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Home, Paper GoodsFamille Summerbelle: A Touch of Whimsy

NYCSilverNewI’m always in search of chic accents to add some unique charm to everyday home life, and am guilty of an affinity towards anything European. I was happy to come upon Famille Summerbelle, a family-run company based in the UK. All products are thoughtfully designed by Julie Marabelle who has a background in Fine Art and Theatre Design, which is apparent in the vibrant color and artistry. The beautiful city prints and cut-outs are so whimsical, I couldn’t resist the renditions of my favorite cities, New York and Paris. My hand screen-printed silver print arrived from across the pond and I immediately began marveling over the nuances that only a New Yorker would recognize! The details are amazing- the tramway going to Roosevelt Island is so cute, as is the guitarist playing tunes in the East Village. I’m dreaming of summer days and outdoor bands! READ MORE

Fitness & Health, Home, ObsessionsA Natural Wake-Up


If you’re an anti-morning person like me, there’s nothing worse than the piercing sound of an alarm, followed by groaning and tears. Since retiring and sleeping in is not even close to being on the horizon, I’ve discovered the next best thing: a more natural way to wake up inspired by nature’s sunrise. The Philips Wake-up Light is a clock that, instead of an alarm, uses light to simulate a gradual sunrise, gently lulling you out of sleep to wakefulness. Not only do I avoid getting jolted from REM, but the faux-sunlight stimulates the body’s natural rhythms to transition to wakefulness, even before I even open my eyes. The whole day feels different for me, as I feel relaxed and ready to take on the world as opposed to groggy and counting cups of coffee. To my surprise, it even helps if it was a late night and I didn’t get quite enough beauty rest! If you’re worried that light won’t be enough to wake you from dreamland, there is a simple alarm at the end of the gradual “sunrise” which will ensure that you don’t miss that morning meeting.


Food, HomePerfect Pairing: Donna Karan New York Blend & Be The Light Czech Holiday Cookie Candle

Relax and unwind this season with a pairing that’s as cozy as it’s elegant.

Tea and a candle may not come to mind immediately as going hand-in-hand, but Harney & Son’s Donna Karan New York Blend tea and Petra Nemcova’s Be The Light Czech Holiday Cookie candle complement each other in just the right way. The gentle caffeine-free blend of chamomile, ginger root, and peppermint tea calms and balances while the candle notes of cedarwood, cinnamon, clove, and vanilla envelope your senses in warmth and sweetness. Each is lovely on its own, but best experienced together as an evening ritual to unwind after a chaotic day. The pairing also makes a thoughtful gift for the haute hostess or busy woman and is equally enjoyable whether shared around the table with family or alone during a singular moment of escapism.

Harney & Sons Donna Karan New York Blend tea ($10,,
Be The Light Czech Holiday Cookie Candle ($98,,

Beauty, HomeTocca Delicato da Viaggio


A few days before my wedding last month, I discovered what no bride wants to find–a quarter size stain right front and center on my delicate silk jersey dress! Since it was already way too late at this time to bring it to the cleaners, I had to take matters into my own hands. After my first attempt to find a stain remover pad failed, I reached for a makeup cleansing wipe. While that hack did remove a bit of the actual stain, it left me with a bigger (literally) problem–a rather displeasing yellowish water stain that now spread at least twice in size.

Thankfully, by this point, I had finally come to my senses and found my mini bottle of Tocca’s Delicato da Viaggio, delicate gentle wash. By applying the wash to a pristine, damp white towel (very important), blotting it across the area of the stain and then some, gently going over the spot again just with water, and then finally steaming over the entire area, I successfully removed all the stains, bringing the jersey back to its original pristine condition. Would I recommend at home laundering of your wedding dress just hours before the ceremony? Not exactly…but if you’re in a bind, Tocca’s Laundry Delicates are the way to go.

Formulated especially for very fine fabrics including silk and cashmere, Tocca’s Delicato da Viaggio are exceedingly gentle and designed to clean your delicate and special garments without harming or irritating the fabric. The detergents come in four of Tocca’s signature scents: Florence (English rose), Cleopatra (a light grapefruit cucumber), Stella (Italian blood orange), and Touch (a sparkling gardenia pomegranate). Your fabrics are left not only gently cared for but washed in delicate fragrance. The detergents can be used either with hand wash, in the delicate cycle of your washing machine, or as I learned–as a spot treatment.

