircare. Each of their seven shampoo lines contain zero sulfates, their exclusive anti-Fade formula, and are dual benefit with volumnizing, hydrating, repair, smoothing, anti-aging, purifying, or protectionist (against extremely lifted hair) actions. They’re like a friends with benefits that actually works without the messy repercussions. I particularly like the Pure Volume line. A little known secret about shampooing is that most people over shampoo their hair. Color treated hair already has a tendency to be drier than untreated hair, so you need at most a pea-sized amount to wash your whole head. A tiny dab of Pure Volume shampoo produces enough lather for my long hair and the formula is gentle enough that I don’t feel guilty washing my hair in consecutive days following gym workouts. If anything, I like to spend more time on conditioner, combing it through the ends, an area that doesn’t benefit from natural moisture. And after towel-drying, my hair has enough bounce, softness, and oomph that I can see all the layers and dimension of my haircut from four months ago. And the color? Still non-brassy. In a consumer shampoo test, 86% of clients agreed that Pureology helped maximize color retention. And if you’re not satisfied? Pureology offers a money back guarantee, within four weeks of purchase.

You’re welcome.


Beauty, HairLow-Poo? No Problem.

One of the latest shampoo trends is- well- not really using that much shampoo.  Whether it’s because they want to preserve their color, not dry out their hair, or prevent it from being exposed to too many harsh ingredients- many people are embarking on a new type of shower regime- the low-poo wash. Now L’Oreal has introduced that concept to the mass market for the first time with their new Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner, a low-poo formulation that also cleans and conditions in one step.

The product is formulated with 1 part shampoo with every 3 parts conditioner, so it’s an extremely moisturizing treatment with the added benefit of a gentle cleaning.  Lest you start thinking that this sounds a bit like the dreaded all-in-one-shampoo-conditioners that always leave my hair in a dry tangled mess, rest assured that the L’Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner is first and formost a conditioning treatment, and leaves your hair feeling silky, smooth and nourished. The product is also sulfate, silicone, and paraben free and formulated with botanicals and 100% vegan. It’s also absent of heavy waxes so never leaves your hair feeling coateded or weighted down.


Accessories, Beauty, Hair, Los AngelesThe Color Pop Bar at The Private Room

Celebs like January Jones have let spring’s bright colors go to their heads, and now you can too! Certain salons are now offering color bars, where you can get a temporary flash of color added to your hair via hair chalking or colored clip-in extensions. The best part? There’s no commitment.

I recently got to check out The Color Pop Bar at The Private Room in Beverly Hills, Calif., where they use non-toxic 100% pure pastels from France “to ensure vibrancy and optimal coverage.”


Beauty, HairRevlon QuietPro Dryer

Hairdryers, like everything else in beauty, has it’s prestige brands and its mass brands.  And like everything else in beauty, the mass stuff has really stepped up its game and is quickly becoming as good as a lot of the prestige stuff- but at a much more affordable price.  Case in point: the new Revlon QuietPro Dryer which promises to cut drying time and noise by 50% each, while retailing for a very reasonable $30. READ MORE

HairRedken Tousle Whip

At my job, I recently started working on some projects in Asia..from New York.. which means I’m keeping some odd hours these days. Whereas I used to be able to get up early enough in the morning to curl my hair, recently I’ve been finding that I’m sleeping in much later in the mornings (since I’m taking conference calls at 10pm the night before). In order to maximize my shut eye in the mornings, I’ve even taken to showering at night- which usually means only one thing. Wild hair when I wake up.

Luckily I discovered Redken’s Tousle Whip Soft Texturizing Cream Wax– a true hair lifesaver for the busy gal who doesn’t have time to manage hair in the morning.  The lightweight product is silky smooth and instantly polishes my tresses without any stickiness or greasiness.  After I towel dry at night, I work it into damp hair and then twist a few sections into buns.  Then I let my hair set in the buns overnight and in the morning, I blow dry the roots for just a few minutes before releasing them.  The incredible thing is, not only does Tousle Whip create that great wavy/curly style I love, it also adds just enough volume to make the whole thing look  polished rather than beachy.  And to top it off, the product helps hold the style all day while the formulation adds bounce and softness. Minimal effort, maximum results.

To try the product for yourself, check out

Beauty, Celebrities, Fashion, Hair, Los Angeles, Makeup, ShoesMy Week With Marilyn

In the week leading up to the Golden Globes, all I can think about is Marilyn Monroe’s style. Actress Michelle Williams may face tough competition for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical (she’s nominated along with Jodie Foster, Charlize Theron, Kristen Wiig and Kate Winslet); but when it comes to who played the character with the highest chic factor, Michelle wins hands down.

Here, my favorite ways to channel Marilyn’s timeless look (clockwise): READ MORE

Beauty, Hair, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: Bumble & Bumble The Quenching Gift Set

Beauty, HairSalty Goodness

My hair is a weird mixture of straight and wavy, which is the bane of my existence because I really just want it to be one or the other.  Especially since during the summer, my ideal hair look is a version of those long beachy waves that models are always sporting in magazines and my hair doesn’t make those a cinch to achieve.  I’ve recently discovered a new product that helps me to get them a lot more easily though and I’m totally hooked.

TIGI‘s new Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray is a godsend when you just want to spritz and go.  It’s infused with natural Sea Salt and once I spray it in, it helps give my hair more of the wave and a lot less of my boring straight locks.  I’ve tried a lot of Salt Sprays in my quest for beachy waves, but I find that the majority of them are really sticky and leave my hair crunchy, which I absolutely hate.  (The ’80’s are gone for a reason!)  TIGI’s version doesn’t do that at all though – I can actually run my fingers through my hair after I’ve used it and not have them get caught, which gives it major bonus points for me.  It also has this gorgeous scent to it – it’s a Tobacco Flower Noir fragrance, so it smells sort of smoky and interesting (but it’s not so strong that it would compete with your actual perfume).  I’ve been using it a lot lately because I really like the look it gives my hair and it takes under a minute to do.  Basically, I just blow dry my hair, then spritz in the Salt Spray, fluff, and go.  Voila!  Easy, beachy waves.  Genius!

TIGI products are available at a number of salons, and you can find more info on the brand at

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