If you haven’t decided which scent is your favorite yet, try Tocca’s Laundry Travel Set–a $22 collection that features all four fragrances. This October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, TOCCA is donating 15% of net proceeds of the Delicato da Viaggio set to Bright Pink, the only national non-profit organization  focusing on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women,while providing support for high-risk individuals. Learn more–and give your favorite garments some extra TLC–at

HomeA Sferra Home


Maybe it’s the change of season or maybe it’s because you know..I’m getting married any day now..but I’ve been completely obsessing with stepping it up with the home decor (I’ve also been dreaming about a new apartment but that’s another story). Not only have I totally been going nuts on my Pinterest board with pinning alllll the inspiration, I’ve actually started buying new dressings for my home. The first place I turned to, of course, was Sferra— a long time favorite brand when it comes to anything and everything luxury linens. My top picks for fall are below:


sferradorsey1. Sferra Dorsey Cashmere Blanket

My absolute favorite investment so far is the Sferra Dorsey cashmere blanket which I bought for myself as an early wedding present. I discovered the luxury of a cashmere throw completely by accident–the weather in New York had gottenmuch  cooler practically overnight and the only thing I had in the house to cover up with was a large cashmere scarf. Despite the fact that my fiance called it a “postage stamp”–it was a scarf after all–night after night he fights me for just a little corner of the cashmere. It’s the softest, most cuddly material you could sleep under. Sferra’s 50×70 version makes it a little easier for us to share and even though it’s light weight, it’s blissfully warm and oh-so-soft. READ MORE

Bath & Body, Eco & Organic, Home, SkincareKiss My Face Soap

kmfI have to admit a bit of a clean freak, which may have something to do with being a mom, so I end up washing my hands (and everything I touch) a million times a day! Since I spend a lot of time with soap, I love exploring different scents and ingredients, and even packaging. I was thrilled to discover that one of my favorite brands, Kiss My Face, has come out with an all-purpose Peace Soap, which follows the same philosophy as their skincare line of using the finest and gentlest 100% natural ingredients. It’s made with organic olive, coconut, and jojoba oils, so it takes care of your hands while eliminating germs. The simple formulation is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and good for cleaning just about anything! Grassy Mint is my favorite scent, which is simultaneously refreshing and a touch earthy and in the mornings, and it’s the first thing that wakes me up (besides a crying baby!).  The other soaps are delightful too, and remind me of scents you’d find at a wellness spa- Lemongrass Clary Sage, Lavender Mandarin, and Pomegranate Acai. I know the soap is good when hubby voluntarily pipes up about how much he likes that it cleans well and is concentrated and efficient! READ MORE

Home, ObsessionsObsession of the Moment: CB2 Ceylon Pitcher

CB2 Ceylon Pitcher

HomeHave Your Tea and Smell It Too


There are few things that are more soothing to me than the sweet scent of a really fragrant tea. During colder days, I love curling up with a hot cup of jasmine or chrysanthum tea and inhaling the steam and scent — really it’s half the joy of drinking tea in itself! Now that the weather’s warmer, the iced beverages don’t quite provide that same experience, but I recently learned about a collection of candles put out by one of my favorite tea companies ever — Le Palais des Thes (their Fleur de Geisha green tea is beyond…)  — that recreates that delightful fragrance for your home. They really give the term “tea lights” a whole new meaning!

The collection of candles include five scents — ranging from the delicate nature of green tea to spicier aromas of oriental tea leaves to bright, vibrant fragrances of herbal blends. Each candle is housed in a colorful frosted jar that brightens up any room visually and the scent lightly fragrances for 50 hours without ever being overpowering. I personally love to keep one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, especially when there are guests over — these are definitely beautiful candles that you want people to see!

To view the entire collection, check out Le Palais des Thes.

Eco & Organic, HomeA Little Candle, A Lot of Good!

avedaIt’s so easy to forget how much we have to be thankful for, when we’re rushing around in our metropolis with the daily grind and complaining about cold coffee (guilty!). Once in a while, a moment comes by and puts everything in perspective. This week, in anticipation of Earth Month, that moment came in the form of a simple candle, Aveda’s Light the Way Candle. 100% of the purchase price is donated to the Global Greengrants Fund, which tackles pressing environmental problems. Aveda’s partnership with Global Greengrants started over six years ago, and together they have funded clean-water projects which have affected communities worldwide. READ MORE

Cheap & Chic, Home, Paper GoodsObsession of the Moment: Pick Your Nose Cups

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